5 major Advantages of Membrane Keypad 4×4

18 Feb, 2022

By hqt

Types of Membrane keypad

Membrane Keypad 4x4

In the vast panorama of membrane peripherals, a semi-mechanical membrane keypad 4×4 represents a compromise between a mechanical and a membrane. Sometimes referred to as hybrid, these keypads are great for many games.

They have some flaws but many advantages, first of all the competitive price. Seldom, we will explain in detail the technology implemented, how much the best ones cost and what characteristics they have.

Mechanical Vs semi-mechanical membrane keypad

By reading on forums and Facebook groups, gamers talk a lot about mechanical keypads. They describe them as the best ever to play at high levels. In reality, these peripherals have come back into fashion precisely in the field of membrane.

Eventually, they were the first ones common at the dawn of information technology. Membrane keypad 4×4 keypads appeared to spend less and make little noise, so they were suitable for offices.

The vast diffusion of membrane keypad

Membrane keypad made mechanical ones fall into oblivion, but the latest releases certainly is difficult to compare to those of the past.

Companies are heavily focusing on switch technologies, but membrane keypad manufacturers are also innovating. In this article we will examine all the features of a semi-mechanical membrane keypad. Furthermore, these are perhaps the most modern and innovative of all.

Cost of mechanical membrane keypad

Membrane keypad 4×4 limits the costs of the mechanical ones and has better performance than the membrane ones.

Real gamers have found that there is no need to spend hundreds of dollars to buy expensive devices. Some features are simple trappings to raise the price, because advertising that the keys are all mechanical attracts a lot.

Technology behind membrane keypad

The technologies common to build a semi-mechanical membrane keypad 4×4 are different and one of the most common is to insert only the most common completely mechanical keys, saving on the others.

Why do we need membrane buttons after all? But this is not the only technique common, let’s see the others in the next paragraphs.

Membrane keypads with single keys

Membrane Keypad 4x4 2022

Lastly, we said that companies use several methods to assemble a semi-mechanical membrane keypad 4×4. Keypads of this type have a membrane under which single keys install which make tactile feedback similar to mechanical ones.

How to use keypad?

The more experienced are well aware that the sensation you get under your fingers on membrane keypad while using is fundamental.  They are the responsiveness and response speed of the computer or console.

The membrane keypads form by a rubbery membrane on which the buttons mount. Therefore pressing on them does not give any tactile feedback but a soft sensation that can be annoying to some.

Lastly, shooter players love to hear a loud click of membrane keypad 4×4 every time they shoot and this will never happen with a membrane keypad.

Structure of mechanical keypad

 It is happens with semi Mechanical keypad, because they have a structure for each single key. This leads to another important advantage .Eventually, Membrane keypads must get away when a button breaks, while the semi-mechanical ones with single keys just need to change the faulty one.

Increase and decrease the price of keypad

If it is true that the price is lower than fully mechanical membrane keypad 4×4 ones, it is certainly not the switch technology that makes the difference. Of course it is important, but there are other peculiarities that increase or decrease the price.

Semi Mechanical keypads invented

The first semi-mechanical membrane keypads were invented by NiceOne, a term that is still often read today. When in the specs it is found that a semi-mechanical membrane keypad 4×4 membrane keypad is mechanical it means the same thing.

NiceOne membrane keypads are among the best:

 We describe one of the latest releases to understand how the semi-mechanical mechanism is common. Such a keypad implements anti-ghosting technology on only 26 keys, which is quite a large number and saves some money.

Generally, anti-ghosting membrane keypad 4×4 technology is on all the buttons you reach exorbitant figures. For the uninitiated, it means that you can press up to 26 keys which are all detected by the system.

It is with membrane keypads, no more than two or three can be pressed, because a greater number is not recognized and the computer will emit an audible warning beep.

Recognizing multiple keys

Recognizing multiple keys at the same time to play is essential. Almost always in NiceOne there are and are common to memorize very long keystrokes.

 In this way, while using it will be enough to stretch a finger to obtain a complex command and to gain precious time.

Convenient keycaps in the specs

Semi-mechanical keys, as well as mechanical ones, have different types of switches, otherwise called switches. The mechanism of membrane keypad 4×4 under the button can be of various types.

Furthermore, always keep in mind that sometimes the covers on top of the switches are called keycaps in the specs.

 It is also convenient to be able to replace the latter with a handful of euros because sometimes they wear out and you can no longer read the letter.

Important features of keypad

Lastly, going into more detail of the type of switch of membrane keypad 4×4, we can see that the characteristics to describe it are the same as the mechanical keypads such as the stroke and the actuation point.

The high-quality membrane keypad 4×4

 In addition keypads for memory membrane have a total travel of 3.6mm and a 1.2mm activation point, which ensures a tactile feel very similar to mechanical keypads. One feature to always take into consideration when choosing a semi-mechanical membrane keypad is the layout.

As well as, all the others, even a semi-mechanical membrane keypad 4×4  membrane keypad can be wired or wireless . The interface is almost always USB and it is preferable to choose the latter for faster command execution.

 Obviously, the wireless ones are more comfortable but they have two disadvantages: they cost more and are slower in response. Those that have a very short latency time have prices that are convenient only in exceptional cases.


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