How does the manufacturer of Membrane Switch Panel customize your Membrane Switch Panel?

Understand and customize the Digital Printing manufacturer of Membrane Switch Panel that suits you through 11 aspects

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1. Why choose Membrane Switch Panel manufacturer?

2. How many levels are there in Membrane Switch?

3. How to get the Membrane Switch Panel with high quality and low price?

4. How to choose the printing method of Membrane Switch Panel?

5. Other matters needing attention of Membrane Switch Panel.

6. Embossing selection of Membrane Switch Panel?

7. How to install the monitor behind the Membrane Switch Panel.

8. How many kinds of connectors are available for Membrane Switch Panel?

9. Which points need to be detected by Membrane Switch Panel?

10. What is the circuit selection of Membrane Switch Panel?

11. What is the packaging method of Membrane Switch Panel?

Membrane Switch Panel is used in various industries due to its excellent performance and reliability. Membrane Switch Panel has been widely used all over the world. There are even hundreds of millions of consumer groups. Most of the consumer groups using Membrane Switch Panel are:

  • Medical
  • Electronic equipment
  • Navigation
  • Military
  • Agriculture
  • Gaming industry
  • Experimental equipment
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Why did you choose Niceone-Keypad, the manufacturer of Membrane Switch Panel?

  • Niceone-Keypad has one of the best technical teams in China, which solves different incurable diseases for different customers and improves its product design. Even in the design process, the engineering team can find most of the hidden design hazards during the design process, so as to solve the hidden hazards and reduce the hidden costs of customers.
  • Niceone-keypad puts 15% of its profits into production R&D and engineering R&D every year. It is to reduce customer costs and improve product design and added value. Make customers’ products more competitive in the market.
  • Niceone-Keypad can complete Membrane Switch Panel samples within 10 days and bulk samples within 30 days. Fast production lead time makes customers more competitive in the market
  • Niceone-Keypad’s engineering team can find most of the hidden design hazards during the design process, so as to solve the hidden hazards and reduce the hidden costs of customers.
  • Niceone-Keypad and Niceone-Tech belong to the same company. Every year, they purchase a large number of automation equipment and customize a large number of automation equipment to shorten the delivery time of customers.

2. How many levels are there in Membrane Switch?

The common design of Membrane Switch Panel has 4 layers, 6 layers and 8 layers. Among them, 6 layers are the most common.

Most designs of Membrane Switch Panel with 4-layer structure are these 3 types:

1. LEDs Membrane Switch Panel: No Metal Dome design, the circuit only has LEDs or resistors and capacitors.

2. Silver Dot Membrane Switch Panel: No Metal Dome design, the driver of the circuit is the function only after the silver dots printed on the back of the panel and the dot wake layout on the circuit are turned on. Compared with the traditional Membrane Switch Panel, there is less Metal. Dome and fixed layer. The cost is relatively low. If users have high requirements for tactile feedback of this type of product, then the choice of mold requires the use of metal punches to maximize the feel.

3. Capacitive membrane switch: No Metal Dome design. After the finger touches the Membrane Switch Panel, the capacitance changes, and the IC reads the information and feeds back the product function.

Benefits of 4-layer membrane switch: lower cost. It can meet certain electrical functions. The capacitive and silver point Membrane Switch Panel have a longer life. But Tactile Feedback is relatively weak.

Sketch design structure of three designs:

Sketch design structure of membrane switch
  • Most of the six-layer Membrane Switch Panel structure is designed as follows:
  1. Plug-in Membrane Switch Panel: Adhesive part will be hollowed out, Membrane Switch Panel will be designed so that the panel part is transparent without silk screen color, and the adhesive part is hollowed out from the side. This type of Membrane Switch Panel is a plug-in Membrane Switch Panel, and the rest are the same as the Membrane Switch Panel. It is a more suitable choice for multi-language products, which can greatly reduce production costs.
  2. Conventional Membrane Switch Panel: Overlay+Adhesive+Dome Spacer+Space adhesive + Bottom Circuit+Rear Adhesive. Because this type of Membrane Switch Panel forms various Membrane Switch Panels through the choice of materials. The conventional approach is to add LEDs and Metal. Dome. If you need to increase the added value of your product, you can contact Niceone-Keypad. We will design the most suitable product for you according to your product.
  3. Upper and lower circuit Membrane Switch Panel: Change the Dome Spacer of the third layer structure to Top Circuit. The thickness of the Top Circuit should be selected between 0.075mm and 0.125mm. It is important to print circuits or silver dots on Top Circuit and cancel the Metal Dome. The main reason is to reduce the thickness and production cost of the Membrane Switch.
The structure is mostly as follows:
Membrane switch structure diagram img

Most of the 8-layer Membrane Switch Panel structure is designed as follows:

Membrane Switch Panel with backplane: This type of product mainly adds FR4 or AL as the backplane, reducing the assembly process. Since Niceone-Keypad purchases CNC machines internally, the unit price of this type of product Niceone-Keypad is very favorable.

Membrane Switch Panel with multi-layer structure: The PET you select, and the circuit cannot fully satisfy the layout, in order to save product cost. Put the LEDs or Metal Dome circuit into the circuit on the seventh layer. This kind of product has thicker thickness and lower cost than FPC. It is also a good choice.

3. How to get the Membrane Switch Panel with high quality and low price?

Every user wants to get high quality and low price products, and Niceone-Keypad has been committed to providing customers with high quality and low price Membrane Switch Panel. So how do you do it?

