Where to buy custom membrane keypad small batch?

26 Mar, 2022

By hqt

Firstly, our company engages in the development and production of input information of any complexity. Membrane and custom membrane keypad small batch are available in various thicknesses and colors. As an electrical part, both a film base and a printed circuit board can use.

custom membrane keypad small batch

Why is the demand for custom membrane keypad so high now days?

Custom membrane keypad small batch are increasingly becoming an integral part of modern electronic equipment. Their widespread use became an economic and technical necessity when electronic devices began to use in almost all areas of life. In addition, they fulfill technical, operational and aesthetic requirements that mechanical keypads are not able to fulfill.

Furthermore, custom membrane keypad small batch operate in a similar way to mechanical keypads, i.e. pressing the key causes mechanical contact of the films with the circuits deposits on them with the help of an electrically conductive paste and its galvanic circuit at the junction (contact).

Custom membrane keypad consists of how many layers?

Custom membrane keypad small batch consist of several layers of film. The top film calls front. A film with conductive tracks of an electrical circuit calls a contact (switching) film. As well as, the main technology in the manufacture of film keypads is silk-screen printing (silk-screen printing). 

Moreover, front films print on polyester or polycarbonate films, contact films print on polyester. The drawing (image) applies to the inside of the film, which (prevents) provides protection from erasing the paint during operation of the keypad. The electrical circuit applies to the film with electrically conductive paste.

Membrane keypads are different

Small thickness of 0.8 – 1.5 mm.

Relatively low cost due to cheap technology.

High resistance to climatic, chemical and mechanical factors (to external influencing factors). They make it possible to manufacture moisture- and dust-proof devices that are resistant to many chemicals and organic substances.

Allow you to create a unique device.

We can make “silent” keypads without tactile effect or as keypads with tactile effect, using molded buttons or built-in metal membranes. Custom membrane keypad small batch is the solution.
There are many modifications of membrane keypads
In addition, flat (silent) no tactile effect is felt when the button presses. Keypads of this type have the highest number of keystrokes and are the most reliable.
With molded keys –  key actuation is felt when press. Furthermore, the key molding may be in the form of a sphere, a frame, or an entire key. The tactile effect is felt when pressing a convex spherical key.
In fact, with metal membranes – thanks to the use of metal membranes, a tactile effect is clearly felt when pressing a key.

Characteristics of SWITCH’AIR® metal membranes

Custom membrane keypad small batch Materials: stainless steel with a covering (nickel, gold).

Shape: 4 legs, standard diameter: 8.4mm, 10mm, 12.2mm

Pressing force: 200 – 340 g.

Working stroke: from 0.33 to 1.16 mm.

Keystroke life (for a keypad with flat buttons): 5 million keystrokes

Keystroke life (for a keypad with a raised key): 1 million keystrokes

Switching voltage: from 1 to 50 V.

Dimensions and clearances

Custom membrane keypad small batch blank: maximum size, cable length is taken into account – 400×600 mm

Keys (minimum size value) – 10×10 mm

Distance between keys (minimum) – 2 mm

The distance from the edge of the keys to the edge of the keypad is 5 mm, relative to the output of the cable – 10 mm

Dimensions and characteristics of windows for displays and LEDs:

Transparent windows for LEDs (minimum diameter value) – 1.5 mm

Forming windows in the front film for LEDs in order to increase the viewing angle and obtain a lens (diameter) – 1.5 mm

Display window tinting – grey, green or red

LED and display windows – frosted or translucent

Let’s explore about custom membrane keypad small batch of any complexity under the order. Our production is able to provide any volumes.

Custom membrane keypad small batch is made with advance technology

Secondly, Our Company specializes in the production of film and membrane keypads, which widely uses in instrumentation and various types of electronic devices. Film-membrane keypads mean versatility, reliability and wear resistance, modern technologies, fast design and manufacturing time.

 You can order the development or production of keypads according to your specification from us; buy film keypads at a competitive price.

Where is this device found?

Eventually, custom membrane keypad small batch can be found in household, medical, instrumentation, retail outlets, in civil and military control and communication systems, in machine tools and mechanisms, in land, air, water transport, in office and industrial premises, “in field”, underground, under water and even in space…

The Custom membrane keypad small batch is a multilayer construction, each layer of which performs a strictly define part of the work.

custom membrane keypad small batch 2022

The simplest membrane keypad consists of

  • Seal on the inside (rear) side of the film front panel;
  • Flexible board with a flexible cable going out;
  • Closing layer, in the form of a second flexible board, or an integrate dome closing element (membrane)
  • Adhesive base, for mounting the keypad on the device, protects by anti-adhesive paper or film.

The total thickness of the glued layers usually does not exceed 0.7 mm.

In order to meet the requirements, in the production of Custom membrane keypad small batch, materials, components, equipment and technologies especially design for this purpose must use.

When a customer unfairly believes?

Moreover, some manufacturers, in order to save money, replace these materials with more affordable ones. Outwardly, this is almost no noticeable, but it greatly affects the resource and consumer properties of film keypads.

 It often happens that having such a negative experience, customers unfairly believe that a custom membrane keypad small batch is not reliable, not for long, etc. We can easily dispel these misconceptions. All you have to do is contact our top-notch membrane keypad specialists.

At the request of the customer, the membrane keypad can integrate with

  • Metal membranes of different pressing force and different diameters, for a well-felt tactile click when trigger.
  • Electroluminescent backlight.
  • LED backlight or indication.
  • Fiber optic illumination.
  • Conductive shielding layer.
  • As well as, An
  • It- vandal layer that preserves the performance of the custom membrane keypad small batch, even with noticeable mechanical damage to the front layer.


Moreover, add to the above the possibility of implementing almost any color scheme and shape of the contour and you will get a set of an unlimited number of possible combinations, among which you cannot but find what you expect when ordering membrane keypads.

Lastly, our specialists will always be happy to help you choose the optimal combination of materials, components and technological solutions that will satisfy your needs and allow you not to overpay for unnecessary “options”.


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