Importance of Membrane Switch for Medical bed control:

04 Mar, 2022

By hqt

Most medical institutions will have Medical Bed Control. And you must be careful to find that most Medical Bed Controls are Membrane Switch. Or a mechanical switch, a type of plastic switch. But mechanical switches and plastic switches are relatively rare. There’s a reason why most designers choose the Membrane Switch as the Medica Bed Control. First we need to understand the needs of the Medical industry.

1-14 Membrane Switch for bed control
1-14 Membrane Switch for bed control
1-14 Membrane Switch for bed control

The requirements are:

Because in the Medical industry, Medical Bed Control is also a common accessory device for Medical.

Medical Bed Control needs to maintain a high degree of cleanliness:

Products that are easy to clean or have antibacterial properties. This is to reduce the harm of bacteria to the patient.

Medical Bed Control requires high sensitivity and low error rate:

The product needs to consider how to maintain high sensitivity and reduce errors in operating instructions. The main purpose is to prevent the patient from delaying the emergency needs of the patient due to product problems and causing medical accidents in an emergency.

Medical Bed Control needs a long service life:

Since the buttons of the Medical Bed Control need to consider a long service life, generally more than 1,000,000 times. LEDs are still as new after 1-20,000h use, and the panel will not be easily damaged, etc. The long service life side reflects the durability of the product and makes your medical device brand widely recognized.

If the Medical Bed Control needs more function buttons:

The traditional mechanical switch only has the function of the button, but it is difficult to judge the content of its work. At the same time, when it takes up a lot of space, the Medical Bed Control is not suitable for mechanical switches. Because Medical Bed Control requires less space to achieve more functions.

*Medical Bed Control needs to be considered for use in the middle of the night:

How to quickly locate the Medical Bed Control in a dark environment, and at the same time confirm the exact position of the buttons. This is a project of a medical company asking about Niceone-Keypad. Because some patients will not be able to find the Medical Bed Control in a dark environment. Even if it is found, it is difficult to confirm the position of the button.

The importance of the Membrane Switch in Medical Bed Control is highlighted:

  • Due to the flat design of the Membrane Switch and the choice of conventional materials, a large amount of bacteria and medical liquids can be eliminated by only using a rag and some cleaning liquid. This is impossible for a mechanical switch.
  • Membrane Switch can choose Flex Copper Circuit or Printing Circuit Board with low resistance and low defect rate. The advantage of this is that it can reduce the defect rate of the circuit during use. At the same time, these two types of circuits have lower resistance and more sensitive response. According to Niceone-Keypad’s customer feedback, these two types of lines have fewer failures and more stable performance than the silver oil line.
1-14 Membrane Switch for bed control
1-14 Membrane Switch for bed control
  • Membrane Switch can position patients through blind spot Embossed or embossed buttons while reducing medical risks. Even Niceone-Keypad has developed Backlight technology and Resin Dome in the past two years to solve such problems.
  • If the panel material, tape material and accessories of Membrane Switch are selected with appropriate materials, the design is reasonable and the use is reasonable. Then your Membrane Switch won’t fail easily for three to five year.
  • One of the biggest advantages of Membrane Switch is that it can realize the maximum function in a limited space. In a small 88.5*88.5mm panel, 16 buttons can be placed, and their functions are not the same. This is impossible for mechanical switches.
  • Membrane Switch can realize the function of working late at night through the design of Backlight, and effectively reduce problems such as operation errors under the instruction of bright light.

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