• Q. What is the Daily Capacity?

    lt depends on the product structure, process dificulty, and mold size.Niceone-tech factory has 20 molding machines, with independentreseach and development and production capabilities of screen printing,spraying, epoxy, laser engraving, and other processes, which canmeet the delivery needs of most customers.

  • Q. Delivery Time Of Membrane Switch Products?

    A.Membrane switch drawing design usually takes 3 working days.When the drawing provided by the customer has suficient information-color (Pantone and RAL color number), if the panel is color printed,the customer needs to provide Al files,product line principles, and the location ofthe lead-out line, etc. B.when the customer confirms the membrane switch drawing, we will provide samples within 10-15 working days C.After the customer confirms the membrane switch sample, the bulk goods will be completed in 15-22 working days.

  • Q. Need Quick Valuation?

    Please provide the information required for the document.The initial price will be given within 12 hours. lf you are in need of an oficial estimate click the link below and email or fax the completed form to us. We willrespond within 24 hours.

  • Q. What Do l Do lf My Package ls Lost?

    lf your tracking information shows as "delivered" but you have not received the item we always suggest seeing if the package was possiblyleft with a neighbor.All orders need to be signed for by someone 21 or older in order to be marked as complete. lf you are not able to locate your shipment, please contact our support team right away so they can take the appropriate steps in finding yourpackage.Note that missing shipments must be reported to us within 24-48 hours of the tracking showing "delivered" for our team to help. Please note our team is not authorized to refund/reship until we hear back with the results of the investigation.


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