Which is the best custom membrane keypad in 2021?

27 Dec, 2021

By hqt

The development of computer science led to the development of the custom membrane keypad with the increasingly strict requirements of computer users. The Silicon Scroll Keypad is a product for modern life that brings more convenience to the user and has many outstanding advantages over the keypads common daily.

custom membrane keypad

Basic Features of Silicon Scroll Keypad

Most computer devices come with their keypad, but maybe because of their preference and desire to find more convenient products, users can find another keypad device instead. And the Silicon keypad is a decent choice.

The Silicon Scroll custom membrane keypad is made of durable and flexible rubber material. Therefore, it has the characteristics of thin, light, and very compact, the rubber material is easy to roll and bend. Very convenient without taking up much of your space.

The product has a USB port suitable for both laptops and computers, is very flexible in use, compatible with many different devices.

High-quality materials are resistant to water and dust

The Silicon Keypad allows you to clean with soap and water.

The internal microchips are calculated to be very flexible to increase impact resistance. The Silicon keypad is very soft and smooth, when common, it does not make any annoying noises, does not cause creaking sounds like a regular keypad.

Silicon custom membrane keypad

Life is more and more modern, people are more and more towards minimalism, bulky and noisy things are not like anymore. And the Silicon scroll custom membrane keypad is a convenient and useful solution for you.

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing to Buy a Keypad

When the market is increasingly flooded with manufacturers with many product models launches and different evaluation criteria, how do you choose the keypad that suits your needs?

Connectivity: Universal connection between keypad and computer via USB port. Ensure fast, stable connection speed, as well as no need for power supply to operate the device, lower cost

Switch of the custom membrane keypad.

custom membrane keypad 2022

Switch of the keypad is also always one of the criteria common to evaluate the quality and durability of the keypad.

Ergonomic design. To ensure the convenience and comfort of the fingers, to avoid wrist injuries or bad sequelae, you should choose an ergonomically design custom membrane keypad.

  • Mechanical membrane keypad,
  • switch,
  • keycaps,
  • Kailh,

Keypad is one of the terms present in the world of mechanical membrane keypads.

A variety of options are available

The variety of options in this nothing-recent-and-still-unknown segment can alienate potential users who don’t even know the difference between a mechanical membrane keypad versus a membrane keypad and already find themselves to choose among dozens of products.

Thinking about amateur players who want an experience closer to that of professional e-sports players and people who work in front of the PC and want to improve their daily experience with writing, we made an article explaining the difference between the types of

Mechanical membrane keypad vs membrane keypad: what’s the difference?

Membrane keypads and mechanical membrane custom membrane keypad now have their due in the market, but there are always those who are unaware of one or another product category — or even its existence — and who could be typing better.

 For those people, we explain the difference between different membrane keypad types.

The most popular membrane keypads today are membrane ones. These models use a silicone membrane or similar material that is between the keys and closes the circuit that sends the commands to the PC, being responsible for taking the keys back to their original place after press.

Among the membrane keypad’s qualities is affordability

models of the type are much cheaper than mechanical membrane keypads. Precisely for this reason, membrane keypads are the easiest to find in offices and in most Brazilian homes that still have a desktop.

However, the custom membrane keypad has some negative points compared to the mechanic, such as the typing experience, which is difficult to change due to the product’s constitution; typing accuracy, since signals from other keys can reach the PC due to the product’s operation; longer response time and theoretically shorter durability.

Mechanic custom membrane keypad

The mechanical membrane keypad has a mechanical mechanism individual for each key, called a switch. Compose of spring and its switch, the switch can have different singularities. This gives it different nomenclatures. And can provide different typing experiences for those who use it.

The best-known experience is audible feedback, a sound that is every time a key is pressed. However, mechanical custom membrane keypad switches can also offer tactile feedback, longer or shorter activation distances, and even customization according to the user’s taste.

Corsair mechanical custom membrane keypad

As they do not use membrane and have individual switches for each key. The mechanical membrane keypads have a longer lifespan. And recognize more than one command simultaneously, being much more accurate and durable than membrane keypads.

Semi-mechanical membrane keypad

In addition to the traditional membrane keypad and mechanical membrane keypads. Also, there is an option on the market. And the promises to be the middle ground between the two: semi-mechanical membrane keypads. But what are they?

There are different types of semi-mechanical custom membrane keypads, from those that unite the worst of both worlds.

It has a hybrid operation, bringing mechanical actuation to some keys. Such as the WASD sequence and the directional keys common in games. And the membrane actuation on the rest of the keys.

semi-mechanical custom membrane keypad

On the semi-mechanical membrane keypad, only a few keys have mechanical mechanisms — the rest work by membrane

You’ll hardly see a semi-mechanical membrane keypad recommended for someone who plays the most popular games. And uses it for jobs where intensive typing is required. That’s because such products either offer the same experience as custom membrane keypads. And they don’t cover all the keys needed to play a game.


Now that we know the differences between keypad types, let’s talk about the best keypad type to buy. It is wrong to think that mechanical keypads are obvious choices after understanding the qualities of the product. It all depends on the profile and preferences of those who use it.


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