Why these elastomer keypads are best for you?

About elastomer keyboards:

First of all, elastomer keypads are also known as silicon rubber keypads. An elastomer keyboard comprises a silicon rubber and a painted film lamination on the surface. It is used in both industrial and electronic devices. The most common applications of these keypads include TV remotes and gaming controllers; remote-control toys like cars, and industrial control equipment. Our famous Nokia mobile handsets also use these keypads.

Manufacturing of elastomer keyboards:

The elastomer keyboards are made up of silicon webbing, as silicon is the best conductor, at top of the keypad buttons are domed whereas inside the button there is a conductive carbon pill. When someone presses the button, it contacts with PCB and then they perform the command. The material that separates the carbon pill and PCB is made up of webbing material, which is silicon. In short, the main key element of these keypads is silicone. The manufacturer heats the silicon, by pouring them into the mold, and when the mold cools down it takes the form of a solid state.


The application scope of these keypads lies in:

  1. Medical equipment like x-ray machines
  2. Defense equipment
  3. Automotive equipment like phones
  4. Health and fitness equipment like a treadmill
  5. Industrial controls

NICEONE-KEYPAD is one of the best manufacturers of silicon rubber keypads, membrane keypads, switches, and other tech-related stuff. We have all kinds of keypads in various designs; not only this we also customized keypads according to our customer’s requirements as we don’t compromise on customer satisfaction.

Our elastomer keyboards:

Elastomer keypads have been around for years, but they’re still one of the most popular options for home security systems and electronics. Our keypads are used in both large and small industries, and customers buy them in bulk. As these keypads are low cost and reliable, therefore customers prefer them the most. Here are some advantages of using silicon rubber keypads that will help you out in making a wise decision when choosing a keypad.


These keypads are both water and contamination-resistant, and can easily work under humid and high temperatures. As the keypad is embedded with silicon, which does not melt so easily, it also seals the keypad so tightly that it does not let chemicals, dust, water, and other contaminants harm the keys, which makes it super durable and long-lasting.

Aesthetic Appearance

As far as visual appearance is concerned, it is another important advantage to consider, the silicon smooth surface is made up of off-white color. But you can add multiple colors to it during the molding process. The text, numbers, and symbols are painted on the keys.

  • Easy To Clean

Cleaning keypads are very vital for high performance and smooth running, but it is also very boring and tiring at the same time. Silicon rubber keypads are sealed with layers of silicon, hence the dirt does not stick inside the keys; you can easily clean them with a button pad or piece of cloth in less than 30 seconds.

  • Cost-Effective

These keypads consume very little energy and if we are buying molding plates in bulks, it becomes very affordable. Many businesses use silicon keypads because they cost less to produce.

  • Feedback

These keypads have a high tactile response; they require very little force to press the keys, and as soon as someone presses the key it generates a response, and when pressure is realized the key button comes back to its position and you can feel this on your finger.

  • Low Weight

The best quality keypads are always light in weight, as silicon is a light and flexible jelly-like material.

  • Backlighting

These keyboards support backlighting, which enhances the appearance of your keyboard and you can even work on your laptops in the dark; it can use different colors of LEDs to create a cool look.

Why elastomer keypads are popular nowadays?

You might be thinking about why there is hype about these keypads in the market, here are some reasons for their popularity.

  • Protection

These silicone rubber keypads can be used as a cover on many electronic devices to protect them from scratches and cracks.

  • Easy Maintenance

These keypads are very easy to remove and replace.

  • Water Resistance

Sometimes we enjoy drinking colas while working on laptops, and we also love to eat snacks, but as these keypads are water and contaminant-resistant, they increase their demand in the market.

Some precautions for using elastomer rubber keypads

Here are some safety measures that NICEONE-KEYPAD wants you all to know.

  • Always check the snap ratio of the keys as it has a great impact on feedback; if the ratio is less than 40% its life will be longer and that feeling will be mesmerizing

  • Check for the smoothness of keys; if the keys are more than 70% smooth, the defective rate will be minimal

  • Do not burn it with fire or petroleum as it can cause serious disasters

Myths about silicon keypads:

Some myths are very common when it comes to silicon rubber button keyboards.

  • These keypads can only have 10 buttons, so they cannot be used as a calculator or alphanumeric keyboard.

  • These keypads leak during the molding process; compression molding is which is infamous for causing products to leak.

  • Silicone rubber technology is old fashion.


NICEONE-KEYPAD has an experience of many years of manufacturing and supplying the best high-quality elastomer keyboards to its customers. They have been engineered to be durable and long-lasting. They are also very easy to install and come with detailed instructions. Therefore, buying a silicon keypad will be your outstanding decision as you can enjoy smooth typing.
The new generation of elastomer keyboards offers better ergonomics and an improved typing experience. Get one now and enjoy a faster typing speed! Order now before stocks run out!


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