Design of Membrane Keypad – Balance the needs of users, customers and factories to achieve human-machine harmony.

25 Jul, 2022

By hqt

First of all, the design of the product is to make the user like your product more, the customer is easy to promote, the practicability of the product and the market demand, etc. Membrane Keypad is no exception. This is why Niceone-Keypad will introduce the design in the first part. A good design affects a machine and a perfect user interface. But what about balancing the three parties?

Let’s start with the factory. Many designers and engineers are hands-on types, and they will consider practicality to ensure that the product works properly and has many functions for the intended purpose. And it is hoped that it will help to improve the production efficiency of the factory. But is this really a successful product? not really.

The design scheme of Membrane Keypad should also meet the needs of operators. If the design scheme is not conducive to the use of operators and cannot effectively activate its functions, then it is not a good Membrane Keypad. In other words, it cannot effectively provide The indicator function and the Membrane Keypad for user convenience are not good. Machines also cannot function efficiently. How to properly handle the relationship between HMI and users, Membrane Keypad factory should need to carefully consider the relationship between users and users.

On the customer’s side, practicality is important if engineering too many functions will invisibly have a cost impact. At the same time, it also needs business. Engineering understands the needs of customers and cannot add too many useless functions, which will greatly increase customer costs and lose competitiveness in the market. At the same time, if the unconventional material is used, the purchase price of the factory will be greatly increased. The customer and the factory should coordinate suitable alternative materials to meet the needs of the product.

A good product requires the efforts of three parties. Niceone-Keypad adheres to the principle of customer first, we are willing to accept any suggestions from customers, but on products, we will also have our unique insights to give customers. We hope to help customers realize the maximum value with the smallest cost, and also hope to improve the efficiency of users using Membrane Keypad.

Good design takes a product to the next level, as we said before.

So where exactly is it implemented? The following are the cases that Niceone-Keypad often encounters:

  • Whether the brightness of the LEDs is good, and whether it has an indication function.
  • Whether the window of LEDs is made of transparent white, which is conventional rather than transparent, to block the LEDs and the lines, etc., to make the product more beautiful.
  • Whether the Buttons are responsive. Whether multiple inputs are required to enable electrical functions to be realized.
  • Whether the Tactile Feedback of Buttons is good enough. A good Tactile Feedback lets users feel if they have input.
  • The product is used indoors but uses anti-ultraviolet materials, and the communication with customers is not in place. Or the normal use temperature is 15-60 degrees Celsius, and there is no need to consider high-performance adhesives, resulting in increased costs.
  • The distance between Buttons is too close to cause functional interference, and users often enter wrong button functions, resulting in the product not running the product successfully and reducing work efficiency.
  • The Membrane Keypad does not need ESD, but because the Membrane Keypad factory has a one-size-fits-all project without careful communication with the customer whether electrostatic shielding is required, the excess quality increases the customer’s cost.
  • The color matching is confusing, and the buttons, LEDs, etc. cannot be accurately positioned. At the same time, it is difficult to understand the meaning between the buttons. Confuse the user and reduce the user’s efficiency.
  • The Backlight Membrane Keypad uses too many LEDs, causing the cost to skyrocket. To learn more about the Backlight Membrane Keypad, click here, you can learn more.
  • Alternative material selection. There are many alternative materials on the market, but Niceone-Keypad will stock some commonly used materials for customers to use. This is also because the special material selection means that the MOQ is higher, and it also takes a lot of time to find. Or it can be provided by the customer.

So how does the Membrane Keypad factory circumvent these kinds of problems?

Understand the needs of customers and users in detail, formulate a preliminary product draft, and also standardize the design guidelines. The engineering team also needs to conduct a detailed evaluation of the product drawings to give detailed design suggestions or design adjustments, and the factory also needs to have a detailed response process. This not only saves a lot of time for customers and users, improves the efficiency of users, but also helps to improve the performance of the Membrane Keypad, and also benefits the production of the factory, balancing the needs of the three parties.

Since there are many design structures of Membrane Keypad, the choice of each different node will affect the direction of a Membrane Keypad. (Please check our ‘Perfect User Interface Design Guidelines’ so you can fully understand how the choice of different nodes will affect the whole product), we want customers to be more convenient, we want users to be more efficient, and we want us to be perfect The production of Membrane Keypad. Promoting the success of the interface Membrane Keypad requires everyone’s joint efforts, and the selection of appropriate design nodes is beneficial to function, aesthetics, environmental use, etc. to have a significant impact.

In the next Niceone-Keypad feature, we’ll explain how we can make your product even better, delving into the infinite possibilities of the Membrane Keypad.

For more information on Niceone-Keypad’s manufacturing capabilities, please contact info@niceone-keypad and we will respond within 24 hours.


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