Which keypad switch is best to use in keyboards?

27 Dec, 2021

By hqt

What is the membrane keypad switch?

The difficult question for some, easy answer for others. Before defining yourself by a mechanical keypad or a membrane keypad switch, you must first have a clear notion of its general characteristics, on the one hand, and the specific use you want to give it, on the other. Thus, you can optimally decide which is the best for you.

Types of membrane keypad switch

The mechanical keypads are so called because of their switches or switches. Each key has its own mechanical switch that is activates individually with each press. There are different types of switches, each of which adapts to different needs and preferences; to know them, we suggest you consult our article about it.

keypad switch

However, they all have certain strengths in common: they are stronger and more durable than membrane systems, for example, and easier to clean.  

Features of the membrane keypad switch

The membrane keypad switch, meanwhile, also owe their name to a feature of its construction. A single flexible rubber membrane, under the keys, acts as the switch for all of them. Thus, when a key is press, a specific point on the membrane push and is brought into contact with another electrifies surface in an open circuit.

The quality secret of a membrane keypad is in the membrane itself. When the materials are right and the construction is precise enough, you can get really good performance with them, even by the high standards of our world: gaming.

Even so, the most competitive players always lean, without exception, for mechanical keypads. Why?

Advantages of the membrane keypad switch

Membrane keypads have a fundamental advantage: cost. Yes, its manufacture is less expensive, and therefore its price is also lower. If you are looking for a reliable, beautiful keypad that allows you to play. And have fun among other activities, one of our good membrane keypads may be more than enough for your needs.

Mechanical keypads, on the other hand, are ahead of membrane keypad switch in all other respects: performance, resistance, durability, customization possibilities. In addition, there are among them very interesting size alternatives that are almost always accompany by greater accessibility;

If the game occupies an important place in your life and you really aspire to progress and stand out, sooner or later you will have to make the leap towards a mechanic. And trust us, you will notice the difference.

What Switch Color Should I Pick on A Mechanical Keypad?

keypad switch 2022

Changing the keypad, whether to play games or to work much more efficiently, is a choice that should not be made with your eyes close. In fact, a good choice of keypads can result in much more comfort when working, or much more efficiency in games; and for the same reason, there are many types of keypads for each type of person.

RGB Switch membrane keypad switch

In fact, there are two large groups of membrane keypad switches that are determines by the mechanism that returns each key to its original place. These groups are mechanical and membrane.

A membrane keypad is characterized by having three layers of material that allow the return of the keys. It is a simple mechanism that works since the beginning of computers, but it is somewhat limited as it does not present independence in each of the keys.

Characteristics of the membrane keypad switch

On the other hand, mechanical keypads offer a different return mechanism. This is configuring so that each key has an independent switch. These have some characteristics such as:

Greater distance for key activation, providing a better feeling when working.

Better feeling in the performance of the key, as it happens halfway through the course.

The force requires to activate the membrane keypad switch is not standard, and varies depending on the type of switch common.

Much more customization of keypad settings

Easy to clean the device or change parts

These characteristics make these types of keypads more accurate, and therefore, they become ideal for gamers or for those people who spend long hours typing in front of a computer.

What types of switch or switch are there?

One of the most important parts of mechanical keypads are the switches. These can modify the behavior of a keypad to make it more responsive, quieter, or faster. All this according to the user’s preference.

Each major manufacturer of gaming products, such as Razer, Logitech or Steelseries has its own versions of each type of switch, there are three basic models of switches from which to choose.

membrane keypad switches Red switch

They are also known as linear switches, as a reference to the fact that the force requires to complete a keystroke is constant throughout the keystroke. This gives the feeling that it is much softer to the touch and therefore easier to type.

Linear Switches

This type of switch has become one of the most popular for gaming applications due to the speed with which it can be types and does not result in player fatigue after several hours of play.

membrane keypad switches Blue Switch

The second type of switch is blue. It is made up of two different parts that interact in the movement of the key. This arrangement causes a characteristic “click” to be heard when pressing the membrane keypad switch. It is for this same reason that they are also known as clicky keypads and have that characteristic sound that is normally known in gaming keypads.

Another of the big differences that they have against linear keypads. For this reason, this type of keypad offers a certain sensitivity to the touch. And so that the user will be able to know when he has made the key act only with the sensation that it causes in the fingers.

membrane keypad switch clicks keypads

Of course, it is important to mention that when making the click sound, these types of keypads are much louder than other types of membrane keypad switches, and can distract your co-workers or family members due to the loud sound they make.

Switch Cafe

While the red and blue switches are two extremes in terms of ease of gaming. And the comfort of typing, there are also options for those who want more off-road functionality. For these types of users, there is the brown switch, which offers the best characteristics of both types of switches.


At the same time, it is an easy mechanism to press once or twice as needed but quite avoids accidental keystrokes.


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