Niceone-Keypad product style

06 Dec, 2022

By hqt


In order to let customers know the production capacity of Niceone-Keypad more conveniently, our team wrote a product produced by Niceone-Keypad —–

1. Nameplate, Faceplates, Control Panels.

2. Membrane Switches, Membrane Keypad, Membrane Panel

3. Graphic Overlay, Label and Membrane Overlay

4. Silicone Rubber Keypad

Nameplate,Faceplates,Control Panels.

Due to the continuous efforts of Niceone-Keypad, we provide various types of unique Nameplate,Faceplates,Control Panels.

Function: Operating instructions, warning of danger, listing data, instructions, nameplate decorative lights.

Manufacturing method: etching, Resin Dome, Screen printing, etc.

Material: Polycarbonate, Acrylic, Copper, Aluminum and Stainless Steel etc.

2.Membrane Switches,Membrane Keypad,Membrane Panel.

As the most common HMI design on industrial equipment, its reliability and plasticity are much higher than conventional mechanical switches. At the same time, with the efforts of the Niceone-Keypad team, various styles have been designed.

Style: Tactile and Non-Tactile, Dead Front, ESD/RFI, Digital Printing and Backlight, etc.

Production process: prototyping, screen printing or digital printing, laser cutting, die cutting, etc.

Materials: Polyester, Polycarbonate, 3M adhesive, DT Adhesive, connector and Metal Dome, etc.

3.Graphic Overlay,Label and Membrane Overlay

Professional design is required to form combinations of a range of materials, colours, textures and embossings. This is designed to present a product of great utility as well as aesthetics.

Style: Operating Instructions, Deadfront, Interface Solutions, etc.

Production process: Screen printing or Digital Printing, front or back bonding. Transparent materials can also be printed with colored windows, Embossing, variable code printing.

Material:PC, PET, acrylic, stainless steel, etc.

4.Silicone Rubber Keypad

The button has a 3D three-dimensional feel, and at the same time is very durable, and it has good tolerance to chemical substances and physical products:

Style: backlight type, PU and hand oil characteristics, can be combined with Membrane Switch, o-ring form, color block combination, etc.

Material: 20-80A silicone, etc.


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