How to Use Membrane Keypad Connector to Desire?

22 Feb, 2022

By hqt

Membrane keypad connector are one of the most popular control elements in electronic devices, measuring instruments, industrial control systems, automotive, medical devices, and household appliances. They ensure high resistance to climatic, chemical, mechanical and pollution exposure.

At the same time, they allow you to create many versions that differ in key travel. It includes those with flat buttons, with contact plates, embossed, with noticeable descriptions, etc.

Membrane Keypad Connector

A visually attractive faceplate of the of membrane keypads

The structure of such a keypad consists of several suitably complex, etched or printed layers of foil. Which integrate with SMD diodes, sheet membranes. From the outside of membrane keypad connector, this foil cover with colorful graphics that provide a visually attractive faceplate of the device.

The membrane keypad can also have a built-in backlight with SMD LED diodes. It contains transparent windows for displays.

Making a good keypad is always a compromise between technical parameters and reliability and price. The simpler the design, the less reliable and cheaper the keypad is. Therefore, the design and production technology enable very flexible adaptation of the product to the user’s needs, low production launch prices and unit prices.

Designing and manufacturing membrane keypad connector and foil fronts

The NICEONE company offers customers the services of designing and manufacturing membrane keypads and foil fronts for electronic devices. The basic properties of membrane keypads are:

  • Key with or without “click”,
  • Built-in LEDS under the keys,
  • Illumination of the entire keypad field
  • Electromagnetic protection (built-in shielding layer),
  • Pockets for descriptions,
  • Foil or silicone front,
  • Textured foil front, gloss, antiglare (matte), hard coated,
  • Transparent fields intended for mounting displays underneath them, color filters for led displays,
  • Through holes.

The foil front is a polyester or polycarbonate graphic foil. It prints on the left side with a layer of special mounting adhesive applied on the underside. It is an element commonly used in electronic equipment as an extremely durable and resistant labeling element, as well as the top layer of membrane and silicone keypads.

Basic properties of membrane keypad connector

  • Exceptional resistance to wiping graphics, detergents, chemicals,
  • Almost unlimited graphic possibilities,
  • Screen printing or digital printing,
  • Textured, gloss, antiglare, hard coated surface,
  • Transparent fields, color filters,
  • Through holes,
  • Pockets for descriptions.

We also offer other types of short-stroke keypads, such as silicone or based on a rigid or flexible printed circuit with the use of microswitches. The technology of their production opens up great opportunities for device designers in terms of shape and surface finish.

These solutions target at the medical or food industry. As silicone creates a hydrophobic surface that is easy to clean, and at the same time resistant to chemical exposure.

Membrane Keypad Connector 2022

Have a significant impact on the appearance of the device

Membrane keypad connector and glass touch panels are external elements of electronic devices. Moreover, these used for communication between the user and the device. In addition to this basic function, they have a significant impact on the appearance of the device. And thus, on the first impression it makes on a potential customer and user.

Foil keypads or glass touch panels?

Foil keypads are a cheaper solution. And glass touch panels are more expensive, but perceived as a fashionable and extremely elegant solution. Therefore, at the initial stage of designing a new membrane keypad connector, it is worth asking yourself which of the above solutions will be better for your application.

The front elevation made of glass is resistant to chemical and climatic factors. Moreover, it can be very elegant and made of the right quality material. It will also resistant to scratches and other mechanical stresses. The artwork prints on the underside of the glass plate.

It is completely resistant to mechanical damage

Generally, it forms limit only by the imagination of the ordering party, and due to the way of printing. It is completely resistant to mechanical damage. An integral part of such a panel is a touch screen that replaces the keys and enables adaptive control of the electronics of the device. The most commonly used touch screens are LCDs with capacitive panels above them.

The membrane keypad connector is a flexible element made of polyester foil

It is resistant to chemical and climatic stresses, and after sticking to the housing. Moreover, it is also resistant to most mechanical stresses. The façade graphic print on the underside of the polyester foil and is therefore completely resistant to mechanical damage.

Due to the use of digital printing technology, its form is limited only by the imagination of the client. In addition, the keypad contains foil contacts and integrated LEDs, which allows it to fully control the electronics without the need for additional displays or LCD panels.

As can be seen from the above description, the choice of the membrane keypad connector depends on what device we intend to use it for and what functions it is to fulfill.

Glass panels are a more expensive solution

Glass panels are a more expensive solution and can effectively apply to devices with complex, multi-level software, which is difficult or impossible to visualize using a foil keypad, or those that require a particularly elegant and fashionable look.

Classic foil keypads are cheaper

Classic foil keypads are cheaper and should use in simpler devices that can work in difficult operating conditions, because they are much more resistant to environmental exposure.

Thus, an unambiguous answer to the question asked in the title is not possible, because it all depends on the type of membrane keypad connector to which we want to use the control panel. Its working conditions and the expectations of our customers.

In order to avoid mistakes in the selection of the control panel, you should consult its supplier or manufacturer, as each panel incorrectly used may harm your finances and reputation.

NICEONE is a manufacturer and supplier of foil keypads and glass touch panels

Moreover, we employ competent employees who carefully familiarize themselves with your problems and needs and propose the most appropriate solution, both technically and economically.

In order to avoid mistakes when choosing the type of membrane keypad connector. Consult its supplier or manufacturer, as any technical solution improperly applied may harm your finances and reputation.


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