What are the effects of different panel materials, Adhesive, shrapnel, and LEDs on Membrane keypad?

24 Sep, 2021

By hqt

Membrane Keypad is a low-energy-consumption electrical type HMI accessory, widely used in the medical industry and the electronics industry. Among them, X-ray machines and ventilators in the medical industry. Voltage testing machine, weighing machine, etc. in the electronics industry. Niceone-Keypad has been asked by many users, how can we make our HMI accessories more durable and improve the quality of our products?

The influence of different materials on the membrane keyboard-1

For this problem, Niceone-Keypad feels that it needs to start from the four basic aspects to make your electronic products more excellent and durable.

The choice of Adhesive materials:

The main brands in the adhesive market are 3M, Nitto and domestic DT Adhesive. 3M adhesive has better temperature resistance than the other two, but the price is relatively high. There are different ways to use 3M adhesive series. The 220 series of 3M is an industrial acrylic adhesive, and the 300SE series has stronger adhesion. Some adhesive tapes even have conductive functions. The temperature of Nitton and DT domestic adhesives is 10-80 degrees Celsius, which is relatively cheap.

The correct choice of panel material:

Different choices of panel materials have different functions. EB series Autotype anti-scratch. F, V series Autotype anti-glare. The XE series is antibacterial and so on. The waterproof performance of Silicone Rubber is better. The difference between PC and PET lies in the length of service life and bending strength.

The influence of different materials on the membrane keyboard-2

Choice of Metal Dome

The load of the Metal Dome will affect the Tactile Feedback of the product. Different plating series will also have different effects on the resistance of the product. Among them, the gold-plated and nickel-plated Metal Dome will make the resistance of the product smaller, but the price is relatively high. The stainless steel Metal Dome is relatively inexpensive but has higher resistance. The longer-life brands of Metal Dome are Nicomatic and Snaptron. It can be as high as 5,000,000 times. But Snaptron has a longer delivery time. The relative price is higher. For the size recommendation, Niceone-Keypad recommends 8-12mm, which has the best hand feeling and longevity.

Choice of Leds:

The most important part of the selection of LEDs is MCD, thickness, and lifespan. Fortunately, most of the current MCDs can be larger than 300. Thickness ranges from 0.3-1.1mm. The life span can be as high as 10,000-30,000 hours. The main brands are Guangtai, Everlight, Nicomatic and Lite-On. The better choice is Everlight, which has a shorter lead time.

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