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22 Jul, 2022

By hqt

What is meant by a silicone rubber membrane keypad switch?

A rubber membrane keyboard is an electronic device that uses a rubber membrane as its input mechanism. It consists of a keyboard made from silicone rubber or other elastomeric material. It has many advantages over different types of keyboards. A silicone rubber membrane keypad switch is a slider key switch with higher than average mechanical durability. This membrane keypad switch is one of the most popular items for customized membrane switches because of its practical application, popular appearance, and leading reliability. They offer a wide range of tactile feedback options, including click, dimple, or linear. 

Also known as:

  • They are also known as touchpads or touchscreens.

  • They are also known as push button switches or membrane switches.


Rubber membrane switches have been around since the early days of electronics. They are still used today. They were initially designed as a replacement for mechanical keyboards. They are also known as membrane switches because they use a layer of rubber between the keys and the circuit board.

Working mechanism:

This switch consists of two layers of rubber membrane separated by a thin layer of plastic. When the Switch button on the silicone rubber membrane keypad switch is touched from above, the angle web deforms to generate tactile feedback, allowing the bottom carbon dots, silver dots, and gold dots to make contact with the bottom PCB, PET, or FPC conductive dots. The product function can then be accomplished. The Web will recover when the pressure is lifted, the conductive particles will detach from the line, and the closure will be annulled. If the silicone button has no conductive particles, the conduction point will most likely be located at the product’s bottom. Silver and gold dots have lower resistance than carbon dots and are more commonly employed in clinical uses. These switches are widely found on cellphones, laptop keyboards, and other portable electronic devices.

Different types of silicone rubber membrane keypad switches:

These switches have proven reliable, durable, and easy to install. There are different types of rubber membrane keypad switches as follows in the given below:

  • Rubber dome switches:

They are presently the most prevalent keyboard switch mechanism. Rubber dome switches complete a circuit by utilizing rubber covers pressed down. Their primary benefit is that they are far less expensive than mechanical switches. Rubber dome switches are silent and provide a variety of feelings.

  • Push buttons switches:

This button is a new kind of button switch. It has a rubber membrane on top of the buttons and a metal plate underneath. This membrane keypad switch is made from rubber material and is easy to operate. When you push the button on a silicone rubber keypad, the webbing element deforms, and the switch’s electrical contact makes contact with the PCB contact. When this happens, the silicone rubber keypad recognizes and records the motion as a button push.

  • Slide switches:

This is a slide type of switch with a rubber membrane. It has a lovely feel. This is an easy way to build a keyboard. A mechanical switch known as a slide switch allows control of a circuit’s current that flows with no need to splice or cut wire. It glides from the open (off) to the closed (on) state.

Applications of silicone rubber membrane keypad switch in various fields:

  • This silicone rubber membrane keypad switch is frequently used in many applications and models in industrial, cellular, storage battery, and military system.

  • The industrial rubber membrane keypad switch is widely used in the military system, such as for military computers, command centers, and strategic missiles.

  • The membrane keypad switch is applied to the membrane keyboard in which the rubber membrane is built into the frame, such as mobile phones.

  • This membrane keypad switch features a compact structure, beautiful appearance, and good pressing feeling. It is widely applied in TV sets, monitors, desktop computers, and other electrical appliances.

  • Rubber membrane keypad switches are used in many electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

  • Rubber membrane switches are commonly used on telephones, calculators, and computers. 

  • Rubber membrane switches are commonly found in consumer electronics such as cell phones, gaming devices, remote controls, etc. These switches can be made from various materials, including silicone, polyester, and silicon.

Critical features of silicone rubber membrane keypad switch:

These switches have some fantastic features that other switches do not offer. They are also durable and won’t break down like traditional switches. A rubber membrane switch has two contacts separated by a thin rubber membrane. When the membrane is depressed, the contacts touch each other. Membrane switches are often used for radio volume controls, and cassette players are made from a rubber material. It has a very soft feel.

  • Long-life keypad switches:

This good-quality silicone rubber membrane keypad switch ensures long life and reliability. Their rugged design ensures years of reliable operation. 

  • Easy to clean:

They have several advantages over mechanical switches, like being more durable, less likely to wear out, and easier to clean.  

  • Affordable price:

These rubber membrane switches are also generally cheaper than their mechanical counterparts.

  • Requires less maintenance:

Rubber membrane keypad switches are often preferred over traditional mechanical keyboards because they require less maintenance and are more durable.

  • Excellent choice:

These membrane switches are made from silicone rubber, which makes them an excellent choice for high-volume applications where reliability is critical.

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