A quick overview of silicone rubber keypad design guide

29 Jun, 2022

By hqt

What is meant by silicone rubber keypad?

A silicone rubber keypad design guide is an electrical switch with soft silicone rubber webbing. This webbing is critical to the keypad’s operation. The webbing is erect and upright in its default position. When the button is pressed, the webbing deforms, allowing a conductive-coated pill to make contact with an underlying printed circuit board (PCB), completing the circuit. Silicone Rubber Keypads are used in many applications such as mobile phones, computers, etc. They are also widely used in the automotive industry. In this article, we have discussed the different types of silicone rubber keypad designs available today.

What Is the Function of a Silicone Rubber Keypad?

The silicone rubber keypad design guide as previously said relies on silicone rubber webbing material wrapped around an electrical switch. A conductive-coated tablet is hidden behind the webbing. There is air beneath this pill, followed by a PCB. The conductive-coated pill does not touch the PCB in its default form. As a result, the switch is still in the open position. When you press the button, the silicone rubber webbing deforms until it makes contact with the PCB, at which time the circuit is complete.

Silicone rubber keypad design structure:

  • Silicone button and key
  • Silicone button pads
  • Button and key flexible webbing
  • Button and key travel
  • Carbon pills and graphite pads

Silicone keypad surface symbol and icons:

  • Screen printing
  • Laser etching
  • Embossed and debossed molded symbols

Silicone keypad surface protection:

  • Matte smooth coating
  • PU coating
  • Epoxy coating
  • Silicone key with plastic button cap
  • Silicone key with metal button cap

Silicone rubber keypad conductive materials:

  • Graphite pads and black carbon pills
  • Electrically conductive printing ink
  • Metal domes
  • Golden pills and copper pads
  • Nickel pills

Silicone rubber design guide:

Silicone Rubber Keypad Design Guide provides designers with a high-level overview of all the factors to consider when incorporating a Silicone Rubber Keypad into a Human Machine Interface product. The Design Guide includes topics such as webbing design, force/travel considerations, and other critical design features that must be incorporated when creating CAD designs.

Design dimension:

Guide holes are not permitted in situations when the keypad is totally sealed, and air venting may be accomplished using venting channels between keys, i.e. the air vents should not go to the keypads outside border

Energy foldaway:

Tactile Feeling is produced by the power decrease from f1 to f2. The greater the Solid Sensitivity, the greater the Quick Fraction. A larger Snap Ratio, on the other hand, indicates a lesser Return Force F3, which may result in Key Jamming. The Tactile Feeling is succinct and powerful in the case of Polydomes or Metaldomes, even if the Quick Fraction is nominally little since the power droplet is quick and the force drop curvature is steep.

Key shapes and characteristics:

Flat cones are used in telephones, remote control, automobiles, radio, calculator, and other common applications. Double bells are used in telephones, remote control, automobile, calculator, and so on. Single cones are used in telephones, office equipment, remote control, and measuring instruments. Double cones are used in Computer and typewriters. Single bells are used in Telephones, test instruments, and typewriters. Double cones are used in Computer, calculators, remote control, typewriter, and other electronic devices

General description of silicone rubber design guide:

Silicone rubber pads are custom-made electronic pushbutton switches based on customer specifications. The conductive pill creates a small route in the middle of two interaction locations on a PCB by pressing the silicone rubber keypad. The silicone rubber pad in this application is composed of non-conductive material, whereas the interaction pill is made of conductive things. There are several design options available.

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Actuation Force Tolerances:

The sheath form and extent of all rubber switches may be customized to provide nearly any actuation power and tangible sensation. Because maximum submissions demand a positive tangible texture with comparatively extended life, an actuation power of roughly 125 – 150 grams with a supplementary quick fraction of almost 40 – 60 percent is often suggested. The typical actuation power tolerance is  25 grams. The ideal actuation power for optimal key functioning is 80-150 grams. Conductive rubber switches may be developed and factory-made satisfactorily and produced with minimum actuation powers extending from 20 to up to and including 500 grams.

Quick fraction:

The quick fraction (or click ratio) of any conductive rubber keypad has a direct impact on the operator’s tactile experience. Keypads with a quick fraction of 40-60% offer a great tangible texture and comparatively extended lifetime, whereas keypads with a quick fraction of less than 40% have a very poor tangible texture but an extensive life. Dual-durometer keypads boost tangible sensation as well. Any keypad’s snap ratio may be computed using the formula f1-f2 divided by f1, anywhere f1 is the actuation power and F2 is the connection conflict.


A silicone rubber keypad design guide has many uses including a keyboard, remote control, or an input device.  A silicone rubber keypad is an easy way to add a touch screen to your device. It is also very durable and waterproof.  Silicone rubber keypads are used for touch screen devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. Non-conductive silicone rubber keypads are used for other purposes. It’s an excellent way to make your phone or tablet stand out. If you’re tired of having to replace old keys that have been damaged by water or dirt, you should go for a silicone rubber keypad over others. NICEONE KEYPAD has introduced rubber keypads that are intended for security but can also be used as a decorative piece. As a consequence, you may easily place it wherever you like. Our purpose is to offer you high-quality items at reasonable costs. Consider them the remote control for your goods. Get yours now!


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