The new design of the Membrane Switch in dental equipment allows for improved waterproofing

04 Mar, 2022

By hqt

One of the medical companies that has partnered with Niceone-Keypad over the past year mainly produces tooth cleaners. He complained to us that their old supplier made the Membrane Switch with poor water resistance and carbonation of the silver paste.

According to the analysis, the width of the product is only 10mm, but the length is 114mm.

The difficulty of the product is that the button is too close to the edge with a distance of only 2mm. And the product requires a long tact switch.

The problem is:

  • The width of the product is too narrow: The waterproof frame structure cannot be used because the width cannot be changed. Therefore, IP67 cannot be achieved.
  • The button is too close to the edge.
  • Selected the silver oil route


  • Questions one and twoInstead of using a waterproof frame structure, it adopts the form of sealing, and selects a special type of switch for sealing and thickening the thickness of the material.

Question three

  • If Flex Copper Circuit is selected, the circuit will not be easily carbonized.
  • Choose 3M adhesive tape with higher viscosity.
Membrane Switch in dental equipment

At the same time, the buttons of this product are small, and a thinner panel material needs to be selected to increase the product tactile Feedback.

In the end, this product was successfully sold in the hands of customers.


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