Custom Membrane Keypad 4×4 Function & Application

25 Mar, 2022

By hqt

Firstly, in many industries and electronics, custom membrane keypad 4×4 use, which have proven themselves well, such devices have a number of advantages. They are inexpensive, reliable and compact. But one of their main advantages is the ability to function in specific conditions, including aggressive and dangerous environments.

Custom Membrane Keypad 4x4

Most often, the membrane keypad uses in products

  • medical equipment;
  • instrumentation;
  • transport panels for water, air and ground purposes
  • civil and military communications system
  • Household and commercial appliances.

Custom membrane keypad 4×4 and switches

Production of membrane keypads

As well as, the manufacture quality products that will meet high requirements, it is necessary to use appropriate production methods, materials, equipment and professionalism. In addition, the process of creation, certain films of polycarbonate or polyester use, which are also reinforced with special layers.

Depending on the purpose, they can be:

  • Matte;
  • Glossy;
  • Antiglare;
  • Antibacterial;
  • With UV protection;
  • Rubberized;

Membrane keypad Scratch resistant

Eventually, sometimes instrument front panels need to have special properties, such as tactile sensitivity or resistance to damage, including chemical damage. It is custom membrane keypad 4×4that can provide such an effect.

They consist of gluing together several functional layers, each of which has its own specific purpose: Moreover, a front panel, two flexible boards, an anti-adhesion layer, an adhesive backing, and inner layers of adhesive that hold it all together.

 In total, all these elements, when glued together, form a membrane less than one millimeter thick. Such dimensions and light weight make it possible to use the technology to create highly precise instruments.

Custom membrane keypad 4×4 Design

There are quite a few possibilities to diversify the appearance of the custom membrane keypad 4×4. With the help of special reagents, As well as, it will be possible to achieve a lot of different effects, even partial ones if necessary.

In addition, there are prospects for the integration of metal elements, anti-vandal layers, LED backlighting, a shielding layer, indicators, and conductive elements. Moreover, this provides the possibility of their application in almost all spheres of life and production, including advertising and design.

The custom membrane keypad 4×4 (membrane keypad) is a high-tech product that is gradually replacing standard mechanical keypads.

Demand, development and productions of membrane keypad

The membrane keypad (membrane keypad) is a high-tech product that is gradually replacing standard mechanical keypads, In addition, the trend of switching to membrane keypads in industrial and medical fields is especially pronounced, where high requirements place on the reliability and IP protection of equipment and controls. (Equipment control panels).

Moreover, Our Company is a leader in the production of keypads on membranes or as they are also called film keypads. Development and production is carried out on our own equipment, taking into account the technical characteristics required by the client.

Advantages of custom membrane keypad 4×4

1. Low cost
2. No mechanical elements, which increases reliability
3.High degrees protections.
4. Variety of RAL or PANTONE colors
6.Easy installations and connections
7. Durability

Manufacture of custom-made flexible membrane keypads

Moreover, the custom membrane keypad 4×4 is a multi-layered and flexible product. Eventually, the keypad is part of the device for which it is made. In fact, flexible keypads are the ideal solution for electronic devices, typically uses in the following areas:

  • medical equipment;
  • management and control systems in industry;
  • office equipment;
  • at the enterprises of the military-industrial complex in the military industry;
  • Telecommunication equipment;
  • telephone systems;
  • Appliances;
  • Security systems.

The manufacturing of membrane keypads

Technology: custom membrane keypad 4×4

Pre-production: necessary

Production time: 30 calendar days

The custom membrane keypad 4×4 is a complete electrical product. They use in the manufacture of household appliances and other electrical equipment.

In general, membrane keypads consist of the front part, which is decorative dashboard (shield), where the necessary graphic images and text information print. As well as, with a regular nameplate, through holes or transparent windows are possible

Custom membrane keypad 4×4 consist on how many layers?

Furthermore, the inside of the keypads, depending on the version, may consist of several layers of plastic, which print with conductive inks (i.e. the electrical circuit of the keypad implements), As well as built-in components such as LEDs or resistors. Moreover, the plastic layers connect to each other with double-sided tape.

The custom membrane keypad 4×4 connects using a cable, on which conductive tracks are printed. The cable itself connects using special connectors. In addition, keypad cables can be provided with non-removable metal contacts that can solder on.

Features of membrane keypads

  • small height;
  • reliability, protection from external influences;
  • various keypad shapes;
  • low price;

The front of the custom membrane keypad 4×4 is a decorative panel on which a background graphic image, keys, symbols or windows applies. The panel treats with an anti-reflective varnish.

 The graphics apply on the inside of the film to provide reliable protection against damage. Toning compositions for indication displays also applies. 

12 key membrane keypads

In addition, under the front part of the panel, there is a layer with conductive membrane pads. Then comes a layer with an electrical circuit applied with conductive paint. Cable for it is electric circuits and bottoms layer with self-adhesive film.

 Eventually, keypad films have a surface that is resistant to mechanical impacts and deformations, which can withstand high and low temperatures, as well as protect against water and other chemicals.

Other features of membrane keypads:

As well as, the printing is done by silk-screen printing or on an inkjet printer, if the print is full-color. Paints can be dense, light-transmitting (usually window tinting), mirror, etc. Windows, through holes and general contours of keypads can be of arbitrary shape.

Subsequently, the keypad buttons (pressure zones) can be with or without a bulge, and they can also have built-in membranes (metal) or be without them. Non-pocket buttons can also have built-in membranes.

The total thickness of the custom membrane keypad 4×4 is usually about one mm. In fact, the keypad can be additionally built-in plastic with a thickness of 0.5-5 mm according to the technical requirements of the customer. In this case, it is possible to mount the keypads not only with adhesive tape, but with the help of screw connections.

Backlit membrane keypads

Flexible membrane keypads equip with LEDs for indicating and illuminating the keys Highlighted can be:

It is possible to perform internal shielding of custom membrane keypad 4×4 according to the Customer’s specification, elements, areas or inscriptions. Uniform illumination provides by built-in LEDs. Lastly, we manufacture custom-made membrane keypads for devices.


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