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17 May, 2022

By hqt

Capacitive Switch

There are many different types of membrane switches available today. They use to make or break electrical circuits automatically or manually. Normally, each electrical device will have a switch attached to make it easy to close or disconnect the circuit. In this article you will know what a capacitive switch is and the great effects of the product. Don’t miss this post!

Content Summary

  1. What is the concept of an electrical switch?
  2. How do membrane switches work?
  3. Ways to classify products today
  4. 3.1 -way type electrical switch
  5. 3.2 -way electric switch
  6. 3.3 Light switch, fan
  7. 3.4 Smart electrical switch
  8. What is the note when using the power switch?

What is the concept of an electrical switch?

An electrical switch is a product used to turn on and off an electrical device. They operate on two mechanisms On and Off. Currently, products classify into many different lines such as one-way switches, three-way switches, two-way switches, etc.

How does the capacitive switch work?

The product works on a fairly simple mechanism. The active terminal of the device will contact the static terminal to seal the circuit. The switch trips, the two terminals separate, breaking the circuit. As a result, the device becomes inoperable.

Current product classifications

There are many bases for dividing products into different device lines. For example, based on the number of poles, based on the closing and breaking operations of the product, specifically the following common division:

1-way electric switch

  • Another name is a 2-pole electric switch, including 1 dynamic pole and 1 static pole.
  • Capacitive switch often uses for equipment that consumes electricity with small or moderate capacity.
  • Function to control household electrical appliances such as fans, televisions or lights…
  • They are easy to install and repair without much effort.

2-way electric switch

  • Another name is a 3-pole switch line.
  • They have 3 contacts with 1 input terminal and 2 output terminals.
  • Application to make 2-way power switch in family stairs, factories or grid works…

Light switch, fan

  • Used to adjust the brightness of the lamp and the rotation speed of the electric fan.
  • They control power consumption very well, have many special applications in today’s modern life.

What types of capacitive switch are there?

Capacitive Switch 2022

The product line has many applications in civil and industrial electricity. They are especially easy to control remotely. The device considers an application for modern life in the 21st century.

You can control via phone system or computer with internet connection. At this time, electrical activities in buildings, offices and families can be conveniently turned on and off.

What is the note when using the capacitive switch?

To ensure effective use, customers should choose a reputable and professional equipment purchase address.

In addition, you need to consider the needs of using the product to choose the right type of electrical capacitive switch.

  • During use make sure the device works smoothly.
  • Check regularly to detect defects or product failure problems early.

Above is important information about membrane switches. Hope this knowledge helps you understand what is a power switch? What is the role and application in today’s life? If you found the article useful, please share it so more people know it!

A power switch is a device designed to make or break an electrical current in an automatic or manual circuit. Every electrical and electronic application uses at least one switch to turn the device ON and OFF. Membrane switches often use in electrical circuits for lighting or accompanying electrical appliances.

Working principle of capacitive switch

Membrane switches have a relatively simple principle of operation: When the switch closes, the dynamic poles are in contact with the static poles, sealing the circuit. When the dynamic pole switch is cut off from the static pole, it opens a circuit, disconnecting the power from the device.

Moreover, the installation position of the switch is usually on the phase wire, in series with the load and after the fuse

Types of membrane switches

The classification of switch types depends on the following two factors:

  • Based on the number of poles, membrane switches convert into two-pole switches, three-pole membrane switches, etc.
  • Based on the closing and cutting operations, the capacitive switch divides into on-off switches, push-button switches, rotary switches, etc.

Some common types of membrane switches on the market today

  • 1-way power switch (2 poles): A 1-way electrical switch, also known as a 2-pole switch, has 1 contact including 2 poles: 1 dynamic pole and 1 static pole. This switch usually installs in electrical circuits with not too large capacity, used to control household appliances such as televisions, lights, fans… Easy to use and install.
  • 2-way electrical switch (3 poles): A 2-way switch, also known as a 3-pole switch, is a switch with 3 contacts, each capacitive switch has 1 input pole and 2 output poles. Application when you want to use two switches to control the same device in two different locations. This type of switch often uses in stair circuits in high-rise buildings.
  • Dimmer switch, fan: This device is commonly used in adjusting the brightness of lights and fan rotation speed. The dimmer switch gives you a better experience in handling brightness, fan rotation speed in controlling power consumption, thereby helping to save better power.
  • Smart electrical switch: Switch products with many new and modern technology applications allow users to easily control on or off electrical appliances in the household through direct electrical equipment or smartphones. With just a computer, phone with internet connection, you can easily control electrical appliances in your home no matter where you are.

Moreover, smart power capacitive switch applies in smart home apartments, an advancement of smart control technology that helps save electricity and electricity costs in the family, creating safety, simplicity and convenience for the apartment.

Currently on the market there are quite a few units providing these smart switch products such as NICEONE membrane switches.

Where to buy a safe, good price switch?

You are in need of installing normal membrane switches and smart membrane switches for your family but have not yet chosen a reputable electrical equipment supplier. Come to us, a unit specializing in providing all kinds of electrical equipment such as smart capacitive switch, remote control switches, 1-way, 2-way power switches… of big brands.

Moreover, we commit to providing genuine, quality and safe products for users. Contact us today for a free consultation on the right electrical equipment for your family.


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