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First of all, we are the factory that produces Membrane Switch, Silicone Rubber Keypad, and a subsidiary of Niceone-tech.








Later We Hope to Provide More Services

Some new things, some things that belong to Niceone-Keypad. So we tried to attach the silicone keyboard glue process to the Membrane Switch to form the Membrane Switch of ResinDome. Fortunately, we succeeded. Also given Membrane Switch new technology-Backlight.

We Hope To Bring Happiness To Users And Employees

We hope that our products can enhance the user experience.do the best! Hope to let employees gettheir own happiness in Niceone-Keypad.



Assemble Membrane Switch, Silicone Rubber Keypad to your electronic equipment.


  • You can make your product more outstanding, you can make your product more possibilities.
  • You can make your product more durable, and even can be used in the deep sea.

With so many possibilities, don’t worry about purchasing and design, we will handle it for you. lf we can improve the user experience for your product, we will be very happy.

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What customers say about Niceone-Keypad


The idea of the Membrane Switch project,from design to production, the professional- ism of the engineering team, the timely feed- back from the business team and the high-quality goods impressed me. I really ap- preciate the eforts of Nice- one- tech and Nice-one-Keypad. I hope we can have more cooper- ation in the future.

Tim Anaya

l am a manufacturer of agricultural equipment. The engineering team and engineering manag- er Eric of Niceone-tech and Niceone-Keypad made me feel that a professional engineering team will reduce a lot of hidden costs. At thesame time, the reverse engineering design of Silicone Rubber Keypad by the engineering team impressed me very much.

Leo Hernandez

The working atmosphere of Niceone-Keypad makes people feel relaxed, and l have learned a lot when working with them. Hope to have more in-depth cooperation in the future.

May Lv

Our Company's Greatest Wealth

So far, this is a great experience! Niceone-Keypad has learned a lot from customers and employees and hopes to continue working with you. We have never forgotten that our success is inseparable from customers and employees. We enjoy our time together.

Customers and employees are our company’s most valuable asset. Below are some of our employees, I hope you like them.


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