The materials and waterproof function of china backlight membrane switch panel

28 Jun, 2022

By hqt

What is meant by a China backlight membrane switch panel?

China backlight membrane switch panel are used in LCD panels as they have high brightness and low power consumption. These panels are designed by experts and they are manufactured according to strict quality control standards. We offer a wide range of products including LED backlights, LCDs, touch screens, and backlights Membranes are made from high-quality materials and have an excellent performance.

History of membrane switch:

Membrane switches have a 50-year history going back to 1970. When the first Membrane switch was formally introduced in 1970, it was merely improved to improve the product’s look. The panel was connected to the switch, resulting in a basic Membrane switch. The product is inexpensive, however, it is neither long-lasting nor sturdy. Because the product’s original positioning is to modify its look, even though the appearance of the membrane switch is more attractive than that of a standard mechanical keyboard, it is a non-tactile membrane switch with no tactile feedback. Product failure is common. Because the material is standard polycarbonate, the product will break and even wear as people utilize it. At the time, users had more options. From 1984 to 2008, the durability of traditional membrane switches was enhanced, and mechanical switches and mechanical keyboards were gradually replaced in many industries. Adhesive and film material in Membrane switch form a complete sealing ring, making it waterproof and dustproof Backlight membrane switch panels are used in many different applications such as lighting, and signage.

Support Panels for Membrane Switches:

Membrane switches are frequently used in conjunction with back panels to offer stiffness to electrical and control panels. Membrane switches are occasionally not bonded at the bottom but are made of stiff boards such as FR4, AL, stainless steel, acrylic, polycarbonate, and ABS. The crucial thing to remember is that the membrane switch panel will be somewhat bigger than the back plate and will not fit entirely. The back plate material that is most typically used is AL.

Which materials are used in the China backlight membrane switch panel?

At room temperature, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is resistant to acids, alkalis, and salts. Good abrasion resistance, self-extinguishing flame retardant, noise reduction, shock absorption, and electrical insulation. Thermal stability is poor. Sand surface polyester (PET), with high chemical resistance, is insoluble in most organic solvents, and alkali intolerant. Among thermoplastics, it possesses good mechanical, electrical, rigidity, hardness, and maximal toughness, as well as minimal water absorption, great wear, and friction resistance, and high dimensional stability. Tensile strength is equivalent to aluminum film, which is significantly more than PC and PVC. Low-cost Textured PET is more costly since the surface is difficult to convert into a matt kind. It is the best substrate for fabricating membrane switch circuits. Textured PET, for example, is appropriate for items with high surface needs or with a liquid crystal display window.

Daily uses of China backlight membrane switch panel:

  • To provide energy savings, LEDs can also be used as light sources to illuminate areas around homes or offices.
  • Find out why the China backlight membrane switch panel is one of the most popular LED bulbs on the market today

Waterproof function of China backlight membrane switch panel:

1. The waterproof membrane switch’s sealing

The major characteristic is that a waterproof insulating layer is deposited on the conducting circuit surface, preventing direct contact between the electrical circuit and the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer. Furthermore, the membrane switch does not open holes within 5mm of the electrical lines connecting the top and bottom circuit surfaces, and the interlayer ventilation holes are not accessible to the outside world.

 2. Waterproof membrane switches are both waterproof and moisture-proof

The condition in which the conductive line’s insulation resistance is reduced due to moisture absorption by the adhesive layer and moisture entering the circuit. As a result, the waterproof membrane switch has improved waterproof and moisture-proof properties.

3. A robust waterproof membrane switch with a powerful waterproof function

The membrane switch is built of high-performance waterproof materials, allowing it to work in a 95 percent humid atmosphere without fear of rain and tough settings.

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Discover some interesting facts about these panel switches:

China backlight membrane switch panel is an innovative product developed by China It has been awarded as one of the most promising products in 2017. The development history of backlight membrane switches is traced from the 1990s to today. It is worth mentioning that the initial application was a projection screen. Over recent years, membrane switches have gradually expanded their market share. And they are still popular because of their good performance, affordable price, and high quality. China backlight membrane switch panel are thin-film electroluminescent displays used for backlighting applications such as LCD screens, signage, and computer monitors. It’s important to know about these panels because they are used in many different types of devices. You may be wondering what a backlight membrane switch is. It’s a light sensor that uses an LED as its source of illumination.


Many people today prefer LED displays over fluorescent lights because they are brighter, longer-lasting, and cheaper. A backlight membrane switch panel is an important part of a computer monitor. It controls the brightness of the screen.  The China backlight membrane switch panel is an innovative technology that makes room lighting more efficient.  This panel is an essential component of a high brightness liquid crystal display. There has been a rapid development in the electronic industry, especially in the field of light-emitting diode technology. NICEONE KEYPAD as a manufacturer of membrane switches believes that this is not the end. The team will comprehend the client’s product application direction and budget spending, and then provide the customer with the most appropriate product draught design. In the future, we also believe that with the revolution of technology and materials, we can even produce membrane switches with a lifetime of 10 million cycles, which can be used in more extreme environments.


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