Your Key to Success: Membrane Keypad Overlay

08 Feb, 2022

By hqt

Gold-plated or nickel-plated membranes

Membrane keypad overlay design allows you to expand this level by installing gold-plated or nickel-plated membranes that give the effect of a perceptible key stroke. Additional elements that can place on the printed circuit are SMD LEDs in basic colors.

All keyboard levels hermetically seal with each other. The principle of operation is therefore very simple, as it consists in the mechanical contact of the button with the applied electrical system, which causes a short circuit, which results in a reaction of the device.

Membrane keypad overlay: The Highest Quality Product

The whole gives us a control element resistant to most factors, easy to use, which have been uses in a large number of electronic devices. Niceone Keypad- a manufacturer of control panels offers the highest quality products at an attractive price.

We help great companies to create perfect devices. It is from the first vision of the keyboard to the complete closure of the project. Good keyboards come from good understanding. We collect the necessary information and set all the details. We will show the first results faster than you think.

Everything is still possible here. We will not give up until we create a project that will satisfy you 100%. We start the production of membrane keypad overlay. The moment you are proud – in just a few days.

Membrane Keypad Overlay

We provide perfect devices

  • We close the entire production of foil keyboards at reasonable costs.
  • Each project price individually, but certainly flexibly and friendly.
  • You will pay for the service when you completely satisfy with the results of our work.

Use of Adhesive Membrane keyboard

The membrane keyboard is made of several layers of foil, which connect by adhesive membranes. It is uses in industry (e.g. aviation, transport or medical), but is also often found in household appliances. Front elevations and electric paths print on foils.

The production technology allows us to make a membrane keypad overlay at the customer’s individual request. It is possible to use any graphics and configuration of electrical connections.

Advantages of membrane keypads

A membrane keyboard is much cheaper than a mechanical keyboard, especially in mass production. The disadvantages of the mechanical keyboard eliminate in its membrane counterpart, which is why they often use in electronic devices intend for operation in difficult conditions, where resistance to atmospheric, chemical or mechanical factors require.

Membrane keypads meet technical and operational requirements

This is due to the fact that membrane keypads meet many technical and operational requirements that mechanical keyboards do not. In addition, membrane keypad overlay offers great design possibilities, thanks to which the final products aesthetic and tailor to the customer’s needs.

 After installation, the membrane keyboard does not take up much space because it is thin, which additionally contributes to its durability.

Membrane Keypad Overlay 2022

How to assemble membrane keyboards?

Membrane keyboards are easy to install. Before that, the substrate should properly prepare:

  • Degrease and remove any impurities from the bonding surface
  • Peel off a piece of silicone paper from the underside of the keyboard
  • Align the keyboard in the correct position and thread the output tape through the slot in the board / housing
  • Peel off the rest of the silicone paper
  • Make sure the glued surfaces are still clean!
  • The membrane keyboard should press by you to the base in order to remove the residual air.
  • In turn, leave the transparent fields secured until the commencement of operation
  • The glued membrane keyboard must not be torn off
  • Do not bend, stick or break the keyboard and the output tape
  • Switching the keys with hard or sharp tools is strictly forbidden

Membrane keypad overlay can be found in every field

Keyboards can be found in the aviation, transport and medical industries, where reliability, durability and resistance to difficult working conditions require. Two types of keypads most often use to operate various types of devices: membrane and mechanical.

How are they different and how do they work? What advantages and disadvantages do membrane keyboards and mechanical keyboards have? You must check it out!

Operation of mechanical and membrane keyboard

How does a membrane keyboard work? The membrane keypad overlay operates on the basis of a short circuit of individual parts of the electrical circuit. Pressing the key short-circuits the contact fields and, as a result, the respective circuits.

All paths leading to the connection print on special foils in a way that prevents the print from rubbing off during everyday use.

There are membranes under the buttons of the membrane keyboard, and between the membrane and the buttons there are tabs with an activator that causes pressure. This solution means that when we click a key, membrane keypad overlay sends a signal to the device that an action has been taken and that the appropriate operation should perform.

How does a mechanical keyboard work?

Mechanical keyboards work a bit differently. There is an independent switch (spring loaded) under each button on the mechanical keyboard that recognizes the action perform. Thanks to the use of this method, it is not necessary to press each button hard when using the keyboard.

The differences between a membrane and a mechanical keyboard

The differences between a membrane and a mechanical keyboard can find not only in the structure and mode of operation. The key of a mechanical keyboard is able to withstand more clicks than its membrane counterpart.

We can also find differences in the price of the equipment. The membrane keypad overlay often chooses solution in mass production due to its numerous advantages, including low price.

Membrane keyboard – advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of membrane keypads include freedom of execution, depending on the customer’s needs. Various configurations of electrical connections as well as graphics and backlight can be uses. As a result, the final products will meet all the aesthetic requirements of the customers.

 These models are much cheaper than the mechanical ones, and also thinner, which means that they do not take up much space in the device housing.

Membrane keyboards meet many requirements that mechanical keyboards do not meet: membrane keypad overlay is more resistant to harsh conditions, mechanical damage, and can also be uses in devices that must be dust and waterproof.

The advantage of membrane keyboards

The advantage of membrane keyboards is, above all, low cost, which is important for mass production. The surface and keys are easy to disinfect and keep in a proper order.

In the case of well-made keyboards of this type, we can also observe a strong and clear key stroke, which has an impact on the comfort of use, despite the fact that membrane keyboards can work as “mute”.


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