Why switch backlighting will be your next biggest obsession

You may have heard of switch backlighting but don’t know what it is or why everyone is talking about it. With more people turning to LED lighting, manufacturers have begun producing new products designed specifically for this. It has been one of the most popular trends in lighting since its introduction in 2013. In this article, NICEONE-KEYPAD is here to explain everything you need to know about it.

About Backlighting

Who does not want their keypads to shine or flash like a star? Backlighting is a technology in which you place lights in membrane switches during their manufacturing and due to which you illuminate the surface of your keypads. Not only this, it is an innovation that allows you to change the colors of the light switch backlighting has been around for years, but recently people started talking about them.

Why do people love them?

There are many reasons why people love backlighting, and here are three main ones:

⦁ It makes it easier to read keys or text on keypads, smartphones, or devices, and you can read the text even in the dark.

⦁ It enhances the cool and aesthetic look of their device and brings a modern feel.

⦁ It makes a dramatic appearance on the user interface.

Which applications use backlighting?

⦁ Calculator
⦁ Laptops
⦁ Security systems
⦁ Remote gaming controllers
⦁ Keyboards

When you’re buying a smartphone, laptop, or keyboard, you’ll probably check for technical features like sound, touchpad, and lighting. Backlighting in keypads is very essential if you work in dull and dim lights at night, especially.
Now let’s have a look at the best solution for backlighting for switches.

NICEONE-KEYPAD backlighting solutions for membrane switches

Do you want your membrane switch to glow in the dark? One way to enhance your look and make your membrane switches unique and outclass others is to add backlighting to your switches. We will guide you about the most affordable backlighting for your devices that you should consider. Our objective is to provide our customers with the best backlighting to meet their expectations from us.

Types of backlighting:

There are four main backlighting solutions that you can get from us.

  1. Light guide film
  2. Electroluminescent (EL) Lighting.
  3. Light Emitting Diodes (LED)
  4. Fiber Optic Lighting

Let’s have a look at their features and work one by one

Light guide film:

These are thin and flat plastic sheets that use light guide plates, graphic overlays, and metering LEDs. A simple led cannot omit the light evenly, but a light guide film has this specialty of providing uniform, even, and shiny backlighting to your switches.

Features of light guide film:

The light guide film makes the backlighting flawless and perfect, here are some features of our light guide film.

⦁ The thinner ranges from -0.2 -0.5mm; it is the best option for small devices.
⦁ It requires only 2.5V and 20ma to start the light source.
⦁ It has a longer lifespan; it can work up to 10k without affecting the brightness.
⦁ It brightens up the surface evenly.
⦁ And comes with different colors of lead, so you can use multi-color leads to enhance the appearance.
⦁ The LED backlight is surface mounted.

Electroluminescent (EL) Lighting

These are constructed with phosphorus which converts electrical energy into light energy and causes the keypad to glom, they consume very less power, if you want to use a backlight in a device that does not always remain on, then it is the best option.

Features of Electroluminescent (EL) Lighting:

⦁ The lifespan of these lights depends on the quality of phosphorus used inside them, usually 2-3,000h.
⦁ It consumes very little power; it is more cost-effective
⦁ It is thin and durable due to which it can be fitted in membrane switches easily.
⦁ It is a great option if you need uniform lighting and can brighten up a large area.
⦁ It is single color light

Light Emitting Diodes (LED)

Most of you have heard a lot about LEDs, which are nowadays used in every application. It is used to brighten up only specific areas without using any heating plates. The reason for their commonality is their cheap rates, reliability, and compactness. They are mainly used as indicators to indicate or highlight specific regions.

Features of light emitting diodes:

⦁ It comes with a wide range of colors
⦁ It has a longer life span of more than 100,000
⦁ Low power consumption can be operated within low voltages.
⦁ Reliable than others
⦁ Led lights are comparatively less expensive than the other three backlighting.

Fiber Optic Lighting

In fiber optic lighting, a thin layer of fiber fabric is used to form a rectangular area that emits light. If you want to illuminate main areas without using a lot of LEDs, you should use fiber optic lighting as a backlight.

Features of fiber optic lighting:

⦁ Low power consumption ranges from 2.5V and 5m.
⦁ You can easily change the LEDs light source.
⦁ The lifespan of fiber optic lighting is 10,000h.
⦁ It can resist high temperature and heat easily.
⦁ It can illuminate larger areas uniformly.
⦁ Durable.


We have many years of experience in serving our customers the best, and we are certified by many international and national companies. If you’re looking for a better switch backlighting, NICEONE-KEYPAD membrane backlighting switches are the best options as it is an innovative solution to make your keypads glow. We provide our customers with everything they need; we have cost-effective, high-performance, durable, and reliable solutions for your problems. Not only this, we use high-quality materials to serve outstanding products. We have a return and refund policy for our customers and 24-hour customer service. Our top priority is customer satisfaction; you can contact us anytime. To finds out more about backlighting, visit our website today.


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