A-Z guide about silicone rubber switch

As technology is getting advanced day by day, people are more inclined toward products that are easy to use, durable, and offer high performance. Silicone rubber switches are very popular these days as customers or consumers are using them in many applications.

What is a silicone rubber switch?

A silicone rubber switch is an electronic switch that is coated with silicone rubber; it is used in many electronic applications such as TV remotes, computers, laptops, phones, gaming toys like remote controllers, etc. It has been widely applied in various fields due to its excellent performance.

Features of silicone switch:

Here are some features of silicon rubber keypads:

  • Water and chemical resistance
  • Tactile button
  • PCB
  • Lighting
  • Long-lasting quality

Properties of silicone switch:

As we all know that silicon is an insulator which means that there is no chance of getting an electric shock, plus it is also water and dust-resistant due to coating, due to this they are preferable in electronic appliances.

Things to consider before buying a silicone switch:

Here are the most important factors that you must consider or check before making a payment:

  • Graphics:
    Always check for graphics, whether you want to use the switch button on the remote of your TV or the remote controller of your Xbox; you should check how visible and clear the graphics on the silicon button is. As if the button has low-quality graphics, you will not be able to identify the keypad button; hence you might end up pressing 2 instead of 5.

  • Backlighting:
    these switch rubber buttons come with led and backlighting, so if you want a cool and attractive keypad check for the type of lead used in the button, led lights produce less heat and are energy efficient and durable.

  • Quietness:
    Silicon rubbers are quieter than other buttons, hence if you are sick of noisy buttons, always check for the sound the button produces when you press or click it.

  • Radius of corners:
    As buttons have a corner, some people prefer a round corner button, whereas most of them choose a square corner button as they believe it produces less noise and is easier to use

How does a silicone rubber switch work?

The working mechanism of this switch is very easy and simple. There are carbon particles, silver circuits, silicone gel particles, and a metal dome under the silicon coating on rubber. When someone presses the switch button, the carbon particles come in contact with the gold-plated circuit and that vibration causes the metal dome to function.

Where can you get a silicone rubber switch?

You can get the best silicon switch from one of the best-certified manufacturers, NICEONE-KEYPAD, as we provide different kinds of silicon rubber switches according to customers’ requirements to improve the quality of products; we have developed new types of silicone rubber keypads. Our company has passed 40+ certifications.

Let us tell you about our best silicon rubber keypad, its features, and its advantages.

Product name of silicone rubber keypad:

The most popular and common products are:

  • Silicon rubber keypad with pills or metal pills
  • Multi molding colors silicon rubber keypad
  • Laser Engraving Silicone Rubber Keypad For night Design
  • P+R technique Silicone Rubber Keypad
  • Silicone Rubber Membrane Keypad

Why choose silicon switch keypads?

You’ll probably be wondering why you should buy silicon rubber switches from us, as there are many companies offering them; here are some benefits of our silicon keypads:

  • Affordable:
    Silicon is a material that is cheap and easily available at lower rates. So you don’t need to make a huge investment in purchasing a silicon switch.

  • Water and dustproof:
    The one major advantage is that it is both water and dust resistant as they are the biggest enemies of electronic devices, so you don’t have to worry about water and dust; hence it also makes it easier to clean and maintain.

  • Durability:
    The silicon switches are durable and last longer. If you are also eager to buy a product that is durable, reliable, and has a longer life span, you should get your silicon keypad from us. Our keypads are fire, water, and dust resistant and can also resist high temperatures easily.

  • Customize design:
    The best benefit of buying a silicon switch from us is that we can customize it according to your needs, other manufacturers do not give this facility to their customers, but as we value our customers we provide them with personalized customization of design.

  • Harsh chemical resistance:
    It is resistant to harsh chemicals and UV rays like HCL, methane, Ethel, etc.

  • Buttons of silicon switch keypads:
    The silicon switch buttons come in different shapes and sizes, but we have buttons in six shapes which include: Double Cone, Double Bell, Flat Bell, Flat Cone, Single Cone, and Single Bell.

Why you should trust us?

  • We are the factory that produces the best quality Membrane Switch, Silicone Rubber Keypad.

  • We are bonafide

  • We offer a refund and return policy that lasts for 30 days after purchase.

  • We also offer an exchange policy

  • we provide a worldwide delivery service

  • Our design department has experienced professionals that work day and night to manufacture a masterpiece for our customers.

  • We use a variety of colors to make our switch button attractive

  • Customer service support

  • Our customers are the most precious asset for us.

In conclusion, always consider silicone rubber switches if you want a durable, easy-to-install, flexible, and convenient button for your electronic appliances. They protect your device from scratches and other stuff. NICEONE-keypad is the best place from where you can get your silicon switch button at an affordable price. Our goal is to supply high-performance and reliable products to our customers by maintaining our standards.

Hurry up and don’t waste time, get your silicon rubber keypad today from our website https://www.niceone-keypad.com/.We are waiting for you.


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