How to fix membrane keypad? Best Guide 2021

24 Nov, 2021

By hqt

First, let’s figure out what the keys on the sensor are and how to fix membrane keypad. The mechanism consists of two films, on the surface of which the tracks are applied – they conduct current. When the button is pressed, the pulse passes through the membrane along the track to the main board, after which the selected mode or another command is started.

How to fix membrane keypad

Most users prefer the touchscreen control panel because it opens up a wide range of possibilities. By pressing one button, you can select the cooking mode or heating time. 

Moreover, these membrane panels look stylish and modern. But it is not taken into account that electronics are sensitive to power surges in the network. A voltage drop leads to burnout of the contacts. The sensor does not tolerate rough handling. Pressing firmly leads to pushing the button.

Microwave; how to fix membrane keypad

What are the signs of panel breakage in Samsung, LG, Daewoo and others membrane panels and how to fix membrane keypad:

  • The device switches itself on and off.
  • Individual keys do not respond to pressing.
  • The door opener button does not work.

How to open the door if the opening button is broken? 

 In any case, you will need to remove the casing and inspect the internal parts to understand what is wrong.

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • thin knife
  • tweezers
  • scotch tape or electrical tape
  • glue

Disconnect the membrane panels from the mains before proceeding with the repair. Important! Even when turned off, some parts of the microwave accumulate electricity. Therefore, repairs must be carried out carefully.

How to fix membrane keypad repair in a panel?

In case of a panel, how to fix membrane keypad is covered here.

  • Unscrew the screws that secure the microwave case.
  • Pull the pins out of the connectors. It is advisable to photograph their location in order to connect correctly in the future.
  • Remove the cover plate bolts.
  • Dismantle the control module.
  • Use a thin knife carefully to detach the sensor.
  • Remove the top film-like layer from the control panel.
  • Inspect contacts and other elements for damage, burns.

How to fix membrane keypad if the problem is in the contact closure? 

Follow the guidelines:

  • To eliminate snapping, you need to create a distance between the two plates.
  • To do this, glue a piece of tape or insulating tape on the inside.
  • Connect the two parts and reinstall the sensor, reconnect.
  • If the keys work, then the repair was a success.

Why replacement of button is necessary?

The described repair is a temporary measure and learns how to fix membrane keypad. You need to understand: if the buttons began to push through, stick, sink, only a complete replacement of the panel will help. Another problem is possible – oxidation of the tracks.

How to fix membrane keypad 2021
  • After disassembling the panel, wipe the oxidized area with solvent.
  • Use conductive adhesive to repair the damaged portion of the track. Apply a thin layer to the tear site. Wait until dry. Reassemble the panel in reverse order.

Why foil is the better option?

If that doesn’t work, take note of one user’s experience. After the repairs performed according to the described recommendations, the operation of the control did not recover. Then, instead of glue, aluminum foil was used.

  • Cut out a thin strip of foil.
  • Glue to the track with glue.

If you have no idea about how to fix membrane keypad before, it is better to contact a specialist. The electronic controls are very sensitive, so use your microwave with care. To avoid problems with power surges, install a voltage stabilizer.

How to fix microwave buttons not working?

The more often we use household appliances, the faster they fail. In this regard, the microwave is easy to classify as one of the most demanded household electrical appliances in the kitchen. It is not by chance that they break quite often.

One of the weakest points of membrane panels is the control panel. At one point, the technique begins to malfunction:

  • The membrane keypad for selecting programs stop responding to pressing
  • Work every other time
  • The start button on the microwave does not work
  • Problems can also arise with the door opening button

Fortunately, in most cases, you can fix all of the listed problems with your own hands if you know how to fix membrane keypad, without asking for help from a service center.

Why the microwave does not respond to pressing some buttons?

This is most often due to:

  • damage to the conductive tracks on the board
  • loss of contact in connectors
  • sticking contacts

The first thing to start with is checking the quality of the keyboard bus contacts in the control module connector. If everything is in order with the contacts, the touch control panel itself will most likely have to be repaired.

The membrane keypad of the microwave is broken – self-repair instructions

If the membrane keypad is not pressed on the microwave, this indicates that the control board needs repair or complete replacement. To carry out diagnostics and how to fix membrane keypad repairs at home, you must have the following tools on hand:

  • crosshead screwdriver
  • stationery knife
  • multimeter-tester
  • contact cleaner or finest sandpaper
  • alcohol or degreaser
  • conductive adhesive for repairing boards

DIY microwave touch panel repair

The membrane panels is one of the most demanded household electrical appliances. Quite often, when purchasing a membrane panels, potential consumers opt for models equipped with a touch keyboard. As of today, this type of membrane panels is the most popular in the domestic market.

Features of membrane panels with a touch panel

Membrane panels with touch control differ from other models of membrane panels:

  • stylish design
  • intuitive controls
  • the ability to program while cooking according to complex recipes
  • storing favorite recipes in the memory of the device, the call of which is carried out by lightly pressing the finger on the corresponding sensor
  • the presence of fixed cooking programs

However, such membrane panels have one significant drawback that’s why you must learn how to fix membrane keypad. The control unit equipped with a touch keyboard requires careful handling during operation and does not tolerate voltage surges in the power supply network. 


Unfortunately, in modern conditions, it is practically impossible to provide gentle working conditions for membrane panels, therefore, sensor control units often fail. In this case, the cause of the malfunction may cause by the fact that the buttons on the microwave do not work.


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