  • Choose a suitable production method:If the quantity is large, choose Silicone Rubber Keypad as the panel or use color printing to produce the panel, then the production cost will be greatly reduced.

First choose the right material, not the most expensive material:

3M adhesive materials are much more expensive than Nitto and DT Adhesive, but the operating temperature and storage temperature range are wider (3M is used at -20 degrees Celsius, while DT and Nitto Adhesive only 10 degrees Celsius will lose the adhesion and become brittle and cause the product to lose performance). But have you considered that your product is actually used under 10 degrees Celsius? If so, in fact, we can reduce your product cost by choosing DT and Nitto.

Panel material: do not need antibacterial and XE materials but choose to use these more expensive materials. There are even some Membrane Switch Panels that are disposable medical supplies and you can print them with the most common PC materials.

Choose a reliable Membrane Switch Panel manufacturer:

1. Excellent Membrane Switch Panel manufacturers can reduce communication costs.

2. A professional engineering team will reduce your design hazards and increase the service life of your products. So as to reduce hidden costs

3. Accurate delivery time. Reduce delay costs

4. Niceone-Keypad as a factory, due to the large purchase of raw materials such as Adhesive, polyester, polycarbonate, metal dome and LEDs, the price will be 10%-20% cheaper than ordinary distributors and factories.

5. The high value-added design not only makes your products more expensive but also makes you more competitive in the market. Such as backlight solution, silicone rubber keypad as Overlay and Resin Dome design, etc.

6. Niceone-Keypad can optimize the design of products according to customers’ existing products, thereby improving performance and reducing costs.

4. How to choose the printing method of Membrane Switch Panel

There are two common printing methods for Membrane Switch Panel: Digital Printing and Screen Printing.

  • Advantages of Digital Printing: It can achieve gradual color printing, and can reduce production costs when the quantity is large. Digital printing is ideal for membrane switch design because it can achieve effects that traditional printing methods cannot provide, such as 3D graphics, textures, fading, and other effects.
  • Screen Printing: Suitable for Membrane Switch Panel with small quantity and stricter color requirements. At the same time, the color error of each batch is small. Smaller quantities are suitable and more economical.

5. Other precautions for Membrane Switch Panel.

  • Use environment
  • Aesthetics
  • Added value
  • Cost

6. Embossing selection

NICEONE can provide various types of embossed-key as following picture.
The default is circle-embossed (the left 1st ). If you need other types, you can specify it in the remarks or drawings when placing an order.

7. How to install the monitor behind the Switch Panel.There are two conventional methods:

There are two conventional methods:

  • OCA Membrane Switch Panel: Use OCA tape as window tape to form a complete product with single-sided hardening materials such as PC and tempered glass. It is even possible to complete the product design by vacuuming to eliminate bubbles after being bonded to the LCD. The products that come out in this way are more high-end atmosphere, and at the same time, there is no Newton’s ring phenomenon.
  • Conventional display Membrane Switch Panel: Compared with OCA Membrane Switch Panel, this type of product is only attached to the window on all sides instead of on the entire surface. The advantage is that the cost is lower, but there will be a Newton ring phenomenon, so UV dots need to be printed to solve the problem.

8. How many kinds of connectors are available?

Three types: ZIF, Male and Female.

  • There are 4 types of ZIF pitch: 0.5, 1, 1.27 and 2.54mm
  • There are three types of male coatings: conventional stainless steel, gold-plated and tin-plated.
  • Female has more brands: such as CJT, HXC, NICOMATIC and BERG.

9. Which points the membrane switch panel needs to detect?

The most important detection points of the Membrane Switch Panel are these 6:

  • Panel silk screen: 1. Whether the color is in accordance with the drawings and customer requirements, that is, the color must be within the error range. 2. The panel must be free of ink drop. 3. No scratches on the window. 4. The panel has no stains. 5. The glue is free of impurities.
  • Size: It must be measured in strict accordance with customer requirements. Whether the thickness of the reinforcing plate is 0.3mm or the like.
  • Tactile Feedback: Whether Tactile Feedback refers to the sample, feels good or has no feel.
  • Electrical properties: such as resistance, short circuit and open circuit, whether LEDs can be lit, etc.
  • LGF type products: it is necessary to check whether the product emits uniformly and other issues.
  • Line contact part: whether there are large and small edges.

10. What is the circuit selection manufacturer of Membrane Switch Panel?

PET, FPC, and PCB. If you need more detailed information, please click here.

11. How to package Membrane Switch Panel?

Different types of products have different packaging methods. Niceone-Keypad has made some copywriting according to the products, I hope it will be helpful to you.

  • Membrane Switch Panel with window: you need to attach a window protective film to the window
  • Membrane Switch Panel with too long wiring: It is necessary to attach a cardboard bonding wiring to avoid bending of the wiring and causing problems with the wiring function. The main one is the PET type Membrane Switch Panel
  • If a connector is attached to the PCB Membrane Switch Panel: a special plastic box or foam box is required. Avoid damaging the connector on the back.
  • Epoxy type Membrane Switch Panel: each piece needs to be separate packaging

Hope this article by Niceone-Keypad can help you. We fully commit to the development manufacturer of Membrane Switch Panel. If you have any ideas, you can discuss with the Niceone-Keypad team, hoping to form a collision of ideas.


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