How to repair microwave oven membrane keypad?

18 Feb, 2022

By hqt

Microwave keypad

microwave oven membrane keypad

Versatile and of exquisite workmanship microwave oven membrane keypad have spread to the most diverse sectors. You can find them in following sectors:

  • Telephony
  •  information technology
  •  Tools
  • fitness machinery
  • household appliances
  •  automotive
  •  Aeronautics and many other industrial fields.

Microwave oven film keypad repair

Firstly, microwave ovens often have a “creeping” malfunction. If the oven loses control from the keypad and begins to “take on a life of its own.” This expresses in the fact that the microwave oven does not respond to pressing the keypad keys.

Moreover, these signs of malfunction appear chaotically randomly. You turn on the microwave oven membrane keypad again. It can restore to normal operation (managed by a person using the keypad keys) and work in normal mode for some time.

Let us consider the causes of the phenomenon and methods for localizing a creeping fault. You can read practical recommendations. How to make the microwave stop “clown” are given below.

Causes of the malfunction of microwave oven membrane keypad

The reason for the disgrace is that over time (especially in conditions of high humidity), the insulation between the microwave oven membrane keypad conductors deteriorates. It is impossible to diagnose this malfunction with a multi-meter; its test voltage is too low.

Often (in this case) the repairman decides that the microprocessor in the microwave control unit is faulty and, just as often, in vain.

In a number of practical cases, it turned out that the best solution is to replace the membrane keypad or restore the old one.

Microwave membrane keypad device

Eventually, microwave oven membrane keypad consists of two films on which conductive tracks and pads apply. Between them is a mask, with slots opposite the pads. This mask also sticks together films.

How to fix a membrane keypad

Firstly, to repair it is necessary to glue the keypad. In this technological process, sudden movements and shaking hands are contraindicated. The mechanical force on the top film applies evenly and not too hard. Then remove the electronic unit.

Membrane keypad printer

The microwave oven membrane keypad leads to associating in our mind. Firstly, the PC keypad and then the cellular membrane, in reality, is a fundamental product for the use of many products on the market that surround us.

Where we can use membrane keypad?

At home we can find them applicable to household appliances with buttons such as dishwashers, ovens, microwaves and refrigerators. In the company we find them applicable to the most classic of coffee machines, or inserted in industrial machinery equipped with a control panel with essential buttons for their operation.

Production of membrane keypad

Eventually, membrane keypads are produced in plastic materials such as polyester, polyethylene and polyethylene terephthalate. These materials are of the flexible or semi-rigid type.

Types of microwave oven membrane keypad

microwave oven membrane keypad 2022

There are also other types of rigid and thick membrane keypads, produced in vetronite (or epoxy glass). Their use is essential on electronic and industrial equipment subject to severe thermal changes. The vetronite ensures optimal dimensional stability and electrical insulation of the control panel. Membrane keypads have backlit also.

How membrane keypads work?

Depending on the starting material, microwave oven membrane keypad is easy to cut and shape into the desired shape. To best fit the machine for which they were created.

Furthermore, their drilling allows them to be overlapped and interlocked on LEDs and potentiometers.

Membrane keypad is easy to draw, i.e. machined to obtain a tactile surface swelling that makes it easier for the operator to locate the buttons.

What materials we use in membrane keypad?

As well as they come of more or less opaque, satin and translucent light plastic materials. They are coupled or applicable to milled anodized aluminum supports to give ideal rigidity to the finished product. This also allows the application of any LED backlighting.

How equipped membrane keypad

Furthermore, they are very special products. They can microwave oven membrane keypad equipped with an electrical circuit printed in polymer clay .A high silver content, silk-screened on the back of the buttons for optimal input conductivity near the buttons.

Membrane keypads offer high resistance over time, are impermeable to oils and liquids and resist. If exposed outdoors they resist atmospheric agents.

Digital printers for membrane keypads

Printing microwave oven membrane keypad can I also use UV and UV LED inkjet technology? In addition to the low thickness (0.5 / 1.2 mm), allow it to be printed on industrial screen printing systems.

UV curable and UV LED inkjet flatbed printers:

The great advantage deriving from the use of flatbed UV or UV LED digital printing systems is to be found in the high quality price.

No installation cost

This is because unlike screen printing there are no installation costs such as:

  • engraving of the frames (and relative storage)
  • ovens and dryers

Expensive facilities for the disposal of chemicals and other products required, however, for analogue microwave oven membrane keypad printing.

Tightness tests on membrane keypads

In fact, some specific tightness tests on membrane keypads printed with Niceone Keypad. It has ascertained that UV curable inks, and UV LED, Niceone Keypad SQS, once deep drawn. They resist for over 1,000,000 click cycles.

Furthermore, thanks to the availability of transparent ink (Varnish) on Niceone Keypad it is possible to make the windows of the LCDs transparent. A handy feature of microwave oven membrane keypad when you are working on satin polyester sheets, for example.

What are the main benefits of microwave oven membrane keypad?

The above testifies that UV inkjet and UV LED Niceone Keypad is now comparable to screen printing quality in most applications for microwave oven membrane keypad. The related products, and surpasses it in terms of versatility and creative development.

Creative digital graphics

Furthermore, i would add that the membrane keypads printed with creative digital graphics. It is more colorful and inspired by the ergonomics of the finished product on which they will be applicable, have made .It is possible to improve the interaction between the operator and the machine.

Overall, we can say that a good microwave oven membrane keypad printed with flatbed technology offers excellent definition.


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