How to place Dome Labels? Complete Guide 2022

17 May, 2022

By hqt

Dome Labels

The dome labels are electrical devices that are almost indispensable in every civil or industrial project. Switch (is the name of a device or a component good to use for the purpose of on/off/on/on current, or in switching the switching state in a combination of electrical circuits.

Dome switches are electromechanical components

They open or close electrical circuits based on the principle of magnetic fields. When the magnetic field is strong enough to magnify them to open or close an electrical circuit.

Moreover, the dome label looks like a flash light bulb but it only opens or closes the circuit (changes state) when there is a large enough magnetic field.

What are dome labels and how are they constructed?

The dome label builds on the principle that two magnets place appropriately so that within the effective range, creating a suction that results in an internal relay that becomes normally closed (NC).

The two magnets push apart, the relay will switch to normally open mode, creating an abnormal signal to be sent to the main circuit board or to the alarm center.

Difference between electric switch and dome label

  • Electrical switches are fundamentally different in the control mechanism for the switching on and off of the transmission line.
  • Electric dome labels work by means of genetic mechanical action to bridge to connect, not to connect 2 contacts of an electrical circuit, this action can be active from human or automatically thanks to thermal or electrical sensor.
  • Moreover, Dome label works thanks to another control circuit that will attract / release 2 contacts together.

Application of dome Switches in 2022

What dome are surely known, so they are good to use a lot in life. They are often good to use to:

  • Make the switch to open or close the device. Because for this type of dome labels, only the magnetic field effect is large enough to change the opening and closing state of the circuit, so it is convenient for control in humid places and frequent opening and closing. Moreover, there is no need for direct mechanical contact, but indirectly through a magnetic field.
  • As a door sensor: This is a great way because there is no fear of dust over time or because the shield is easy to install. The disadvantage of this method is that it is possible to use a magnet to misunderstand, so when installing, it is important to use metal to create a shielding ring to less affect by the neighboring magnetic field.

Moreover, what is an electrical switch, how many basic electrical switches are there?! The content of the article below will give you the most complete and detailed answer.

What are electrical dome labels?

The switch is also known as the container. It is a specialized device for manual current switching and is commonly good to use in lighting circuits or electrical appliances.

The main task of the electrical switch is to help users control and connect the operability of electrical devices. From there, there is a plan to use electrical equipment in the most reasonable and most economical way.

Structure and working principle of electric switch

Dome Label 2022

Moreover, the structure of the electrical switch includes the shell and the poles. Accordingly, the shell will be made of high-quality plastic that both brings aesthetics and plays an important role in protecting internal components from weather agents, providing safety for users.

The poles in the electrical dome labels include dynamic poles, static poles and usually made of copper.

To divide the types of electrical switches, people base on the number of poles or the needs and purposes of use. It is possible to point out common types of electrical switches such as two-pole switches, 3-pole switches, on switches, push switches and rotary switches.

How does dome label work on a device?

Moreover, the principle of operation of an electrical switch is that when you close the switch. The active pole of the switch will contact the polarity of the switch and make the circuit closed. It allows the current to flow and the device to operate.

Conversely, when you turn off the dome labels, the active pole will separate from the static pole and open the circuit. Disconnect the power supply, and the device will stop working.

Basic types of electrical switches

The most commonly good to use basic electrical switches on the market today are two-pole switches. Three-pole stair switches, lamp dimmer switches, and fans.

In which, the 2-pole switch is a line of switches with the function of connecting the total power to the appliances that use electricity. This series of switches includes a dynamic pole and a static pole. Dome labels has a simple structure, is easy to use. It often applies to control the operation of light bulbs, fans, electric motors, control sockets.

The 3-pole stair switch is a type with 3 contacts: 1 dynamic pole and 2 static poles. Moreover, the product is widely good to use in high-rise buildings or to install light control in dark warehouses. Its advantage is that it is possible to control the on and off of the same light bulb. It creates versatility and efficiency. The disadvantage complicates installation, difficult repair.

Finally, there is a switch to dim the lights and fans. It works to help you adjust the brightness of the lights. Dome labels widely apply in civil and industrial electrical systems. It contributes to controlling power consumption and providing a better product experience. Hope the content above has brought you useful information.

Good to use to automatically or manually

An electrical switch is a device good to use to automatically or manually switch off the current. The switch works mainly with the on-open and off-close mechanism.

Moreover, the switch helps users to control and connect the operation of surrounding electrical devices. From there you can use electrical appliances such as sockets with switches.

Now on the market, there is a smart phone-controlled dome labels that helps bring users the best experience. Moreover, the smart phone control switch also helps users save time and effort compared to using conventional mechanical switches. Therefore, depending on your pocket and needs, you can choose the most suitable product.


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