The silicone rubber membrane switches are so popular among people

24 Aug, 2022

By hqt

What are silicone rubber membrane switches?

The angle we will bend to generate tactile feedback when the Switch button on the silicone rubber membrane switches keypad is pressed from above, causing the bottom carbon dots, silver dots, and gold dots to make contact with the bottom PCB, PET, or FPC conductive dots. The product function can then be achieved after that. The closure will be terminated when the pressure is withdrawn because the Web will recover, and the conductive particles will split from the line.

Introduction of Membrane switch:

The majority of membrane switches are built simply yet effectively. The electrical contacts that come together on the switch’s many membranes give it fundamental functioning. When the switch is depressed, the system’s two poles contact, closing the circuit, and the command is transmitted. The connection between the poles is severed as soon as you remove the switch, which becomes open. Shrapnel will probably serve as the product’s conduction point if there are no conductive particles in the silicone button. Silver and gold dots have less resistance than carbon dots and are more frequently employed in medical applications.

Why is the membrane switch so well-liked?

Water Resistant: Besides being simple to clean, most of the Membrane Switch’s construction has an IP65 or higher rating. The design of the Membrane Switch and the choice of materials are mostly responsible for the degree of IP.

  • Modification: 

Membrane switches may be completely modified to satisfy the various demands of users.

  • Small size:

A membrane switch’s thickness is often no more than 1.5 mm. Conserve a lot of space.

  • Reliability:

Membrane switches can withstand even the harshest environments, and with the right design and prolonged usage, their functionality may be guaranteed to remain unchanged.

Reasons to Select Silicone-Rubber membrane:

  • Compared to other materials, silicone-rubber membranes are very soft and cozy to operate. Silicone rubber is soft and springy, in contrast to other materials that are rigid and challenging to work with.

  • It’s also important to note that silicone-rubber membranes are temperature resistant. Silicone rubber can resist severe temperatures whether they are utilized in hot or cold areas without suffering harm. They are therefore a standard option in manufacturing facilities or assembly lines where heat is prevalent.

  • Silicone rubber keypad membrane switches also generate tactile feedback. Studies have demonstrated that tactile feedback increases typing accuracy. Therefore this is crucial. 

  • Keypads may be built from a variety of materials, including silicone rubber. Plastic is yet another preferred material. But only silicone rubber has this material’s soft feel. Perhaps, for this reason, silicone rubber is becoming the material of choice for keypads among so many mechanical engineers.

Why does rubber so well-liked?

Excellent physical and chemical characteristics, including long-lasting outdoor usage without cracking, cold and heat fatigue resistance, weather resistance, moisture resistance, ozone resistance, and antibacterial and UV radiation performance. Super-stretch resists pressure well and does not deform under pressure. Price reductions Buttons made of silicone rubber are less expensive per unit, but mould costs are more expensive. The product is delivered more quickly when the mould is finished in line with mass manufacturing.

Digital printing membrane switch welfares:

  • It may be produced in bulk and at a significantly lower cost.

  • Colors may be used to create gradients, 3D graphics, textures, and other things. Silkscreen printing is insufficient.

  • The size of colour printing is greater, and the substrate’s dimensions or form does not constrain it.

  • After printing, Digital Printing Membrane Switch still requires extra silk screening. The thickness of the product at this moment, silk screen printing must be employed as the overlay colour from digital printing is currently not thick enough and transparent.

Standard Characteristics of Silicone Rubber membrane switches:

  • Board of Printed Circuits (PCB):

A circuit layer is used in the creation of every Silicone Rubber Keypad. The circuit layer of your device may be compared to the brains that enable the keypad to work. These are normally hard printed circuit boards, or PCBs, although they can also be made using flexible copper flex circuits.
The switches in the keypad won’t turn on until the pressure is given to the electronics inside each button, which is delayed by an inert layer. The layer’s circuits will be finished once pressure is applied, enabling the keypad to operate as required. The circuitry will be unfinished once the button is released, rendering the functionality of the pushed button inoperable.

  • Lighting: 

Another major element of many Silicone Rubber membrane switches is lighting. So many different businesses employ silicone rubber keypads. Unsurprisingly, some keypads would require the integration of a lighting component for the product to be seen in low-light conditions.
Backlighting may be included in the design of your device to highlight the keypad icons, making it clear to the user in any environment what each button does.

  • High Robustness: 

Silicone Rubber Keypads are well renowned for their high durability. They will provide your goods durability for a long time. They are resistant to dampness, chemicals, and harsh weather. As a result, they can withstand years of usage and abuse, making them the ideal design for your product.


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