Membrane Keypad Suppliers: Quality vs Quantity

08 Feb, 2022

By hqt

The first barrier that people who want to consider a good keypad will feel is that “there are various differences in membrane keypad suppliers, but I’m not sure.” We often see names such as “membrane type”, “panda graph type”, “mechanical type”, and “capacitive non-contact method”, but it is difficult to tell the difference.

It is difficult to tell the difference

Even if you search on Google, there are few things that can be clearly convinced that “this is it!” It’s a hidden masterpiece that doesn’t hit at all even if you do a Google search. Google should do its best.

Membrane Keypad Suppliers


  1. Basic structure and features of keypad method
  2. Basic structure of membrane keypad
  3. Membrane + rubber dome keypad
  4. Membrane + pantograph keypad
  5. Mechanical keypad
  6. Capacitive non-contact keypad

Basic structure and features of membrane keypad suppliers

There are four types of keypad structure as follows.

Keyboard formatBasic structureFeatures
Membrane typeRubber dome typeThe basic structure is a membrane type, with convex parts called “rubber dome”.The disadvantages of the membrane type, “pressing feeling” and “stroke feeling” can be obtained.
Pantograph formulaThe basic structure is a membrane type, with an X-shaped button called a “pantograph”.The stroke is small and there is a sense of stability. It is use in general notebook PCs.
Mechanical typeEach key is an independent form.The feeling of pushing due to the repulsion of the spring feels good. Easy to customize and maintain.
Capacitive non-contact methodA form that recognizes that a key has been pressed due to a change in electrostatic capacity.Since the capacitance changes, the user can change the detected value as desired. That is, the depth of reaction when a key is pressed can be changed.

In detail, there are other membrane keypad suppliers’ types such as “back spring type”, “Hall effect type”, “electronic type”, and “butterfly type”, but these four are the major ones.

Basic structure of membrane keypad

Membrane-type keypads are derived from two types, “rubber dome type” and “pantograph type”, based on their structure. First, let’s talk about the membrane keypad, which is the basis of these two methods.

The basic structure of the membrane type is two sheets with contacts, sandwiched between spacers with holes. By pushing the upper sheet, the contacts come into contact with each other. This recognizes that the key has been pressed.

Since it is in the form of a sheet, it can be produced in “mass production”, “thinness”, and “cheap”. It is also use for electrical appliances and remote controls.

Membrane keypad suppliers + rubber dome keypad

The basic structure is a membrane type, and a convex part called a “rubber dome” is use on the switch. The “membrane type”, which is a combination of thin plates, has less “sinking” and “returning” when pressed, so the disadvantage is that the “feeling of pressing and stroke” when pressing a key is weak.

In order to solve this problem, we adopted a “rubber dome”, and it is this shape that makes it possible to feel the “pushing feeling” and “stroke”.

Membrane Keypad Suppliers 2022

Capacitive non-contact keypad

The last is about “capacitive non-contact method”. By pressing a key, the conical spring “conic ring” inside the mechanism is deformed. A sensor on the board detects changes in capacitance.

Since the capacitance changes, the user can change the detected value as desired. That is, the depth of reaction when a key is pressed can be changed. The structure is similar to “membrane + rubber dome”, so the feeling of pressing is similar to the membrane keypad suppliers.

Get the best membrane switch only from Niceone!

Are you still trying to keep in mind what a membrane switch is? Or where can I get the best one? As you already know, membrane switches are use in various electronic devices such as televisions, laptops, microwave ovens, air conditioners, etc.

However, as the demand for electrical circuits increases, it is rude to choose a reputable company; Niceone can be your ultimate solution. They provide the latest technology and have experts to guide you with any questions you may have. For example – you can ask questions to membrane keypad suppliers about membrane switches or how fast shipping is.

Before we go any further, what is a membrane switch?

A membrane switch is a printed electronic circuit use to turn a circuit on and off. Additionally, the circuit uses conductive inks made of silver, granite and copper. They are part of a variety of electrical devices and appliances and have dual touch screens, push buttons, toggle-lockers and more.

The primary purpose of using membrane switches is to create a stable interface between man and machine.

What are the steps to make a membrane switch?

Now that you know what membrane keypad suppliers are, here’s how they are made

  • The top layer of these switches uses a graphic overlay and the bottom consists of a printed circuit.
  • The thin layers connect to each other via a pressure-sensitive adhesive.
  • Various layers are use in this circuit, including polyamide, polyester and rigid PCB layers.

The switch activates the moment a printed shorting pad contacts the underlying circuit layer and closes the circuit. Note: Unlike mechanical switches, membrane switches take up less space for design, are cheaper, are slower, and are easier to clean is easy.

What types of membrane switches does Niceone provide?

Membrane keypad suppliers can provide both types of membrane switches.

  1. Tactile Membrane Switch
  2. non-tactile switch

Niceone offers a wide range of membrane switches for use in both commercial and residential buildings. They also supply regularly to the aerospace industry and medical institutions.

We manufacture a wide range of state-of-the-art switches, including:

  • Graphic overlays represent larger surfaces, including glass, metal, and wood.
  • Intermittent texturing and hard coating
  • Embossing
  • Transparent window
  • Dead front graphic
  • Assembly of finished product panels
  • Polarization reading window
  • ESD/RFI shield

Why choose Printed Electronics when purchasing a membrane switch?

As membrane keypad suppliers you will naturally prefer products that are easy to handle. This is precisely why choosing a Niceone solution proves to be in your favor. It offers advanced technology options that prove to be advantageous while switching membrane switches.


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