What makes oem silicone rubber keypad so special?

29 Jun, 2022

By hqt

What is the oem silicone rubber keyboard?

The term OEM stands for an original equipment manufacturer.  It is also referred to as OEK or OEM. Manufacturers use this phrase to denote original equipment such as automotive parts or household appliances. In the case of keyboards, they are computer buttons. They were created and tested by the computer’s maker. The majority of our items are created to the original manufacturer’s specifications. We take a great effort to ensure that these parameters meet or surpass the original manufacturers’ requirements. These OEM rubber keypads are well-known and frequently utilized. They are also known as rubber keys or rubber dome switches. They are long-lasting and dependable and are of great quality and simple to use. The OEM silicone rubber keyboard is divided into two pieces. The base plate is one, while the cover is another.


oem (Original Equipment Manufacturer) history dates back to the early days of automotive manufacture. OEM is now widely employed in the automobile sector as well as other industries. They are often known as an original equipment manufacturer or original equipment provider.  Nowadays, many companies sell their products online but they don’t have a manufacturing facility so they outsource their production to other companies who do manufacture their products.

Design overlay:

The design of the oem silicone rubber keypad has been considerably enhanced by adopting a new injection molding method. It lightens the keyboard while increasing its strength. These rubber keypads are more robust than ever before thanks to the innovative design. You may rest confident that these items are built to last. Designing a computer keyboard is an important task because keyboards are used in almost all computers and laptops. We have designed a new type of silicone rubber keypad to replace the conventional plastic keypads on desktop computers and laptop keyboards. These keypads are the same size as the original, but the keys are substantially smaller. As a result, they are both comfortable and simple to use. They are excellent not only for many types of automobiles but also for other electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets. These silicone keypads are a necessary component of any office or corporate setting. They offer a long-lasting and dependable solution for your keyboard requirements. If your keyboard has a lot of keys, a silicone rubber keypad is an excellent option. It has a high level of durability and long-term performance. In electronics, an oem is an entity that designs and builds electronic devices, including computers and mobile phones.  We have different types of plastic material like PC, ABS, etc. then we have silicone rubber which is used as an outer coating of a product.

How does it work?

When we talk about oem silicone rubber keypad, we mean those small keys on the keyboard that allow us to type faster. They are usually made up of two parts; the top part has a silicon rubber base and the bottom part has a printed circuit board. This is a popular choice among users who are looking to buy a replacement keyboard for their laptops. It is mainly used as an input device.

What are the different types of oem silicone rubber keypad available?

They are usually made from silicone material.  In other words, the company that designed and built the device. Silicone keyboards are the most popular choice among computer users. There are two main types of oem silicone keypads:

  • one is a membrane-type:

Membrane type of rubber keypads is made from high-quality materials, which ensures long service life. It is an important component in the manufacturing process of these devices. You may have seen them on smartphones or other gadgets.

  • another one is a push-button type:

It is an advanced technology used to control various electronic devices such as computers, TV, DVD player, etc. It has been widely applied to many fields like industrial automation,

The membrane-type keypad is more popular than the other one because of its better tactile feedback. The material of oem silicone rubber product is very common and easy to fabricate. 


The material used as the core of the keyboard is silicone rubber. This material is the most commonly used material at present. Silicone rubber has excellent properties such as high elasticity, abrasion resistance, heat resistance, high chemical stability, etc. It is widely used in various industries. Other than silicone rubber, other conductive materials that can be used as the core of a keyboard are as follows:

1. Black Carbon Compounds and Graphite Pads

2. Printing Fluid with Electrical Conductivity

3. Metal Cover

4. Golden Pills and Copper Sheets

5.  Nickel Pills

6. Silver powder and other additives

What are the advantages of the oem silicone rubber keyboard over other keyboards?

  • The Oem Silicone Rubber Keypad features a strong design and is comprised of long-lasting materials. It’s also simple to clean and maintain.
  • Because of its longevity, simplicity of installation, and resistance to water damage, silicone keypads are becoming increasingly popular.
  •  It has many advantages, such as being lightweight, high strength, good elasticity, etc. They are widely used in electronic products such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, computers, other portable devices, etc.
  •  They are widely used in the automotive industry and electronic products.
  • They are very popular among people because of their beautiful appearance and excellent performance.
  • They are widely used in various industries such as food & beverage, medical, automotive, electronics, and so on.


An oem silicone rubber keypad is a great choice if you are looking for a durable keyboard and want a high-quality rubber keypad. Well, here’s one for you! Our objective has always been to serve our consumers with the greatest goods and services possible. It has held up great through the years NICEONE KEYPAD has an expert team of professionals who manufacture these products using high-grade raw materials, they are highly durable and long-lasting. To ensure the quality of the product, we have strict quality control standards. . You will be pleased and satisfied after purchasing this product.


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