Derivative design of Membrane Panel-Back panel and plug-in card design

24 Sep, 2021

By hqt

Membrane Panel sometimes combines with Back Panel to form a soft and hard board. AL, Acrylic, ABS and FR4 are the most common Back Panel options. The main reason is that customers want to reduce assembly costs, so that Niceone-Keypad will assemble them. Niceone-Keypad has more advanced CNC equipment that can produce AL boards in-house. If the quantity is large, there is a need of outsourcing hardware to complete the design together. Combine the aluminum plate with nuts and screws most of the time. The whole set of design and installation can be completed only by screwing the screws. As the support plate of Membrane Switch, AL usually has oxidation, natural color anode, spray paint, etc. Since Niceone-Keypad has CNC machine and Jig designed by the team, it can greatly reduce the cost of design and assembly. So that you can get Back Panel Membrane Panel at a more economical price.

Derivative design of Membrane Panel-1

As a Back Panel, the fitting and design of Membrane Panel and Back Panel need to consider the following points:

  • The length and width of the Back Panel must be at least 0.25mm smaller than the Membrane Panel on one side.
  • The punching or R-shaped port should be 0.25-0.3mm smaller than the Membrane Panel. The CNC window is generally R-shaped.
  • The selection of screws is according to the needs of customers. If you can not only weld the screws on the aluminum plate, you can even assemble the screws on the FR4
Derivative design of Membrane Panel-2

Three common additional design options:

  • Resin Dome
  • Backlight solution
  • Silicone rubber Keypad

The overall design can be completely handed over to Niceone-Keypad, so the design cost and assembly cost will be greatly reduced. Providing excellent quality and competitive Back Panel will make your Membrane Panel more competitive.

What is the Membrane Panel with card design?

Part of Membrane Panel will be designed to be transparent and without silk screen color, and the adhesive part will be hollowed out from the side. This type of Membrane Panel is a plug-in Membrane Panel, and the rest are no different from Membrane Panel.

Derivative design of Membrane Panel-3

The advantages of the plug-in Membrane Panel are:

  • Reduce the cost of Silk Printing tooling. Only need to print the content of the card, without the need for replacement and replacement of the front panel.
  • Ir is possible to print multi-language plug-in cards. This is also one of the biggest advantages of the plug-in Membrane Panel.
  • While it is possible ot change the code, we ensure the stability of the silk screen color. The color variations of each batch are small.

It is even possible to combine the advantages of both Back Panels and plug-in cards to form a more competitive Membrane Panel

Niceone-Keypad has the best knowledge of making Membrane Panel and a professional engineering team. If you need to customize a Membrane Panel that is most suitable for your company. Please contact

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