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28 Jul, 2022

By hqt

What kind of Membrane Keypad is good? Is a Membrane Keypad with a simple function superimposed even good? However, it simply advocates the practicality of function and does not pay attention to aesthetics. The essence of aesthetics is to carry forward the true beauty and make people impressive.

  1. Aesthetics can express culture. Any art can express a certain company’s corporate culture and the product content that needs to be expressed. Because it is the embodiment of the company’s corporate culture, the collocation and design of these art works have been preserved for a long time.
  2. Aesthetics can make the user feel better, so the added value of the product can be improved.
  3. When the selection of materials is similar, you can choose different methods of production, and the art is profound and widely spread. Such as Doming design, Backlight design, etc.

Membrane Keypad, if you can carefully add products that conform to market aesthetics and company culture during the redesign, will not only make your products gradually on the right track on the road of branding. It will also make your product refreshing in the market.

What are the specific practices?

  • Consider the Backlight Membrane Keypad. Can be used in the dark.
  • Consider the color matching, logo placement, color design, etc. during the design process. Black and white collocation, soft colors for the keys, etc.
  • Material selection: EBG scratch resistance, UV transfer, metallic color transfer, etc. EBG scratch resistance is suitable for use on Membrane Keypads with larger windows. UV transfer printing makes Membrane Keypads have matte and metallic effects.
  • Doming process, the crystal clear glue makes the keys more three-dimensional, while the Doming process will not shorten the height of the keys with the reduction of time. For details, see this article about the Doming Membrane Keypad.
  • High Embossing also helps Buttons to be more three-dimensional.

However, if the aesthetics lack reasonable functional design, it will be like a loft in the sky. Therefore, Niceone-Keypad pays attention to aesthetic performance and also takes into account the design and collocation of mechanical functions. Matching the two and even balancing the relationship between the two is very important to make a high-quality Membrane Keypad – this requires an experienced Membrane Keypad factory to achieve. Drawing analysis, quality control and design advice during the development process. Before that we would also like to introduce our great engineering team. Our engineering team consists of two parts Mechanical Engineers and Design Aesthetics Engineers. Below are our Engineers:)

Mechanical engineer of Membrane Keypad: In the design process, the environment of use and the functions required by users will be given priority. Knowing the function of Membrane Keypad very well, you can create all kinds of Membrane Keypad by changing the structure, material, mold, etc. It is also clear which material, mold and structure should be used in different environments. They understand the effect of different LEDs on LEDs windows, and what effect the printing of LEDs Windows has on products using different colors. Membrane Keypad uses capacitor or resistance shrapnel type. Each option is based on the practicality of the product.

Design engineer of Membrane Keypad: Focus on the story of the product and the company culture to customize the style design required by your company. This goes one step further than just making sure the object is “pretty”. The psychological dimension of a device’s design affects its usability, user-friendliness, and even factors such as sales and customer loyalty (think Apple Computers’ unique design choices for its MacBook, iPhone, and iPad devices). Brands also play a role.

For Niceone-Keypad, the reason why mechanical engineers and design engineers often work together is that we focus not only on function but also on the aesthetic performance of the product. This is because mechanical engineers always underestimate the importance of aesthetics and how to make a product stand out in the market, but their professionalism in function and application is indispensable. Design engineers mostly focus on appearance and often ignore performance, which leads to functional errors.

Ideally, the cooperation between the two should work with each other for the Membrane Keypad, giving each other opinions on whether it can be implemented or a design using equivalent materials, etc. Especially the more complex Membrane Keypad, for the calculation of resistance, capacitance calculation, how to improve aesthetic performance and efficiency of appearance design and environmental considerations, etc. Only close cooperation will bring the product to the next level.

Here Niceone-Keypad needs to extend some knowledge again to you about the aesthetic considerations of a perfect HMI:

The user experience of Membrane Keypad, psychological design is very important, but this is inseparable from the most important point: design aesthetics.

Many people think that aesthetics is worse than function, but the mechanical engineers and design engineers of Niceone-Keypad don’t think so, when they have been working together continuously for 8 years. The design aesthetics of the exterior does not only affect the appearance, user experience, satisfaction and even market competitiveness.

Does the appearance of the Membrane Keypad have a positive impact?

Why is appearance important? To give a simple example, the price premium of Iphone, Ipad in the United States and Honor Huawei mobile phones in China is very serious compared with regular ordinary brand mobile phones. What is the reason? In addition to functions, its beautiful appearance and fashion make most people willing to pay extra premium and be loyal to its products. The appearance of the mobile phone lies in the shape, color matching and pattern processing. The appearance of the Membrane Keypad lies in the color, shape, material appearance of the product, and the color of the LEDs window.

Does the Membrane Keypad provide a good user experience?

Whether the Membrane Keypad can give customers a better user experience without changing its size and structure. The answer is yes. In fact, Niceone-Keypad uses the latest GT technology, also called 3D Doming technology, which increases the tactile feedback of the product while maintaining a good feel. At the same time, the 3D Doming technology will make the product easier for users to respond to, thereby reducing errors and saving a lot of time. At the same time, the user experience also includes a lot of choices—Embossing choices, overlay texture choices, LGF or LEDs choices will all result in different user experiences. Therefore, it is necessary to customize different solutions or even repeated proofing according to the needs of users to meet the experience required by customers.

Does the Membrane Keypad feel easy to operate?

Does the Membrane Keypad give you the feeling of being easy to operate? It is not just to ensure that the user can operate correctly in various expected environments. If the Membrane Keypad has a lot of machine interaction workload, then the Membrane Keypad in the HMI is easy to operate. It will make the user feel comfortable with the device. At the same time ease of operation lies in many details.

Three simple examples:

  • The shrapnel needs to choose a suitable weight instead of being too heavy or too lightly loaded – too heavy a shrapnel will cause the operator to operate the Membrane Keypad too hard, and if it is too light, it will make it impossible to sense whether to drive.
  • If the Membrane Keypad is unloaded, how does it perceive whether it is driven? Choose visual or sound feedback elements, which is conducive to whether the product interacts with the machine.
  • Choose a more excellent and durable circuit: such as Flex Copper circuit or Printing Circuit Board. The reason for this is that compared with the traditional Polyester silver oil circuit, the copper foil gold-plated circuit not only has lower electronic resistance, but can even operate under high pressure and high humidity. environment without causing silver migration. Low resistance even makes the product more responsive.

A perfect Membrane Keypad is like building a house. The more perfect the foundation is, the more perfect the Membrane Keypad will be.

Contact Niceone-Keypad, we will analyze your drawings as soon as possible, so as to give our functional design suggestions and appearance design suggestions.


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