How to Make a Keypad Membrane with Domes?

26 Mar, 2022

By hqt

How to make a keypad membrane with domes? Do you need to buy a new keyboard and can’t decide between a membrane and mechanical keyboard? In this article, we will tell you which of the two is worth having.

How to Make a Keypad Membrane with Domes

Membrane keyboard which one is the best

The keyboard is one of the most widely used information input devices. Although many do not detail it, there are different types depending on how they work. ?

Here you will find the comparison on membrane keyboard and mechanical keyboard.

How to make a keypad membrane with domes? The membrane keyboard it owes its name to its operation, as it has a rubber membrane that deforms when you press a key. When this deformation occurs, the switch closes the electrical circuit and the computer recognizes the pressed key.

Characteristics of membrane keyboard

Especially when we buy a computer, it comes with a membrane keyboard; it is cheap, reliable and resistant. However, it has some limitations, such as: slow response time and inability to press multiple keys at the same time.

These characteristics become disadvantages when comparing the membrane keyboard with the mechanical keyboard, as it offers more speed and less response time in typing, in addition to the possibility of customizing the operation of the keys.

What kind of problems could membrane keyboard face?

How to make a keypad membrane with domes? On the other hand, although some modern models of membrane keyboards have overcome the aforementioned limitations, so they have incorporated rubber domes to optimize tactile response, they are still at a disadvantage in terms of travel time.

Thus, it is necessary that as soon as a key plays, there is a keystroke. This leads to an increase in the frequency of typographical errors, which becomes a problem for those who tend to type long texts and even for those who do it at a fast pace.

How mechanical keyboard works?

How to make a keypad membrane with domes? It is precisely this type of person who prefers to use a mechanical keyboard instead of a membrane keyboard. Next to them are the regulars of PC video games.

Finally, we must clarify that a mechanical keyboard works through independent mechanical switches for each key, capable of activating or deactivating a contact inside, so that they can activate or not. This is what gives rise to what is known as travel time, that is, the distance traveled from the moment a key is pressed to the click.

What Differences between both keyboards?

Although both keyboard types design for computer input, there are basic differences between them. 

These are:

How to make a keypad membrane with domes? The membrane keyboard it is more shock resistant than the mechanical keyboard. Likewise, it is less prone to damage due to possible spillage of liquid on it.

In terms of typing speed, the mechanical keyboard is faster. At the same time, it is taller. Finally, the mechanical keyboard has a lower rate of typographical errors due to displacement time.

How to make a keypad membrane with domes? On the other hand, if the keyboard is used for playing, it is also better to get a mechanic. Basically, it’s faster, more accurate and tougher. Furthermore, it gives us the opportunity to configure the keys according to our preferences, an ideal aspect for the use of commands and special functions during the game.

Upgrade a mechanical keyboard with Lubricant

The cheapest way to upgrade a mechanical keyboard is to lubricate each individual key. To carry out this operation, the user will need:

  • liquid silicone grease (such as Silicon) or regular machine oil;
  • small straight screwdriver;
  • Ordinary cotton swabs.
How to Make a Keypad Membrane with Domes 2022

Where we can buy silicon grease?

How to make a keypad membrane with domes? Silicone grease can be purchased at a hardware store. Cotton swabs are sold in pharmacies, and a screwdriver with a straight nozzle should be in the arsenal of any home craftsman.

The tool and consumables are ready; it’s time to move on to the direct modernization of the “clave”, which carries out in several steps:

  1. Using a screwdriver, carefully remove the first key.
  2. Open the tube and moisten a cotton swab with silicone grease.
  3. Lubricate the rod on the inner surface of the key with silicone. The lubricant layer must be very thin.
  4. Set the key in place until it clicks.
  5. Repeat these steps for the next button.

After all the buttons lubricate, the keyboard will work almost silently.

Lubricants method has three serious drawbacks

Firstly, the silicone grease can dry out, and then the key will stick to the base.

 Secondly, grease can get on the rubber dome and from it to the board, which will lead to negative consequences. Thirdly, when disassembling the “clave”, the keys can be easily damaged. Therefore, you need to act very carefully.

How to make a keypad membrane with domes? By the way, the lubrication of a computer keyboard is often combined with a major cleaning of the device. In this case, the device is completely disassembled. Therefore, the user should take a picture of the keyboard before disassembly, so as not to make a mistake with the location of the keys.

Damper rings standard keyboard call innovative

The principle of operation in this case is essentially no different from the previous version. The main difference is the almost complete absence of flaws.

For some time now, sets of special rings (for example, QCYBER Q-RINGS) appear in online stores, the creators of which claim that their product will completely rid any mechanical keyboard of the nasty “click”, fill the house or office with silence, and also provide the user with pleasant tactile Feel.

How to make a keypad membrane with domes? These kits include between 100 and 130 damper rings, which are usually made of wear-resistant rubber and accessories in the form of a small brush for cleaning the keyboard and a key removal tool. 

The principle of operation of such gasket rings is very simple – the silicone lining limits the key travel by 2 mm and reduces noise four times by absorbing the sound of a plastic button hitting the plastic base of the keyboard.


How to make a keypad membrane with domes? Before going into details about this, the first thing we must do is define the use of the keyboard, because depending on it we will get better results with one type of typing than with the other.

In this way, if we are going to use it to type, a mechanical keyboard will be better, as it increases typing speed, reduces response time and reduces the number of typographical errors. Although the noise it makes can end up being annoying for some people with low tolerance.


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