The effect of Double-Sided Tape on Membrane Switch is, what should be considered when using Double-Sided Tape?

24 May, 2022

By hqt

Double-Sided Tape is very common in our lives. The most common one is the Double-Sided Tape used behind the manuscript when you were doing handicrafts when you were a child. Tape is also used to glue an old doll.

Now let’s fast forward to if you are a mechanical designer or a mechanical engineer, you will be surprised to find that Double-Sided Tape is used in every aspect of our life, and also that different Double-Sided Tapes have different effects on products. Each is different. If you are a user or customer and want to know how to choose the most suitable Tape for you, Niceone-Keypad, the Membrane Switch factory, will give our team the most professional advice.

What exactly is double-sided tape?

Double-Sided Tape is simply a composite Tape composed of three parts: adhesive, a carrier (Such as polyester) and release liner. Usually it is a roll material. Mechanical fasteners, bonding between panels and flat surfaces, and liquid printing are also available. Mainly acting on the adhesion of two product surfaces to each other. The most commonly used Double-Sided Tape in the Membrane Switch factory is also called composite release tape or pressure sensitive adhesive paper (PSA), which can be used by simply peeling off the Release Liner behind it. Common brands are 3M, Nitto and Dt Tape made in China. Genuine 3M Tape has a slight pine taste and no pungent odor. Nitto and DT Tape made in China also have no irritating odor, but the adhesion and use temperature are not as good as 3M Tape.

The simple mounting method is as follows:

A. Remove part of the Release liner, and at the same time ensure that the surface to be mounted is clean and dust-free, so as to avoid the impact of dust and moisture on the mounting of the Tape, such as uneven surface, water erosion of the glue and reducing the adhesive strength of the Tape.

B. After it is finished, you need to throw the Release liner into the trash can, lightly attach one side of the tape to the product to be mounted, and then use a roller to flatten it to complete the assembly.

Common and similar 3M Tapes can be divided into 5 categories:

  • 3M MP types such as 3M468 and 3M467 are universal Tape-the most widely used Tape. Often used as Back Adhesive, Spacer Adhesive and so on.
  • 3M Foam Tape- is made of high-viscosity glue coated on both sides of the tissue paper substrate, and an easy-to-peel release paper. It can replace the use of various glues, such as super glue and paste, with strong stickiness, easy tearing and no glue loss. 3M foam adhesive has a uniform thickness and easy control of the adhesive surface. Applying different glues on different substrates becomes a double-sided tape with different uses. This double-sided tape is suitable for various purposes. Suitable for shock absorption, sealing or other purposes.
  • 3M LSE types such as 3M9471LE and 3M9472LE are special tapes for low surface energy materials, which are specially designed for difficult-to-bond surfaces. When a single 3M MP cannot meet the needs of users, LSE type materials will be selected.
  • 3M VHB Tape such as 3M9448VHB, 3M5925VHB has very high adhesion and is suitable for permanent adhesion. Under the same area, the compound viscosity of 3MVHB is very strong. When the button of the Membrane Switch is too close to the edge, and there is no adhesive tape of more than 3mm, you need to consider the 3M VHB series Tape.
  • 3M conductive type Tape such as 9713, tape with conductive properties. The price is very expensive and generally used as a conductive material.

What are the benefits of Double-Side Tape?

Although there are many types of Tapes and come with different product features, Double-Side Tape has the following special advantages that are common and outstanding.

Thinner thickness reduces product volume – The overall thickness of most Double-Side Tape is between 0.05-0.275mm.

Fast Cure Adhesive Properties – No need for prolonged high temperature cure, Double-Side Tape only takes ten seconds to bond to the product to stabilize and cure. Especially suitable for mechanical assembly and so on.

Hidden fit effect: Compared with traditional screw fixation and instrument fixation, Double-Side Tape can achieve hidden fit, which is also because of its strong adhesive ability and thin volume.

High independent design: It can be cut into different shapes to suit different designs.

Shorten product assembly time: Compared with traditional fixing screws, etc., the use of Double-Side Tape only takes a few seconds to complete the fit and fix.

For us at the Membrane Switch factory, we can’t have an overview of all Double-Side Tapes, but Niceone-Keypad believes that Double-Side Tapes exist in these products, and their status is unparalleled:

  • Graphic Overlay
  • Nameplate
  • Membrane Switch
  • Silicone Rubber Keypad

Notes on using this type of Double-Side Tape:

  • What is the substrate that needs to be bonded? Plastic, hardware or silicone. Because different products will have different choices.
  • Does the product need to reduce vibration or need a cushioning effect? If the product is often used in a vibration environment, 3MVHB is the best choice.
  • What are the temperature usage conditions? Below zero is still room temperature. If it is minus -10 degrees Celsius, you can only consider 3M instead of DT or Nitto tape.
  • Backlight Membrane Switch needs to consider black or opaque tape. At this time, in order to prevent the LEDs from leaking light through the transparent tape.
  • Do you need to consider the cost? When the product can use the regular Double-Side Tape, you can use DT or Nitto tape instead of 3M. 3M is excellent but also expensive.
  • Will the product be used under conditions of high humidity or even harsh environments? At this time, it is necessary to consider the high viscosity Double-Side Tape.

What is the benefit of working with Niceone-Keypad?

Choosing Double-Side Tape for Membrane Switch, Graphic Overlay and Silicone Rubber Keypad not only has its own file reference, but also provides different tests such as high and low temperature, assembly and even curing tests. We will give the customer preliminary design feedback according to the use environment of the product, the customer’s appeal and the feedback from the Niceone-Keypad engineering team. Because the preliminary design feedback obtained in this way can not only meet the requirements of use, but also in terms of cost.


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