5 Benefits of 16 key Membrane Keypad

01 Mar, 2022

By hqt


16 key Membrane Keypad

16 key membrane keypad also famous as foil keypads – their construction bases on the use of polycarbonate or polyester foil. Electrical connection paths apply to the membrane using an electrically conductive varnish. Due to their numerous advantages, membrane keypads have uses as components of SMT regulators.


Low price

The nature of the production and the materials uses make the membrane keypads extremely cheap. This is especially important due to the high demand for these devices. The production technology uses allows you to design a keypad with any graphics and electrical connections;


16 key membrane keypad construct in such a way as to meet even the most demanding conditions. Therefore, they perfectly withstand the effects of unfavorable weather conditions, as well as contact with chemical substances, moisture or dust.

 They are also resistant to mechanical damage. What’s more, the printing on the underside allows you to keep fresh and expressive graphics even despite intensive uses.

Comfort of use with membrane keypad

Foil keypads are thin, and their assembly is simply done by sticking them on the housing. The layer thickness varies between 0.5 and 1.5 mm, which greatly facilitates its use;

Attractive appearance

This is, perhaps the least important, but also a very positive feature of membrane keypads. The possibility of personalization allows us to choose any aesthetic. Also, the shape of the embossing depends only on the creativity of the customer or the manufacturer

16 key membrane keypad are an indispensable element of work in industry, adapted to work in difficult conditions. They can be found on most industrial electronic devices. Their popularity in the industry is mainly due to high resistance to unfavorable external factors and mechanical damage. In addition, they are very aesthetic and durable. They are very difficult to scratch.


16 key membrane keypad makes of polyester and polycarbonate, thanks to which they are resistant to various weather conditions. The thickness of the material uses makes the membrane keypads also resistant to impacts and scratches.

Their great advantage is the ability to work in a very wide temperature range. They are uses in industrial plants where work takes place at a wide variety of temperatures. The membrane keypad can work at temperatures from -40 degrees Celsius to even + 70 degrees Celsius. Moreover, this piece of equipment is able to work with humidity of up to 98 percent.

16 key membrane keypad work easier and more efficient.

Thanks to such a wide temperature range, the keypad can uses in virtually any industrial plant. In addition to classic keypads, it is possible to order this element matching the appearance, thickness and finishing method to our needs and preferences.

 Membrane keypads, despite such good performance parameters, are relatively cheap, so most companies decide to install them, making work easier and more efficient.

16 key membrane keypad also call foil keypads. The buttons on the keypad can be flat, fully embossed, partially embossed or with an embossed border. Thanks to this, everyone can adjust the appearance of the keypad to their needs uses.

16 key Membrane Keypad 2022

 So, that everyone can easily and without problems use the membrane keypad during work. Flat membrane keypads will prove themselves in workplaces where it requires high resistance to mechanical damage.


The unusual design of membrane keypads makes them perfect for all kinds of industrial plants: from medical to dairy. They make of several layers of foil with contact pads. This solution allows for any design of the keypad, depending on the customer’s needs.

 But more importantly, 16 key membrane keypad are extremely practical, even in difficult conditions. Why?


It is not without reason that membrane keypads are the most popular choice in industrial sectors. These devices are easy to use, aesthetic and functional. Moreover, it is very easy to clean in case of dirt. For many entrepreneurs, however, their most important feature is decisive: resistance to various external factors.

Membrane keypads show high resistance to:

  • scratches,
  • insulation,
  • action of water and high air humidity,
  • very low and very high temperatures (from -40 ° C to 70 ° C),
  • many chemicals.

 The ease of keeping membrane keypads clean is also extremely important. During production work, it is easy to create troublesome dirt or accidental flooding of the equipment.

 Thanks to the membrane structure, the keypad can clean in the blink of an eye. Resistance to water and chemicals also makes the task much easier. What’s more, while in a 16 key membrane keypad a big threat may be small foreign objects falling under the keys or accumulating dust, membrane keypads are completely resistant to such factors.

What membrane keypads makes?

In order to understand well what membrane keypads makes of, it is worth considering what they are at all. Well, these keypads also call foil keypads. This tells us a lot about the material from which they make.

These keypads must be resistant to dirt, chemicals, humidity or high temperature, therefore they make of appropriate materials. That is why the front elevations of keypads and electrical connection paths print on polyester or polycarbonate foils.

 Said films also uses as windows to protect LCD or LED displays. They can be transparent or have a special filter mounted. Foils are the main material uses in the production of 16 key membrane keypad .They can have a decorative, base, distance or assembly function. It all depends on the specific purpose of the keypad.


Often a membrane keypad must have housing. In such a situation, it is usually makes of various types of plastic and additionally secure with a sealing material. The point here is that the entire electronics protects against moisture or water vapor, but also that the keypad can be quickly and effectively clean when it becomes dirty during use.

It is worth noting that membrane keypads custom makes and personalize for a project, so they can contain other materials needs for their production and comfortable use.


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