Manufacturing Graphic Overlays Color Design Guidelines:

01 Apr, 2022

By hqt

A good color combination can make people very comfortable, warm and impressive, but also very expressive. In daily life, color is most likely to arouse the user’s aesthetic pleasure and is also one of the most sensitive factors. Niceone-Keypad wants clients and designers to understand the impact of color on Graphic Overlays.

Niceone-Keypad is often asked by customers what color is best for Manufacturing Graphic Overlays, so when answering this question. We go step by step to explore the effect of color on the product.

Good color matching is very important for your Graphic Overlay:

The reasons why product designers, engineering designers and users are so obsessed with Graphic Overlay colors are:

Product Designer, Engineering Designer:

  • Good color matching is conducive to brand promotion
  • Ensure that the product is attractive enough to expand sales
  • Reasonable color matching is beneficial to improve user efficiency
  • More aesthetic
  • Give the product a special meaning (different colors can represent different meanings)


  • Good color matching will make you feel more happy
  • Improve your operational efficiency

The two most commonly selected printing methods for Graphic Overlay are screen printing or four-color printing:

Graphic Overlay chooses these two to do in different situations. Screen printing is mainly to choose RAL color number or Pantone color number for overlay printing. Four-color printing uses four colors to collide and mix to form various colors. Similar to four-color printing with color printers. In order to give you a more detailed understanding of their differences, Niceone-Keypad has made the following documents for your convenience:

  Color error interval Price Special Timeliness
Screen printing Low (the color is generally in the upper and lower color system error range, even if it is different batches) Suitable for small batch production. (The price cost is higher in large quantities) Color is more stable Slower
Four-color printing Higher (different batches may differ, but the color error of the same batch is small) Suitable for mass production. (Small batch production is very expensive) Color can appear gradient effect Quick

Screen printing: Screen printing generally uses accurate color matching for printing, and there will be certain restrictions between overlapping colors.


  • The color matching of a single color and several colors is very accurate
  • Suitable for small batch production and more cost-effective.

Color Printing: A very high-quality printed Graphic Overlay can be obtained, but with large color variations from batch to batch.


  • Suitable for mass production
  • The colors are more diverse and suitable for printing with more colors.

How does Niceone-Keypad ensure that every print is more accurate?

First of all, we must understand that there will be error values ​​regardless of silk screen printing or four-color printing. The main influencing factors are:

  • Light: The same color will appear different colors when compared in different light environments.
  • Color ink selection: There will be some discrepancies between the prepared ink and the primary color ink. At this time, due to cost control reasons, most of the screen printing inks on the market are selected to mix inks for various colors.
  • Material: Use uniform ink, different printing materials will also lead to different colors. The pantone color number of the paper and the color of polyester or polycarbonate must not be exactly the same, even if the same ink is used, it can only be similar.
  • The difference between the computer file and the real object: The color you see on the screen may not be exactly the same as the color output by the printer. At this time, there will be differences between the CMYK display and the specific printed results. After the test is completed, it needs to be adjusted again to achieve the closest effect.

How to control each production will be close to or even within the error range?

From question to answer.


Check whether the color of the Pantone color card and the sample is close to the naked eye under the light table, and then you need to check the color of the color card and the sample under normal sunlight. This is a unified light standard, which is useful for checking colors.

Ink selection:

Niceone-Keypad will store the used Pantone color numbers in our color database, which will be retrieved and used when it is to be used.


When the user provides a color card sample, it is best to choose the material color block that is consistent with the drawing to give the manufacturer a reference, which is also to match the color to the greatest extent. At the same time, it is also very good to solve the difference between the color in the computer and the real object.

Instrument detection:

Routinely use a colorimeter for detection, and the color difference value is less than 2.

Four-color printing requires users to know that each batch can be close, but different batches will have large color differences.

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