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How to make your Dome Label more competitive in the market?

Improve The Production Cycle

Resin Dome design can be selected

Can Reduce User Placement Of Shrapnel

Can Improve Placement Accuracy

"Advantages of choosing the Dome Label"

- Quality products from niceone keypad

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What is Dome Array?

Dome Array uses a jig to combine Polyester, Adhesive, and Metal Dome to form a composite film. It is a product that can reduce user placement of shrapnel and improve placement accuracy. It is often used as a layer structure of Membrane Switch, PCB board or Silicone Rubber Keypad. Improve the production cycle and provide a cost-effective design for customers.

How does Dome Array work?

Metal Dome’s resilience is formed by extrusion and deformation. A Metal Dome with a moderate stroke and moderate strength will make your Dome Array more Tactile Feedback.

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Dome Array design choices

  1. The choice of Metal Dome can be selected according to the requirements of line resistance: stainless steel, nickel-plated, gold-plated. Gold plating has the lowest resistance.
  2. The choice of Tactile Feedback: Tactile Feedback is very important to the product. A good Tactile Feedback depends on the size, stroke and load of the Dome. According to the needs of the product, Niceone-Keypad will provide the most suitable Dome.
  3. The choice of Overlay Adhesive: Dome Label fits different products need to choose the appropriate Adhesive. Plastics use 3M300 series, silica gel is commonly used DSMS or 3M9731, Membrane Switch can choose conventional Adhesive.

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  • No organization of maintenance operations

  • No documentation of maintenance

  • Optimal service – 24 hours problem solving

  • Manufacturer-independent maintenanceeight levels

  • Products with high quality and competitive prices

  • Professional design

  • Good after-sales service

The benefits of four types of shrapnel and suitable circuit boards:

  1. The circular Metal Dome is small in size, if the electronic product is small, and it needs to feel better. The round Metal Dome is a good choice.
  2. Oval Metal Dome, suitable for long buttons.
  3. 4-Legged Metal Dome, the most commonly used Metal Dome, the most cost-effective. At the same time, it is widely used in various electronic devices such as PCB and Membrane Switch.
  4. Triangular metal dome, when the design space is small, the hand feels good, and the greater pressure must be met, the triangle is the best choice. It can also be divided into footless or footless, and the assembly method is determined by the thickness of the PCB.
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Dome Array-4

What is the relationship between Dome Label and Membrane Switch?

- Quality products from niceone keypad
  • A good Dome Label can can reduce user placement of shrapnel and improve placement accuracy. Membrane Switch has a good Dome Label, which can provide more your Tactile Feedback. Make your product will stand out in the market.

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