7 Best Features Of 32 Key Membrane-Keypad

14 Apr, 2022

By hqt

32 Key Membrane-Keypad

Membrane Keypad/ Flexible Membrane Keypad

32 key membrane-keypad, Flexible foil keypads, also known as Membrane Switch, normally open electrical contact common for input. They are the most useful elements in the evolution of switching elements.

They owe their high functional, technological and ergonomic level to the marvelous development of numeral technology and the general transition from analog methods to digital methods of communication with electronic devices.

The keypads of Membrane Switches generally have the appearance of a different key ensemble. The movement of each key provides certain program data. Moreover, the functional block formed in this way provides practically unlimited possibilities for human-machine relationship.

The ever-increasing need for mounting frequency, the unique front panel design of the 32 key membrane-keypad, and the following membrane switch features:

  • High security
  • Being different (Different configuration)
  • High level of protection
  • Affordable price, fast and easy assembly

Compatibility with microprocessors

All these features have resulted in the replacement of the classic keypad buttons, the flexible Membrane Keypad. It consists of four layers of foil. Front (Graphic Front panel), Distance and Basic sandwich together.

Moreover, information Required for Pricing Your Membrane Switch Designs:

  • Technical drawing of flexible membrane keypad (buttons, lines, LEDs, LCD and all its elements)
  • Electrical principle diagram, circuit outlet points and dimensions, number of levels and usage strips.
  • Color sample, color information catalog (RAL, PRINT COLOR) or CORELDRAW drawings, photo template or graphic text, logo etc.

What is 32 key membrane-keypad or flexible foil keypad

Flexible foil keypad is also known as a membrane switch. It is a part of the machine that works as a normally open electrical contact system common for input. Thanks to the developing technology and materials science. They are the most useful up-to-date designed products in the evolution of the elements common for switching. 

Electronic design owes to the transition of communication in machines from analog methods to digital methods.

Moreover, intensely different key functions appear on Membrane Switch keypads. Each button on the keypad movement provides the transmission of certain program data. The functional block formed in this way offers practically unlimited and perfect possibilities for the human-machine relationship.

32 Key Membrane-Keypad 2022

Features of 32 key membrane-keypad

The ever-increasing need for mounting frequency, the unique front panel design of the devices, and the following membrane switch features:

Moreover, thanks to the membrane switch, the assembly time shorten today and it causes the unique front panel designs of the machines. We can list the features that membrane switches bring to us as follows.

  • Security
  • It is different from the analog button system. high configuration
  • Protection
  • Economical price range, Quick and easy assembly
  • Configuration that adapts to microprocessors

The features we have mentioned above have been the reason for the transition from buttons on old-style keypads to flexible keypads. 32 key membrane-keypad consist of layers. Moreover, there are four layers in a standard product.

  • Graphic front panel
  • Distance – Separator – “Distension”
  • Basic Circuit Layer

All of the above-mentioned layers glue onto each other.

Usage areas of Membrane Switches

  • Industrial Machines
  • In Measurement Technology
  • Moreover, in Micro Keypads Production
  • In Telecommunication Systems
  • Household appliances
  • In Computer Technology
  • Automotive Industry

Made of highly specialized foils, 32 key membrane-keypad guarantee reliable operation. A product with infinite possibilities – any graphic form allows designers to implement a project according to their needs, in any shape, size and choice of unlimited graphic design in very high quality.

Membrane keypad: satori foil fronts

Innovative production methods mean that the headlamps have raised buttons of any shape and size. Tinted or transparent display windows will ensure perfect clarity. Moreover, the integrated printing and cutting system allow you to give the headlamps any size with an accuracy of 0.1mm and the most complex shapes

Front elevations of Satori

An important element of 32 key membrane-keypad is the ability to work in the temperature range -40 ℃ + 120 ℃ with an ambient humidity of up to 90%. Moreover, foil headlamps characterize by high resistance to the negative effects of chemicals, scratch and crack resistance, which allows for a long service life. The inks common for production not only guarantee high resistance to UV rays, but are also fully ecological.

Foil facade – assembly

  1. The assembly process should begin with the preparation of the substrate.
  2. All impurities should be removed from the bonding surface and degreased.
  3. Peel off a piece of silicone paper from the bottom of the headlamp of 32 key membrane-keypad and adjust the foil headlamp in the right position.


  • The glued headlamp must not be torn off
  • It is not allowed to bend, stick together or break the headlamps
  • Switching the keys with hard or sharp tools is strictly forbidden

The principle of operation of 32 key membrane-keypad base on the piezoelectric phenomenon, in which the piezo element generates an electric charge on its surface under the influence of deformation (pressure).

The use of piezoelectric elements as reading a key press allows the use of various types of materials to make the fronts of the keypad through polycarbonate, aluminum as well as glass.

Moreover, particularly noteworthy is the aluminum front, which is durable, tight and can fully protect the keypad against undesirable interference from the external electromagnetic field and reduce the electromagnetic field generated by the device, increasing its EMC compatibility.

Resistant to all weather conditions and airtight

32 key membrane-keypad can be fully resistant to all weather conditions and airtight, thanks to which we can obtain a very high class of tightness of the device. Another advantage is high reliability and durability, which results from the lack of moving mechanical parts in the construction of the keypad.

The electronic structure of the keypad is shown in the block diagram. Moreover, the deformation of the piezoelectric element causes it to generate an electric charge, which is properly formed by the matching circuit so that it can be read by the microcontroller as a push of a button.

Summary 32 key membrane-keypad

Moreover, the operation of the forming system illustrates by Signals from the oscilloscope. On channel 1 we see a voltage impulse (pressure applied to the piezoelectric element). Channel 2 plug in right behind the forming circuit (a formed impulse ready to be read by the microcontroller).

Built-in microprocessor in 32 key membrane-keypad allows you to output the signal in any form through standard communication protocols as well as you can create a completely new communication protocol dedicated and common only in a given device. Moreover, it is also possible to adapt to any existing keypad and use it as a replacement (e.g. simulating a matrix connection lead)


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