The Ultimate Guide to Touch screen panel membrane keypad switch

25 Mar, 2022

By hqt

Firstly, a touch screen panel membrane keypad switch is an electronic keypad made of flexible material, which is a flat surface on which images of all elements of a classic keypad are silk-screened.

Touch screen panel membrane keypad switch

Such a keypad is made of three thin layers, no thicker than a regular sheet of paper. As well as, the extreme layers are equipped with conductive keypad tracks; the third layer locates between the extreme ones and isolates them from each other. In those places where the keypad buttons are located, the insulating layer has cutouts. 

Pros of a flexible keypad

  • compactness, flexibility;
  • low cost;
  • reliability, non-susceptibility to external influences;
  • Minimum thickness (fractions of a millimeter).

Advantages of touch screen panel membrane keypad switch

Touch screen panel membrane keypad switch widely use in a variety of areas: in the installation of specialized equipment, in consumer electronics, in equipment for control systems. Eventually, this demand is due to the fact that membrane keypads are highly sensitive components of low switching power. Further, this property makes membrane keypads ideal switches in microprocessor electronics.

Moreover, flexible keypads are actively replacing keypad and electro-mechanical switches from all kinds of electronic devices in various industries: medicine, household appliances, defense industry, various automated control systems, computer peripherals, etc.

Characteristics of membrane keypad switch

Touch screen panel membrane keypad switch, in addition to specifying the scope and conditions for further operation, have the opportunity to receive an individual solution for the following characteristics:

  • keypad dimensions;
  • product material;
  • size and number of keys;
  • LEDs;
  • sound signal when a key is pressed;
  • visualization of the membrane surface;
  • the use of light;
  • the required electrical circuit;
  • Windows for the location of indicators.

Manufacturing of membrane keypads

Secondly, the Masters Kaya KS Company models and manufactures touch screen panel membrane keypad switch of a wide variety of configurations. We manufacture custom-made membrane keypads, as well as apply the image by screen printing, even when ordering a single run. Eventually, our company offers to order high quality products at an inexpensive price.

For the production of touch screen panel membrane keypad switch and front panels, PET films with different properties and surfaces uses:

  • Glossy films resistant to abrasion
  • Standard matte films
  • Films with metal surface imitation
  • Films with Soft Touch effect (“soft” to the touch).
  • Films with antimicrobial effect
  • Matte films for outdoor performance UHL1

 Films for full color printing

Furthermore, we prepare a special catalog, which includes all the films we use, printed in black, blue and white, mirror silver, plus we left a section of clean plastic without printing.

You can order this catalog absolutely FREE, for this you just need to fill out the form and indicate the address where to send the catalog.


In addition, we participate in touch screen panel membrane keypad switch development, Circuitry, assembly design, graphic design, test samples, individual solutions, R&D.



In addition, a well-design and well-made membrane keypad is a very reliable product. The resource of our keypads, depending on the design, is up to 5 million keystrokes.


LED backlighting, 7-segment displays, light sensors, LED matrix drivers, current drivers, microcontrollers and other options can be built into the keypad.


It is an antimicrobial, antistatic and antiglare with increases resistance to external influences UV radiation chemicals.


Moreover, touch screen panel membrane keypad switch bases on multilayer hybrid film PET boards, including double-sided ones. Moreover, this allows the realization of very complex products, with a dense arrangement of a large number of keys, LEDs and other built-in components.

Types of industrial adhesive tapes

Adhesive tapes (Transfer Tape) with a thickness of 50 to 130 microns;

Each of the indicated types of adhesive tapes can have options for the type of adhesive layer (acrylic, rubber, silicone, etc.), which makes the tape aimed at a certain range of tasks. Subsequently, together with the range of materials from which the body of the device can be made, a large number of possible combinations are obtained.

In order to securely fix the product (keypad, front panel, etc.) during the entire service life of the touch screen panel membrane keypad switch, it is necessary to understand and fulfill a number of conditions:

How adhesion forces form?

1) Adhesion is provided by the forces of interatomic interaction of two media – glue and mating surface. This means that the interaction takes place at the molecular level. As well as, the choice of the type of adhesive layer should be carried out taking into account the properties of the surface (plastic, paint, etc.).

Eventually, this is especially important if the case is made of a non-standard material with special properties. Such materials may contain various chemical additives, reinforcing fibers, etc.

Touch screen panel membrane keypad switch 2022

2) Resistance to operational impacts

It must be taken into account that the operation of the touch screen panel membrane keypad switch will last more than one year and during this time the adhesive layer may exposes to factors.

Such as temperature extremes, UV radiation, humidity, exposure to chemicals (including components migrating from the body material) and others. Eventually, the adhesive layer is not resistant to these influences; it begins to age, losing its viscoelastic properties. This leads to a decrease in adhesion and delamination of the product.

3) Surface quality OF touch screen panel membrane keypad switch has a great importance

 The surface must be flat, smooth and firm, i.e. ensure the maximum area of ​​the adhesive joint and not collapse during operation. Subsequently, if the surface has a texture, then the thickness of the adhesive layer must be increased to fill its relief. Otherwise, the contact area (we read, the value of adhesion) will be, at best, 25% of the possible.

4) The installation technology of membrane keypad switch

Moreover, we must be strictly observed during the assembly process. The key requirements here are pressure and purity.

Touch screen panel membrane keypad switch is requirement of cleanliness refers to the surface (dry, clean, free from grease) and the adhesive layer, which must not be contaminating after the protective liner has removes.

The configuration of the adhesive layer can be almost any. In addition, to adhesive tapes, we also use printed adhesive layers (especially for complex configurations).


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