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08 Feb, 2022

By hqt

Choosing a keypad that is comfortable, functional and aesthetically pleasing is a guarantee of productive work and effective Membrane. But membrane keypad manufacturer offers hundreds of options, the prices of which differ tenfold.

Our today’s article is devoted to the issue of pricing for keypads and aspects of choosing a suitable model.

What makes up the price of a keypad?

While the keypad is one of the most budget-friendly elements of a desktop PC, it is quite a complex device.

The cost of a keypad is determined by a number of criteria:

  • Manufacturer’s brand and reputation

It is logical that some membrane keypad manufacturer, who have invested heavily in advertising and marketing, want to compensate for the costs at the expense of the cost of the goods. At the same time, keypads from the Asian market of the “no name” category are much cheaper, but since the device has no name, no one cares about its reputation.

  • Appointment

Division of The membrane keypad manufacturer

Office – the most budgetary, they are often made of inexpensive materials and have the required minimum of functions.

Multimedia are also basic keypads of the budget segment, which are equipped with several additional keys for controlling audio and video content.

Ergonomic – ordinary user devices that are distinguished by a special comfortable shape and non-standard key arrangement. Often, the more unusual the appearance of the keypad, the more expensive its price.

Membrane keypad manufacturer has keypads which are the top category, fully equipped with various functionalities, additional keys, backlighting and other features.

Membrane Keypad Manufacturer

Most Reliable Keypads

  • Materials

Membrane keypads are made from various types of plastic. The most budgetary option is ABC. It is easy to mold and relatively durable. But with heavy use, both the body and some keys can crack. Over time, the surface of the keys wears down and begins to shine; white keypads can turn noticeably yellow.

PBT is a stronger and more durable type of plastic. It is not afraid of ultraviolet radiation, and the matte slightly rough surface of the keys does not wear off even after several years. The cost of keypads made of such plastic cannot be called budget.

The Price Tag Act as Panels

An additional plus to the price tag is the use of metal in the keypad design. It can act as panels and also form the basis of the membrane keypad manufacturer.

  • Mechanism

Now there are 3 types of keypads. If we arrange them in ascending order of price, we get the following rating:

  • membrane;
  • scissor;
  • mechanical.

The choice of option should be based on the purpose of the device. We have already written in detail about the advantages and disadvantages of various mechanisms in this article.

Number of keys

The minimum set of the keypad by membrane keypad manufacturer contains 104 buttons. Some manufacturers are expanding the functionality by introducing additional keys, for example, a block for controlling multimedia applications, power on, off and hibernation buttons. At the same time, some compact keypads may not even have a numeric keypad.

  • Backlight

By definition, any computer components, like peripherals, equipped with backlighting are more expensive. The manufacturer spent money on technology and naturally invested these expenses in the final cost of the devices.

 But to choose a keypad with or without backlit is already the choice of the user himself. It often does not carry a functional load, unless you are typing texts in complete darkness.

Criteria such as connection method, button height, color and even design often do not significantly affect the cost. In each price category, you can find different options.

Membrane Keypad Manufacturer 2022

How to choose a membrane keypad manufacturer?

Keypads for work are mostly products of budget and middle price segments. First of all, attention should be paid to the comfort of work. Luckily, keypads are one of the few items you can try out in a store.

When buying a keypad for daily writing, pay attention to the following indicators:

  • comfortable location and size of buttons, especially functional ones;
  • depth of key travel and sound of pressing;
  • the presence of the necessary additional keys and manipulators (multimedia, digital block, touchpad);

Do gamers have a membrane keypad manufacturer?

If you choose between a budget membrane keypad and a more expensive mechanical keypad, then players should take a closer look at the mechanics.

The fact is that there are rubber membranes under the keys of the membrane keypad. When pressed regularly, the material loses its elasticity, and the buttons begin to “stick”. And since the players intensively use a rather narrow set of keys – W, A, S, D, plus with a lower intensity E, Q and arrows, then it is these buttons that fail first.

In this regard, the keys of mechanical keypads demonstrate the best endurance. And they work more clearly, with a characteristic click.

Another plus of mechanical keypads for Membrane is their core. Often the base of a good Membrane keypad is a metal plate. Such devices are much heavier than plastic ones, do not ride on the table and create a feeling of reliability and solidity.

The Disadvantages of Membrane Keypad

The disadvantages of other keypads by membrane keypad manufacturer should also be mentioned. First of all, it is the sound of pressing. Since many users spend evenings and nights playing games, noise can be annoying to others, even if the computer is located in another room. 

If the soundtrack of the game can be neutralized using headphones, then the loud clicks of the buttons, especially in the heat of the battle, will not work.

But the backlight is a relatively neutral selection criterion. Firstly, on Membrane keypads, you can most often turn it off at any time, or adjust the brightness of the glow. And secondly, keen players rarely turn their eyes to the keypad. The gameplay control has been worked out to the point of automatism, and they do not need peeping.

But there is a certain category of users who like everything to sparkle. In this case, a backlit Membrane keypad in a set for a system unit equipped with RGB backlight will be the most suitable option.


In fact, there are no clear criteria for choosing a membrane keypad manufacturer. Everything is purely individual. If you’re comfortable with a premium gaming Membrane keypad, no one can judge you. And if it is convenient for you to play using the budget model itself, this is also a matter of habit, to which you have every right.


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