Top 5 Best Keypad Membrane Arduino

27 Dec, 2021

By hqt

Benefits of Membrane keypad

Keypad Membrane Arduino

Keypad membrane Arduino have multiple benefits over mechanical keypads and for this reason, we have put together this list:

  • Its keys are sensitive.
  • They do not require much force when pressing any of them.
  • They are easy to manufacture.

The price of these membrane keypads is quite affordable.

All the keys of these components are silent unless the user decides to add the typical sound of the “click”. The membrane keys can withstand up to 10 million keystrokes. And it is normal to see these types of keypads on devices, but it becomes a more common topic when talking about devices such as microwaves.

Top 5 of the best membrane keypads

With the advancement of technology, the number of keypad membrane Arduino has grown considerably, even some brands have dared to combine the membrane system with the mechanical system, generating the keypads that everyone would like to have. The best membrane keypads on the market today are:

Razer Ornata Chroma Membrane Keypad

Although at first glance it may look like a mechanical keypad. And the Razer Ornate Chroma is a membrane keypad whose keys are slightly more protruding than those of a conventional membrane keypad. Don’t let its rugged design fool you, it’s very comfortable.

keypad membrane Arduino design

It is a keypad membrane Arduino strategy exclusively for Arduino, which guaranty its performance at the time of a game, its keys are sensitive. And when matching with the mouse of the same brand you will notice that the response speed of both is high.

Its lighting is conservative and at the same time somewhat attractive, it has two color effects, its weight does not exceed 200 grams and its power supply is via USB.

Razer BlackWidow membrane keypad

This is a keypad that not only stands out for its lighting but also its speed. Its keys have the perfect distance between them, which allows quick handling of them. The sound emitted by its keys is almost zero, it is a slight “click”, its design is very similar to somewhat old mechanical keypads but, this is much more elegant and comfortable.

It is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10 systems, with MAC systems. And they are LINUX systems. Its power supply is via USB, which has 2.0 speed, its weight does not exceed 800 grams and its faint black color helps it stand out from the rest. Its design is flat which makes it even more comfortable and easy to handle.

Graphic keypad membrane Arduino

This keypad has it all, if you doubted getting a keypad membrane Arduino that is not only of quality. Also has good performance and is at a good price, which can not only be common for office work but also long hours of the game, look no further, this is the keypad for you.

Membrane keypad

It is a membrane keypad that has LED backlighting, which is possible to regulate with a wheel built into the component, it has more than 5 colors, all different.

In addition to having the basic keys, it also has multimedia keys, including those common to modify the volume, this being useful at the time of a game since it avoids interrupting it, in the same way, it blocks the Windows keys.

This is a keypad membrane Arduino that does not need a wrist rest since its design is very comfortable, its weight is only 200 grams, and it is compatible with Windows systems.

Best keypad membrane Arduino

This is a keypad with a double system, that is, it is mechanical and at the same time made of the membrane. At this point, the professionals decide to take a risk by launching a keypad that can be common for both office work and games.

Its LED lighting system is impressive, the intensity and sharpness of the color are not associate with any other keypad.

The circuits are made using membranes but their keys are mechanical, which guarantees a fast response action. Despite its complex manufacture, it is a very light keypad membrane Arduino, its weight is only 900 grams. The quality of this product is easy to see with the naked eye, the inner metallic layer is what makes it so resistant.

Keypad Membrane Arduino 2022

Keypad membrane Arduino

One of the most sought-after membrane keypads today, its design is innovative, very Arduino-style. You will not have to use those annoying cables that give way to connectivity since this keypad works by sunlight or artificial light, the battery of this can last not only days but also months.

It is the keypad that everyone wants, its keys are comfortable. It does not have wrist rests but this is not necessary since its design makes it pleasant to the touch, it has the perfect dimensions to match any device.

keypad membrane Arduino compatible with windows systems

Of course, as a second option, it allows the use of batteries although, to be honest, this will not be necessary. Its speed is impressive, it is fast than other membrane or even mechanical keypads. It is compatible with Windows systems. It is the ideal keypad membrane Arduino, for office work.


For many, they may not be the best keypads for Arduino, but if you are looking for a keypad that in addition to being economical, its keys are soft, and best of all, at a low price, membrane keypads are the best for the job.

keypad membrane Arduino most suitable for office task

For office tasks they are the most suitable, they have a light memorization system that is active when many keys are pressed in just seconds, allowing a response action by all those that press.

Membrane Keypads

If you don’t like the clicks and pops of a mechanical keypad, a membrane keypad is the best option for you.

Most keypad membrane Arduino are membrane keypads, which do not have separate parts, but rather a flat surface with pressure pads that are active by keystrokes.


The keys may not have a strong tactile feel when you press them, but they do have the advantage that they require less pressure and are quieter.

With membrane keypads you can say goodbye to fatigue generated in the fingers, these are the most comfortable keypads to type that have ever existed.


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