What is a Polydome membrane switch?

25 Nov, 2022

By hqt

There are many different types of Membrane Switch on the market, and they will be used in different scenarios due to different designs. Today we would like to introduce the Polydome Membrane Switch to you. One of its important features is that the Polydome Design has no Metal Dome under the line, so this type of membrane Switch is also called Polydome Membrane Switch or PET switch or Polydome Switch.

Polydome membrane switch

What is the definition of Polydome Membrane Switch?

Polydome Membrane Switch generally prints silver dots on the fixed layer of the structure or the back of the top layer and embossed polyester. This is generally referred to as the top-level line in the structure. Or not only the silver dots but also the lines are printed under the fixed layer. In terms of the shape design and size of the Polydome of the Polydome Membrane Switch, there are more shapes to choose from, and the shape design and size will have different effects on the Tactile Feedback. It will also have a different impact on lifespan.

What are the advantages of Polydome Membrane switch?

1. It can be driven without a large load.

2. The cost is relatively lower, and the sensitivity is not bad. But the mold cost is relatively high.

3. Because of getting rid of the limitation of Metal Dome and combining the characteristics of polyester material, the product has the opportunity to reach millions of times without loss of function.

4. Easy to clean and durable while removing Metal Dome. Membrane switches of the Metal Dome type undergo Metal Dome deflection with use.

5. A denser keyboard input profile.

6. Less noise

What are the advantages of the Polydome Membrane Switch made by Niceone-Keypad?

1. First of all, there are many types of conductive inks we choose, and different solutions can be given according to the user’s needs and cost requirements.

2. There are also many choices of panel materials, such as F150, EBG130, EBG180 and other famous foreign polyester brands, as well as 3M adhesive and so on. The right choice can even allow the product to be used normally at -20 degrees Celsius to 80 degrees without product problems.

3. 7 days fast delivery time.

4. Very competitive price, because we customize a large number of automation equipment, we can reduce a lot of labor costs.

5. The appearance of the Resin Dome type can be customized to make the product more aesthetic.

6. Customized backlight polydome membrane switch form.

There are generally two structural designs of Polydome Membrane Switch:

1. The simplest Polydome Membrane Switch that can be completed by printing conductive lines on the back of the panel and a four-layer structure

2. Polydome Membrane Switch has a structure of this type of upper and lower lines

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