What are 5 button membrane keypads?

25 Mar, 2022

By hqt

Firstly, without a doubt, professional 5 button membrane keypad is a great addition to any case. The device acquires in its character, and at the same time increases its functionality. They are made of specially prepared films, most often polyester.

5 button membrane keypads

 Subsequently, thanks to this, membrane keypads are resistant to chemicals and the unusual mechanical resistance of the material guarantees at least 5 million keystrokes of the integrated keys.

Membrane keypads and membrane facades

Moreover, an additional advantage is that the 5 button membrane keypad is watertight, i.e. it is resistant to damage caused by water or dust. The applied graphics are visible through a thick shell, so it will remain resistant to mechanical damage for a long time, such as scratches or a print curtain during the operation of the product.

 The production technology makes it possible to customize the keypad to the individual specifics of individual devices, not only in terms of the applied graphics, but also in terms of key overprinting designs, color, film material, as well as the shape of the design itself. 

5 button membrane keypads have outstanding durability, resistance to mechanical damage and harsh working conditions.

5 button membrane keypad properties

Decorative film material – polyester film modify with a thickness of 150 to 200 microns

In addition, the inscription is on the inside (visible through the thickness of the film) according to the RAL or Pantone palette. As well as, the inscription is resistant to friction, scratches and washing with detergents and many chemicals. Decorative film embossing – in three basic forms: spherical, horizontal or contour.

Display windows – transparent, frosted or with color filter Key construction – flat, with metal membrane, polyester membrane, embossed film facades. As well as, tracks and pads -‘made of silver paste,   minimum width 0.5mm, minimum gap 0.7mm

How can we build LCD diodes into the keypad?

The proposed 5 button membrane keypad will allow you to achieve a modern design and ensure the reliability of your device. Moreover, the company offers its customers a wide range of keypads with different specifications, functionality and design.

The modern materials uses allow us to vary almost any parameters of the keypad: dimensions, electrical circuit, color scheme, number of keys and their location, the ability to use a tactile effect, the appearance of the panel.

Types of Membrane, film keypads

5 button membrane keypad dimensions location and number of keys, color scheme, windows for displays and indicators, built-in CMD elements, electrical circuit – on request. Furthermore, on the inside of the front film, a multi-colored pattern applies with the image of keys and special characters.

 Eventually, the outer side is resistant to abrasion and aggressive environments. On the inside of the keypads there is an adhesive layer for mounting on the instrument case.

Design and technological standards

Graphics and fonts

  • The minimum thickness5 button membrane keypad for free lines is 0.1 mm.
  • The minimum font size is 1 mm.
  • Any fonts in vector form.
  • Designate the location of transparent windows for displays and indicators, as well as through holes.
  • Please provide logos and trademarks only in vector form — CDR.  Corel Draw (Corel Draw) .

Color solution
Please note that the color applies to the film may differ from the color that the customer sees on paper, plastic or metal. In order to avoid misunderstandings, we recommend that you make several color samples on our films before putting it into the product.

Dimensions and clearances for keypad design

  • The standard use 5 button membrane keypad size is 10*10mm or 11*11mm.*
  • The minimum distance between the keys is 2-3mm.
  • Moreover, the minimum distance from the edge of the keys to the edge of the cable exit is 5 mm.
  • The minimum distance from the edge of the keypad to the cable exit is 5 mm.
  • Accordingly, the minimum distance from the edge of the keys to the edge of the keypad on the cable exit side is 12.5 mm.
  • *When serial ordering for membrane keypads6*6;7*7;8*8;12*12;14*14.

 Windows for displays and LEDs

  • The minimum diameter of the through hole is 1mm.
  • All non-circular through holes require additional die cutting costs.
  • The minimum transparent window diameter for LEDs is 1.5 mm.
  • Windows for displays can be tinted with transparent paint or film, the color of the tonnage requires additional approval.
  • In places of windows for displays, it is possible to provide different transparency-readability for Different types of displays.
5 button membrane keypads 2022

Wiring diagram and cable

In fact, almost any key switching scheme can implement in5 button membrane keypad (all independent, all on a common wire, matrix, and combinations thereof), however, it is not always possible to maintain the specified order of the loop contacts. By default, the cable pin spacing is 1.27 mm. arbitrary step is possible on request. 

The cable cannot exit at the location of the keys, windows for displays and indicators. For membrane and 5 button membrane keypad or membrane covers, In addition, it is possible to mold keys of any shape with a height of 0.2 – 0.7 mm.

Benefits of tactile effect

Provides a tactile feel for key actuation and makes working with a 5 button membrane keypad more comfortable. Tactile keys have different travel when pressed and a click when the keys actuate.

The technology bases on the use of a metal membrane. The 5 button membrane keypad installs under the front film and at the same time serves as the closing element of the contact group. When the key is pressed, the membrane bends and closes the contact group. This creates a tactile sensation similar to that of a micro switch.

In the places of the keys, the front film can be molded to a height of 0.2-0.6 mm.

Recommendations for use

On the inside of the 5 button membrane keypad and decorative front films, an adhesive layer applies, covered with a protective paper or film impregnated with silicone. The adhesive layer uses for mounting keypads on the product case and has good initial and final adhesion to all types of plastics and metals.

In addition, the surfaces to be glued must be thoroughly degreased, cleaned of dirt and dust. Painted surfaces must cure for a week before applying the film. Moderate heating with pressure increases the bonding strength.


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