How to repair membrane keypad of a keyboard?

15 Nov, 2021

By hqt

Types of keypads and their differences

By design type, all common keypads can be divided into:

How to repair membrane keypad? As you know, a computer keypad does not like beer, coffee or tea. But despite this, they regularly try to give her something to drink. Then I either throw it away, or try to repair it, and then throw it away.

The problem is that in membrane keypads, the key layout is done using film metallization. The metal layer (apparently aluminum) is very thin and corrodes very quickly, a rupture forms and some keys stop working. It is necessary to restore the conductivity of the tracks, and they are very thin and very densely located.

How to repair membrane keypad

How to repair membrane keypad? They mainly try to use conductive adhesives, there are many of them, but they do not always give a result, either fake or already expired, often dried out.

I tried another method and was happy with the result.

Electroplating is common to apply metal to a conductor; it is simpler than chemical methods. The most affordable is the application of copper, as it uses not scarce copper sulfate. On iron, copper from vitriol can settle purely chemically, but for aluminum, the help of electricity is needed.

Membrane Keypad-4

membrane keypad with spring-loaded keys

Mechanical. These are How to repair membrane keypad with spring-loaded keys. When pressed, the spring sags, and the contacts are closed, after which the corresponding image appears on the screen.

This produces a small clicking sound. Releasing the key, the spring returns to its previous position. With prolonged use, the springs may fail, and the keys may stick.

Semi-mechanical. The principle of their operation is the same as that of mechanical ones, but instead of a metal spring, an elastic rubber element is installed under each key. This rubber dome instantly returns the button to its original position. Semi-mechanical keypads are particularly durable.

Membrane keypad rubberized polymer caps installed upside down

Membrane. The contact element of such a keypad is rubberized polymer caps installed upside down. This is the most popular type of keypad, and its operation is quiet and tactilely pleasant. The rubber caps under the keys can lose their elasticity over time and react sensitively to different pressures.

According to the type of connection, all keypads can be divided into two groups:

Wired. These are keypads with a USB connector for connecting with a wire. Devices with a similar connector are easy to apply not only to stationary PCs, but also to laptops and tablets that support OTG. Many people choose this type of How to repair membrane keypad, since the response to keystrokes is uninterrupted, and does not depend on the battery charge.

How to repair Wireless keypad?

There is a Bluetooth receiver or radio interface inside the wireless device. Such transmitters can operate at a distance of up to 15 meters.

Spilled liquid inside the membrane keypad is not a cause for panic. If this happens, the first thing you need to do is turn off the computer and disconnect the keypad from it. Then you need to turn the device upside down and start disassembling.

important to disassemble on a plain blanket

It is important to disassemble on a plain blanket, or on a large, clean table, as the rubber bumpers of the keys may fall out when the bottom cover is removed. Carefully remove the insulating and conductive layers and wipe them with alcohol.

Important! If you flooded the How to repair membrane keypad on a laptop, it is best to take it to a repair service, as other systems of the device could be damaged as well.

If there are crumbs inside the keys

  • To eliminate sticking of buttons on the keypad, it is necessary to clean it from crumbs, dirt or dust at least once a month. This can be done in several ways:
  • Remove dirt particles or crumbs with a brush or soft brush;
  • Blow out the keypad with a hairdryer (in cold air mode);
  • Pull out the crumbs with a vacuum cleaner, controlling the strength of the flow;

Use the so-called “slime”. This sticky substance takes on the shape of the keys, and when it comes off, it pulls with it all the adhering debris.

If the key block does not work

It happens that you clean the keypad, disassemble and check the presence of all the elements, but several keys still do not work (for example, the dial on the right side). Perhaps you just need to check if the Num Lock key is turned on by accident, or check the game settings if this happens during the passage of the levels.

Of course, without finding out the reasons for the breakdown yourself, you should take your device to a service center or repair for professional diagnostics.

Do mechanical keypads break?

The causes of malfunction of mechanical how to repair membrane keypad are very similar to those of other types. This can be flooding, dirt, crumbs. Also, due to long-term operation, the springs may fail, and you have to replace individual keys. For the device to serve if possible, it must be periodically cleaned from dirt, as described above.

How to repair membrane keypad 2021

Each button of a mechanical keypad has a switch under it, as it is also called, a switch. Such switches can be different – linear with soft pressing, with tactile feedback. Compared to membrane transmitters, switches are more wear-resistant, but still, after a while, they can break. In this case, it is possible to replace individual buttons, which in itself is not a problem.

keypad manufacturers provide a 50-60 million click warranty

Typically, mechanical keypad manufacturers provide a 50-60 million click warranty. When replacing the buttons, you can additionally set the polling frequency of the “keypad” (in Hz), adjust the backlighting, change the functions of the buttons. Know-how lovers can buy buttons with an unusual design. All such ideas, probably, will be of interest only to enthusiastic gamers.

How to prevent keypad problems

The variety of choice of How to repair membrane keypad for computers is very large. The computer market offers many options for keypads, which may differ from each other not only by the type or method of connection, but also by design, compactness, language layout, and other criteria. When choosing a keypad, pay attention to the level of the keys’ travel, their rigidity, the presence of various connectors.


How to repair membrane keypad is quite easy now. The manufacturer’s brand is also an important factor. When you buy a device from a trusted brand, you gain confidence in its reliability and endurance. If you have problems with your keypad, it is up to you to decide whether to take the device to the service or repair it yourself!


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