An innovative product for the electronic is a backlit membrane switch panel

What is a backlit membrane switch panel?

A backlit membrane switch panel is a sort of control panel that uses a backlit to illuminate the keys or buttons. In dull or dark locations, this style of panel is frequently employed. A sort of control panel that employs a backlight to illuminate the keys or buttons is a backlit membrane switch panel. Backlit membrane switches have advantages over traditional mechanical switches.

Description of backlit:

Backlit entails incorporating parts into a membrane switch illuminating the user interface’s front surface. Membrane switches do not require backlighting. However, it does provide the following important advantages to the finished product:

  • Enhancing user sight when using the product in a dark or poorly lit setting, Making inputs and keys simpler to locate and understand.

  • Indicator lights on a control panel are one way to draw attention to a specific region.

  • Modernizing the process of improving appearances.

  • Increasing the usability of products for people with impairments.

LGF (Light Guide Film):

Under the management of these three factors, LGF (Light Guide Film) LGF will make the Backlight Membrane Switch more exceptional and flawless. LGF is also a key component of the backlit membrane switch. 

EL cold light film:

The choice of material, voltage, and inverter will mostly determine the brightness of an EL cold light film.

  • Material: 

The glue’s conductivity and light transmittance have a significant impact on brightness. The brightness will also be more affected by the luminescent powder ratio simultaneously. Glue with a greater and higher light transmission rate is the best option. The luminous powder must select an appropriate ratio.

  • Voltage: 

They raise the input voltage or driving voltage. AC voltage is the ideal voltage for great brightness and reliable operation. It may be claimed that the voltage is inversely proportional to the brightness of the EL cold light film. Typically, driving voltage ranges from 30 to 250 VAC.

  • Inverter:

Also known as Fire Bull, the inverter. The EL cool light film will operate steadily and quietly with a decent AC adaptor. There are numerous specialized options, and it is recommended to select various inverters based on the applications used. 

Switch with backlit membrane material choice:

You can select a polycarbonate or polyester less than 0.25mm in thickness for the LGF at the bottom of the button. Poor tactile feedback will result from being too thick of an LGF material.
Instead of polyester at the bottom of the logo or design, LGF can use stronger polycarbonate. Polycarbonate has a greater rate of light transmission since it is thicker. 

Types of Backlit for membranes switches: 

There are four major approaches to adding backlighting to a membrane switch, each with its benefits and drawbacks.

Lumen emission diodes (LED)

LEDs are the most popular and cost-effective backlighting technology, making them perfect for illuminating certain regions (like keys or indicator lights) but less suitable for complete screens.

LED characteristics include:

  • low heat production and electricity consumption
  • Long service life
  • Surface-mounted
  • either one colour or many colours

Backlit using fiber optics

A small layer of fiber optic fabric is put between the graphic overlay and circuit layer to provide fiber optic backlighting. An LED light source is connected to the fabric and bundled into a circular ferrule. For uniform lighting across wide regions, fiber optic backlighting is excellent.

These additional fiber optic properties are:

Minimal heat production and absence of electromagnetic interference

  • Less electricity is needed

  • LED light source replacement is simple and long-lasting.

  • Able to withstand high heat and humidity

  • Low to moderate cost

Uses of backlit membrane switch panel:

  • Backlight membrane switch panels have a variety of applications, including those in LCD, OLED, and LED displays.

  • It is a circuit board in many different items, such as cell phones, computers, displays, and other electronic devices.

  • It is an essential component of a keyboard. It is used to light the keys on keyboards. Users can view the keys even while they are depressed.

  • The use of membrane switches is used in many different applications. They have been utilized in touch sensors and light switches.

What characteristics does the switch panel for the backlight have?

  • It illuminates the pixels on the screen, making it possible to see images. A circuit board and a cover plate control an LCD or other electrical device’s power supply. 

  • It has a liquid crystal layer in between two glass layers. In addition to the usual push-button functionality, the backlit membrane switch panel provides multi-touch and gesture recognition features.

  • An ancient calculator could have a traditional membrane switch panel. It is formed from a stretchable plastic sheet with slots or holes drilled into it. 

  • They allow light to flow through when electricity passes through them. The light behind it illuminates as electricity passes through the holes.

  • These backlit membrane switch panels are incredibly durable and sturdy since they are made of polyester, a particular plastic.

  • These little devices work as a low-voltage power source for electronic devices like computers, smartphones, tablets, smart watches, and other similar devices. They offer surge and spike protection, which makes them the best choice for delicate electronic equipment.


A control panel with a backlit membrane switch uses light to highlight the text or symbols on the panel. Electronic products, like computers, that must be operated in dim or gloomy environments frequently employ this sort of display. NICEONE has released a new product called Backlit Membrane Switch Panel. It is an innovative solution for lighting up switches on panels. Its unique design makes the panel look great and easy to install. The product you choose is worthwhile to purchase. You can count on us not just once but every time. Our top priority is ensuring your complete satisfaction. It is a simple-to-use piece of equipment that is reasonably priced from.

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