How to Connect the Dome Label Switch?

17 May, 2022

By hqt

Dome Labels

Structure of dome label will help you easily repair

The effect of the product contributes to the convenience of the user. Therefore, knowing the product structure will help you easily repair when the device has a problem. The dome label has the following basic structure:

Shell: high-quality plastic material

The switch shell is usually made from high-quality plastic material. However, now there are many models of switches made of aluminum. The cover is responsible for protecting the inside and outside of the switch.

On the inside, the shell helps protect components from weather agents such as thunder, rain, etc. Outside, the shell helps protect users when using the device.

Pole part is made from copper

The pole part is also one of the main components of this switch.  This pole part includes static pole and dynamic pole. The pole part is made from copper. This is the part that helps the power switch to work in the most durable way.

How to connect the dome label switch?

Before making the switch connection, you need to prepare the screwdriver, drill, electric tester and sandpaper first. The implementation is relatively simple, you can refer to the following:

  • Step 1: Before connecting the switch, turn off the power. In addition, select the position of the switch mounting mark. This will ensure safety during the implementation and be able to determine the location of electrical appliances and light bulbs that are most appropriate.
  • Step 2: You proceed to drill holes to screw and drill holes for wire. This step will help make sure the installation is done.
  • Step 3: To ensure safety during installation, you need to verify the polarity of the dome label switch. Then do the wiring to the switch and wire the switches. At the same time protect the switchgear on the electrical panel. Then proceed to install electrical equipment to the electrical panel.
  • Step 4: Install the wires from the output panel to the electrical equipment. In order for the device to work stably and safely, you should connect the wires to the socket of the electrical appliance.
  • Step 5: To connect the power switch, you need to use 1 cold wire 220V mains and one side of the lamp. Next, you use the other end of the bulb to lead to the common point of the dome label switch. Then continue to use the hot 220V power connector to connect to the fuse. From the fuse you need to connect to the common point of the 2 switches. The remaining two contacts will connect.
  • Step 6: To know how to install the wall switch according to the plan or not. After the installation is complete, you need to check.

Dome Switches: help to ensure a smooth circuit

This will help to ensure a smooth circuit, and the connection of the circuit to the power source will also operate more stably.

Unlike conventional switches, dome label switches manufacture with more modern technology, optimizing ways to save energy, and proactively managing power to help you save money on electricity bills every month. It also brings simplicity, comfort and modernity to your home.

Using a smart switch will protect devices against lightning strikes, protect safety as well as increase lifespan.  

What are dome switches?

Switch is the name of a device, or a component, that has the effect of opening and closing current.   

A power switch is an electrical component that can make or break an electrical circuit automatically or manually. The two most important components of a dome label are the type of connection a switch makes, the static terminal and the dynamic terminal.

Dome is an indispensable electrical device in the electrical wiring in every home and production activity. Today, the power switch is more modern with remote control and has the ability to save electricity very effectively.

Popular types of dome switches 2022

Dome Labels 2022

Smart touch switch

A smart switch is a modern electrical device used to control lights on or off, and can adjust electrical appliances directly or through mobile devices. you can turn on or off electrical equipment at any time with just a computer or phone with an Internet connection at any time and place.

Magnetic switch

The magnetic dome label switch works thanks to another control circuit that will attract or release the 2 contacts together.

Pressure Switches dome label

A physical mechanism of action that activates by stopping the pressure of the container inside the chamber or container

It then activates the two internal contacts to perform the on/off switching of the initially connected device.

Pressure switch is a device capable of diverse applications from pneumatic and hydraulic lines for industrial production to water equipment and supplies, such as air compressors, or serving in industrial plants. Program: apartment, commercial center. Pressure relay or pressure relay is another name for a pressure switch.

1-way dome switches

A 1-way dome label (2-pole switch with 1 contact) has a structure of two poles: dynamic pole and static pole. DC switches use in circuits with moderate loads, not too large

Application: People often use 1-way switches in household electrical appliances such as lights, fans, televisions.

2-way dome switches

A 2-way switch (3-pole switch) has 3 contacts: 1 input terminal and 2 output terminals. This switch uses when you want to use 2 switches in 2 positions to control the same device in 2 different positions.

Application: 2-way switch uses in electrical wiring for civil stairs at high-rise buildings, or controlling light bulb devices in dark warehouses.

Choose to buy dome label in large suppliers: ensure quality

On the market today, there are many units that supply smart switch products with a variety of models, quality and prices, and especially for the safety of device systems. Depending on the intended use, you can choose the corresponding products.

Should choose to buy products in large suppliers, will ensure quality and brand. In addition, the price in large units will also have good discounts for users. NICEONE Keypad products manufacture with a closed cycle with the most advanced and modern machinery chain system.


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