Magnificent ways of silicone rubber keypad design 

22 Jul, 2022

By hqt

What is meant by a silicone rubber keypad?

It is a soft silicone rubber webbing electrical switch. This webbing is essential to the functionality of the keypad. In its default configuration, the webbing is erect and upright. When you push the button, the webbing deforms, allowing a conductive-coated pill to make contact with the underlying printed circuit board completing the circuit. Silicone Rubber Keypad design are utilized in various applications like mobile phones, laptops, and so on. They are also popular in the vehicle occupational. 

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The Silicone rubber keypad design:

The Structure of a silicone rubber keypad design:

  • Silicone button and key

  • Silicone button pads

  • Button and key flexible webbing

  • Button and essential travel

  • Carbon pills and graphite pads

Signs and ciphers on the silicone keypad surface:

  • Screen printing

  • Laser etching

  • Molded symbols embossed and debossed

Surface protection with Silicone:

  • Matte smooth coating

  • PU coating

  • Epoxy coating

  • Graphite pads and black carbon tablets

  • Electrically conductive printing ink

  • Metal domes Silicone rubber keypad conductive materials

  • Golden tablets, copper pads, and nickel pills

What Are Some Rubber Keypad Design Requirements?

Silicone rubber keypad design are factory-made electronic pushbutton switches to the customer’s requirements. The conductive pill forms a short route between two interaction sites on a PCB by pressing the silicone rubber pad. The rubber keypad is a non-conductive substance, but the interaction capsule contains conductive things. There are a variety of project opportunities accessible.

  • Tactile Response: 

Various parameters, such as modifying the network geometry and the durometer of the silicone rubber, can be used to vary the tactile response. The durometer ranges from 30 to 90 shore A. Many dissimilar key shapes are probable, and keyboard travel can be as much as 3mm. The actuation power can be as high as 500 grams with specific keypad forms and sizes.

  • Snap Ratio: 

Changing the keypad’s sudden proportion will also influence the tangible response of your rubber keypad. Premature ratios of forty percent to sixty percent are suggested for the best mix of sensation and keyboard life. When the sudden proportion falls below forty percent, the keypad’s sudden-action feel suffers, but the switch’s lifetime is extended. Any conductive rubber keypad’s sudden ratio directly influences the operator’s tangible experience. 
Keypads with sudden proportions provide great tangible texture and have a comparatively extended lifetime. In contrast, keypads with premature ratios of less than forty percent provide inferior actual surfaces but have an extended life. Dual-durometer keyboards further recover tangible sense. The sudden proportion of any keyboard may be considered by dividing in opposite conflict.

  • Flow Molding: 

A method of presenting bespoke colors into the density procedure so that the colors are formed into the real s rubber keypad. Screen printing bespoke designs onto the top surface of the keypads allows for even more customization.

  • Laser design:

Laser etching is a technique used to create patterns on silicone rubber. It makes an intricate design on the surface of the material. Silicone Rubber Keypads are a popular choice for mobile phone applications because they are durable, easy to clean, and attractive.
The act of eliminating the highest covering layer of a decorated keyboard (typically dark in color) to disclose a brighter colored layer beneath. In this manner, the rear light only sparkles over the etched-away sections. There is no end to the spectrum of imaginative backlighting effects. You may generate by joining laser design with dark light.

Advantages of silicone rubber keypad design:

  • A design is one of the most popular designs among users. Rubber Keypads are an easy way to add tactile feedback to your mobile device or computer keyboard. You’ll love these silicone keypads.

  • A silicone rubber keypad design is a great way to give your phone or laptop tactile feedback. I have designed a few different types of silicone rubber keypads for my clients.
    A new type of keyboard design made from silicone rubber. It has a unique feel and looks great on your desk or workstation.

  • A rubber keypad designed by our team. It is durable, easy to clean, and comes in different colors.

  • A keypad made from silicone rubber. Its soft texture makes typing comfortable.

  • A design is the most popular type of touch screen keypad because it has outstanding durability, sensitivity, and visual appeal. We offer a wide range of silicone rubber keypads for mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices.

  • Besides using high-quality silicone material, we carefully select the most suitable size and type of keys for our customers’ needs. Our keypads are made from the best materials available on the market and are guaranteed not to crack or break.

  • We also ensure that the keypads are easy to clean and that there is no corrosion when exposed to water or moisture.

  • Silicone rubber has several applications ranging from industrial items to medical gadgets. Because of its endurance, it is often utilized as an alternate material for keyboards.

  • Silicone rubber is a polymer composed of silicon atoms held together by oxygen atoms.


It can be used as a keyboard, remote control, or input device, among other things. A silicone rubber keypad design is a simple method to include a touch screen in your gadget. It is also extremely tough and waterproof. The rubber keypads are utilized in touch screen devices such as cellphones, tablets, and laptop computers. Other applications include the use of a non-conductive silicone rubber keypad. NICEONE KEYPAD has produced rubber keypads that may be used for security and decoration. It is an excellent method to discriminate between your phone and tablet. If you are wary of replacing old keys that have become damaged due to water or dirt, you should choose a silicone rubber keypad over others. As a result, you may easily set it wherever you like. Our website is to provide you with high-quality things at reasonable prices. Consider them your items’ remote control. Get yours right away!


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