Ergonomic Membrane Keypad: How Does It Work?

28 Apr, 2022

By hqt

What is an ergonomic membrane keypad?

Ergonomic membrane keypad is very successful now days. Ergonomics is a branch of science that aims to understand human capabilities and limitations.

And then apply this methodology to improve human interactions with products and system systems and the environment, for the purpose of increasing productivity and reducing discomfort.

Ergonomic Membrane Keypad

What is ergonomics?  Applying ergonomics in technology product design

For example, you are holding a computer mouse in your hand. You wonder why the mouse can fit so well in your hand. Why can you use it for hours without feeling sore? Why is it the same color and not another color? It’s all about ergonomics for that great fit and comfort.

This Ergonomic membrane keypad can have concave or lower keys, keys placed at a reasonable distance, separating the two sides from the center point into a V shape. It provides pleasant user experience, more comfortable for the user.

Types of Ergonomic Membrane keypads

Split membrane keypad

  • Fixed split ergonomic membrane keypad has keys that are divided into 2 or 3 groups. It allowing users to type at different angles, rather than at a single angle like typical straight membrane keypads.
  • Truly Ergonomic Membrane keypad is a fixed split ergonomic membrane keypad.

The custom split membrane keypad has a split key, the angles of which can be easily changed.

Contoured membrane keypad

The next evolution of the split membrane keypad concept was the block membrane keypad, such, as the 1977 Maltrons or the newer Kinesis Advantage series.

 This type of ergonomic membrane keypad places the keys on the sides to approximate shoulder width. The function keys in the middle for thumb typing. This type of construction requires very little movement of the arm and wrist.

Handheld membrane keypads

This is an ergonomic membrane keypad designed like a gamepad. It can be held in your hand instead of lying on a flat surface like regular membrane keypads. Users can walk around the room or lean back on the chair and still type normally.

Some variants of this membrane keypad include trackball mice, allowing mouse movement and typing right on the handheld membrane keypad.

Angle split membrane keypad

The angled membrane keypad is quite similar to the split membrane keypad, but the middle part is raised so that the index finger is in a higher position than other fingers when typing. The company Key Ovation has made the Goldtouch ergonomic membrane keypad in the form of an angled and adjustable membrane keypad.

Other Ergonomic Membrane keypads

Other types of ergonomic membrane keypads have vertical keys that fix and aligned so that when typing, the hand is perpendicular to the ground, the thumb raises, or there are types that allow rotation. A few membrane keypads don’t have a one-letter design, like keyer or keyless membrane keypads.

Ergonomic membrane keypad is a type of membrane keypad that has a special shape and design compared to a regular membrane keypad. This feature helps to bring the most comfortable and pleasant feeling to the user, reducing the difficulty and achieving higher efficiency during key operation.

What is an ergonomic membrane keypad?

Ergonomic membrane keypads come in a variety of designs and shapes, ranging from concave or lower key designs.

Keys placed at a reasonable distance or separated from the center point into a V shape… Although the shape is different, they all aim to bring the best user experience.

II. Types of Ergonomic Membrane keypads

1. Split membrane keypad

As the name implies, this family of ergonomic membrane keypad has keys divide into 2 or 3 separate groups. With this arrangement, users can type at different angles instead of only one direction compared to the conventional membrane keypad, making the operation more convenient and less tiring.

2. Contoured membrane keypad

The block membrane keypad considers the next evolution of the split membrane keypad concept. This type of membrane keypad has a key design that arranges on the sides according to the approximate width of the shoulder.

The ergonomic membrane keypad alphanumeric keys are evenly distributed on both sides and the function keys arrange in the middle for easy thumb typing. With this design, the user’s arm and wrist will move very little, reducing fatigue during long keystrokes.

3. Handheld membrane keypads

The handheld ergonomic membrane keypad has a unique design that resembles a game controller. This special design makes it easy for users to hold in their hands instead of having to place it on a flat surface like other conventional membrane keypads.

Thanks to that, the user can operate the key normally whether walking around the room or lying back on the chair. Besides, the handheld membrane keypad also has a trackball mouse; users can move the mouse right on the membrane keypad.

4. Angle split membrane keypad

The ergonomic membrane keypad has a design quite similar to the split membrane keypad.

Ergonomic Membrane Keypad 2022

 The difference of this membrane keypad is that the middle part raises to help the index finger have a higher position than other fingers when typing, creating a comfortable typing feeling, less hand fatigue.

Benefits of an ergonomic membrane keypad

1. Improve your posture

With an ergonomic design that creates a curvy key frame, it helps users to have a more comfortable and natural position of hands, wrists and arms when using the ergonomic membrane keypad.

 From there, it helps to reduce muscle tension and fatigue when pressing the keys for a long time. With improved posture, users will get the best comfortable experience as soon as they put their hands on the membrane keypad.

2. Wrist support

With a wrist rest design with extra padding to helps support and places your arms and wrists above the ergonomic membrane keypad. With this position, the wrist will be comfortable and reduce pain and fatigue. Besides, the key operation is also faster and more efficient.

3. Ergonomic membrane keypad Reduce Wrist Bending

Ergonomic membrane keypad has curved key frame design combined with an extra padded palm rest to significantly reduce pressure on the wrist when using the keys. As a result, your hands and shoulders are comfortable and relaxed, helping to reduce wrist bending.

Compared to conventional membrane keypads, the ergonomic membrane keypad reduces wrist bending by 25% for users when using the keys for a long time.


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