Best Waterproof Membrane Switch to Buy in 2022 

19 May, 2022

By hqt

Waterproof Membrane Switch

Waterproof membrane switch can measure water or chemical levels, etc. It also based on the principle of changing the capacitance of the capacitor; but this signal is compared according to the conductivity of the sensor to the wall of the tank (continuous level measurement applies). 

Sensor will measure liquid level by; Compare the liquid level with the new metal tank wall with electrical conductivity. For non-conductive tanks such as: plastic, glass, concrete, etc., an intermediate electrode wire must be installed.

What is membrane switch application?

Capacitive membrane switches are widely used in cargo conveyors. They have the effect of counting products passing; by mounting waterproof membrane switch from a few millimeters to several tens of millimeters away from the object.

+ Liquid – solid level alarm in the form of full – dry alarm; Using a membrane switch is very accurate because of its high sensitivity. The sensor works well in high temperature and pressure environments.

Continuous liquid-solid level measurement using a suitable membrane switch with an accuracy of +-1%. The cost of membrane switches is relatively cheap when they have the same function as ultrasonic and radar types.

How to choose the right membrane switch?

  1. Select the type of waterproof membrane switch that measures the output signal continuously 4-20mA, etc. Or the type of capacitance sensor that reports the ON-OFF level.
  2. What is the need to determine the medium using the membrane switch? For example: water, chemicals, solids, etc. For each different type of medium, the structure of the sensor will also be different.
  3. What is the temperature and pressure of the medium? If you choose the wrong one, it will damage the sensor because of high temperature and pressure, you need to pay attention to this problem!
  4. For continuous level membrane switches; then must know how many millimeters or meters the level measurement distance is.

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5 Important benefits of waterproof membrane switch

Compared with the normal switch, the smart switch possesses the following outstanding advantages:

  • High security: 

The smart switch is designed with the wire buried in the socket and has a glass surface that completely covers the insulation. Minimizing the case of fire, electric leakage, ensuring absolute safety for users.

In the event of an electrical problem, the homeowner can use the remote control to disconnect the power, no need to press/switch directly like a mechanical switch, so it’s much safer. 

  • High convenience: 

Thanks to the remote-control feature, you will not need to move much to turn on / off the device. Waterproof membrane switch is also a great solution if you are a forgetful person. 

When you are away from home, you just need to touch the screen of your phone or tablet to easily turn off unnecessary devices. Thanks to that, it saves quite a bit of electricity, and at the same time ensures the life of electronic devices in the house.

  • Modern luxury: 

As a high-tech product, smart switch products are also very focused on appearance. The buried design, tempered glass surface and elegant color make these switches easily fit in many different spaces. 

  • Easily control electrical appliances in your home: 

With waterproof membrane switch, you can control all electrical appliances in the house quickly. The control panel is also designed to be simple and intuitive, making it easy to use.

  • Reasonable price: 

Currently, smart switches have been widely applied, so the price of the product is always maintained at a reasonable level. You can comfortably install the switch at home without fear of cost.

What types of smart switches are there? 

Waterproof Membrane Switch 2022

As mentioned above, smart switches have a lot of advantages and bring many benefits. Because of that, this type of switch can be applied to many different devices. 

However, the two most commonly combined types of waterproof membrane switch are lights and hand-held blinds. 

  • Light touch switch
  • Light touch switches simple design, easy to use

This is a type of switch that uses touch keys to control lights, allowing users to control groups of lights on / off, creating living scenarios with just one key press. The keys here all have language and image captions on the face, so it’s very easy to use. 

In addition, the switch also has a smart identification feature, at night just bring your hand close and they will automatically light up, making it easy to find the switch. When you leave, the waterproof membrane switch also automatically reduces the light to a minimum, both to save electricity and avoid disturbing your space. 

The light touch switch also has all of the above advantages, control remotely and brings a great utility experience to the user. 

Curtain touch switch: control the curtains by phone, tablet

The curtain touch switch has the feature to control the curtains through touch keys or remote control by phone, tablet … Users can also arbitrarily set open, close, stop … according to the scene. of the keyboard. 

In addition, users can use the timer feature, creating animations to open and close the curtains at certain times of the day, making your life more comfortable. 

At this point, it can be affirmed that the touch switch is a device that is really worth owning. However, when deciding to buy and use, you need to keep a few things in mind.

Notes when buying waterproof membrane switch

When choosing to buy a touch switch, you should keep a few things in mind:

  • It is recommended to buy an easy-to-install type that installs like a normal switch without changing the wiring position of the household electrical system, without changing the structure of the house. 
  • Choose to buy products that are suitable for the general space of the house you live in. 
  • Buy genuine products from reputable suppliers, avoid choosing products floating in the market just because of the attractive price.
  • Choose to buy waterproof membrane switch that suit your needs and financial capabilities. The most expensive smart switch doesn’t mean the best switch. 

Which brand of smart switch should I buy?

One of the prominent smart switch suppliers on the market today is NICEONE Keypad. With more than 10 years of operation in the field of intelligent electrical systems, its products always meet the most stringent criteria:

  • Convenient and easy to install and use
  • Versatile product, high flexibility
  • Elegant and modern design
  • Is a stable and reliable solution system
  • Safe and energy saving

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