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Membrane Keypad Panel, a commonly used accessory in food equipment?

One of the star accessories in food equipment will definitely have a place for Membrane Keypad Panel. Why is there such a situation? First of all, we have to consider what are the problems encountered in food equipment? Frequently encountered problems are excessive oiliness, difficulty in cleaning, poor durability and poor water resistance, and even make the product look more aesthetic.

1. Conventional mechanical switches cannot perfectly solve these problems. If the food equipment in the kitchen is too oily and cannot be cleaned, it is easy to cause food accidents.

2. The waterproof performance of the mechanical switch is poor and the service life is short.

Membrane Keypad Panel, a commonly used accessory in food equipment? Membrane Keypad Panel, a commonly used accessory in food equipment? Membrane Keypad Panel, a commonly used accessory in food equipment?

Compared with conventional mechanical switches, Membrane Keypad Panel can perfectly solve the appeal problem.

The food equipment used by Membrane Keypad Panel includes: blender, ice maker, cabinet, refrigerator, etc. Recently Niceone-Keypad even designed a Membrane Panel for Vaillant. Panels with capacitive design not only have a long life, but also have a beautiful appearance and durability.


  • Easy to clean: A prominent advantage of Membrane Keypad Panel is its flat design and the material can be easily cleaned. So just use a rag or water jet to complete the cleaning.
  • A. This is due to the characteristics of Polyester, Polycarbonate, Silicone Rubber Keypad and tempered glass materials. The density of the material is high, and the coating cannot easily enter water and chemicals. When cleaning, it can be wiped lightly or wiped vigorously without affecting the use of the product.
  • Excellent waterproof performance: The waterproof performance of Membrane Keypad Panel is very good, most of Membrane Keypad Panel can reach IP65 and above. Mainly use the surround type Silicone Rubber Keypad as the panel or use the waterproof structure to produce the Membrane Keypad Panel, which can make the product reach IP66 registration.
  • A. Waterproof structure: wrap around at the line level. Metal Dome, LEDs need to stay away from the edge. Adhesive paper chooses better stickiness.
  • B. Sealing Silicone Rubber Keypad: Surround type.
  • Aesthetics: Unlike mechanical switches, Membrane Switch Panel can be printed in various colors, making the product more aesthetic. The use of glue can make the keys more three-dimensional. At the same time, printing company logos is more conducive to product marketing in the market. And these mechanical switches are not able to satisfy customers.
  • Durability: Using polyester as the panel material, even after embossing, the life span can be driven more than one million times. Choosing Nicomatic or Snaptron Metal Dome can even make the product life up to 5,000,000 times. The service life of LEDs is as high as over 20,000H.

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