What is Phosphorescence Membrane Switch?

18 Mar, 2022

By hqt

What is Phosphorescence Membrane Switch
What is Phosphorescence Membrane Switch
What is Phosphorescence Membrane Switch

Phosphorescence Membrane Switch is a design printed on the back of the Overlay using phosphorescent powder and ink. While it has all the product features of Membrane Switch, it can absorb light sources and continue to emit light in the dark after a period of time. The duration is about 3-10 minutes depending on the brightness of the light. According to their characteristics, some industrial products use such products and are very popular.

What are the main industries in which it is used?

The main products used are navigation equipment, medical equipment, agricultural equipment and so on.

What’s the difference with the Backlight Membrane Switch design?

The light source of the Backlight Membrane Switch comes from the inside, but the light source of the Phosphorescence Membrane Switch is to reflect the light in the dark night by absorbing the external light source through the phosphor.

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