What Are Popular Types of Silicone Rubber Keypad Today?

25 May, 2022

By hqt

Silicone Rubber Keypad

These switches sense shaft rotation by centrifugal force on the shaft. Some types of non-contact shaft motion detection such as optical or magnetic. Touch silicone rubber keypad is a switch using capacitive touch technology. The switch surface uses tempered glass material. A gentle touch of your finger on the glass can turn on / off electrical appliances in the household.

Inductive silicone keypads are often used to replace traditional switches because of their convenience and high efficiency.

In addition to electric touch switches, there are also other types of touch switches such as infrared touch switches, light touch switches, etc.

What are the outstanding features of silicone rubber keypad?

The touch switch with its fully flat design creates architectural sophistication and seamlessness and a sense of spaciousness in your home.

The materials that make up the touch switch often have an eye-catching appearance. It can use for a long time, with heat resistance and explosion resistance. Which will help minimize problems during use, and at the same time avoid dust, which old manual switches could not do.

Support integration with smart remote-control center

The touch-sensitive rubber keypad also has the ability to integrate with remote control centers. Thereby allowing you to interact in many ways such as: Turning on/off manually like a normal switch, turning on/off by phone (smart phone), iPad, turn on/off by timer system, etc.

The price of silicone rubber keypad is slightly higher than the conventional switch. But on the contrary, it will save money when improving the house

With the superiority in structure, materials as well as the convenience and features that touch switches bring. It is understandable that their price is slightly higher than that of conventional switches. You work hard to invest, when you improve your home. It will be much more economical and convenient.

The benefits of an inductive power switch

With touch-sensitive rubber keypad, you will not have to worry when children and young children touch or play with electrical appliances in the house. Because silicone rubber keypad with insulating, heat-insulating. Explosion-proof material will ensure absolute safety for you and your family members.

Instead of searching for old manual electrical switches, you just need a light touch. Everything will become a lot simpler with touch-sensitive electrical switches. At the same time, forgetting to turn off lights, televisions, air conditioners, etc. wastes effort and money, reduces the life of the device and can cause dangerous accidents.

But with the touch-sensitive switch with built-in remote control, you can solve any problem quickly with the remote control feature by phone. You can monitor and control devices remotely, and eliminate energy and money concerns. Instead, it is comfort and peace of mind when traveling.

Silicone rubber keypad: make your home modern

With ultra-flat and ultra-thin designs, touch-sensitive electrical switches will help create an extremely spacious feeling for your home instead of traditional thick and rough switches.

Your friends and relatives will also have to admire and admire when you just need a light touch to be able to control all devices in the house. It will make you prouder to have others visit your home.

With the above benefits, why don’t you install it right away and feel the convenience that the touch switch brings and a lot of other conveniences waiting for you to feel when using. There are also types such as infrared induction silicone rubber keypad, light-sensitive electrical switches, etc. They will help your home become more modern and convenient.

A touch switch is a smart electrical device installed with touch-sensitive electronic circuits so that you can control it remotely with a mobile phone or tablet. You just need to connect to WIFI or 3g, 4g is used. They are widely common in smart devices.

Advantages of smart home touch switch

Silicone Rubber Keypad 2022

Put on the scale with traditional switches, smart touch switch products possess many more advantages. That is:

Modern and classy design: With a luxurious glass design in two neutral colors, white and black. Homeowners can choose to install silicone rubber keypad it for their home. They are not out of line with the overall design of the house.

High sensitivity: High sensitivity touch keys and product durability are also better than with traditional switches. You will find the communication switches after a period of use easily damaged.

Safe use and optimize user experience: Touch buttons can touch even with wet hands, safe for families with young children or the elderly. The convenience of the product lies in the fact that you can easily turn off all electrical appliances with 1 switch panel or control through a mobile application.

Easy installation and flexible warranty: Installation time is quick and when something goes wrong. You can ask a technical team to repair it. The warranty period is flexible depending on the silicone rubber keypad supplier, usually 2 years

Application features of the inductive silicone keypad set

With the aim of enhancing the user experience and providing a comfortable life for homeowners. Today’s touch switches have features such as:

You can see pictures and written instructions on the surface for maximum user convenience. This is also the unique point of the Silicone smart touch switch compared to other products currently on the market.

Reversing or animation control

With the touch switch, users can control multiple devices in the house at the same time. Depending on the needs of your family, you can choose a 4-button or 2-button silicone rubber keypad. Each of these buttons will correspond to an electrical appliance in the household.

Set the scene according to your needs

Users can completely install each switch of each different location in the family.

For those who often travel for work, the control of the electrical system when not at home. You can through these smart devices extremely useful. Silicone switches can directly or remotely control basic household electrical appliances.

The smart home touch switch system works stably even when the internal network has problems.

Types of popular inductive silicone keypads today

Silicone rubber keypad is a wireless technology, applied to control and monitoring solutions, touch switches… Rubber keypad technology applies by many manufacturers for smart home solutions because of the following advantages:

The main advantages of Rubber keypad technology are:

  • Stability: Rubber keypad has good reliability and is constantly being upgraded.
  • Quick setup: no need for a control center or controller
  • Internet connection: You can easily control the devices via Internet connection from anywhere in the world. Making smart home control easier.
  • Energy saving: consumes very little energy, so it will help to save maximum electricity.
  • Extremely scalable: Devices in the same system will be able to connect to each other to create an extremely large coverage area. Silicone rubber keypad helps smart home devices connect with each other easily.

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